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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Every Pokémon Region, Ranked

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Pokemon has given players several iconic regions throughout the franchise. In many ways, these regions serve as a time capsule for the game in which they were released. These regions are, in many ways, a reflection of the Pokemon generation they represent. Which one of your favorites will stand out? Which region has the most appeal objectively overall? Among these are regions that feature beloved Pokemon and many memorable characters. Here is Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Every Pokemon Region, Ranked.


9. The Paldea Region

As it is the newest entry on this list, it simply would not be appropriate to properly rank this region without fully exploring it. That is why Paldea takes up the ninth spot on our list. The region has many different biomes and various manufactured locations sprinkled throughout.

Adding to the effect of being surrounded by Pokemon, this region incorporates Pokemon in various locations throughout the wilderness. So if you are walking through Paldea, you will likely see some Pokemon grazing about through the region's plains. Or maybe you will see an aquatic Pokemon near one of Paldea's lakes. So altogether, this region, at least as far as we can tell, has quite a variety.


8. The Galar Region

The Galar region of the Pokemon Sword & Shield games is a land that is modeled after Great Britain. This region features many different types of landscapes, with the majority of them being wet and grasslands. However, these are not all that make up the region, as there are also snowy peaks that the player can explore.

While some players may enjoy the European-styled landscape, it isn't as eye-catching or attention-grabbing as other regions on this list. This region has a substantial selection of starters, but this does not make up for the overall drabness of this region. While there is much to enjoy about Pokemon Sword & Shield, the region it is based in isn't one of them.


7. The Kalos Region

Serving as the region for Pokemon X & Y, Kalos is, much like those games, quite forgetful. The Parisian-style cities were undoubtedly lovely to run around in, that's for sure. However, if you look at the region as a whole, it quickly losses its luster. While the region does have the quirk of not being directly accessible, requiring a plane ride to access, it simply isn't enough to save this region.

The starters in this region are hit-and-miss as well, unfortunately. While many players praise Fennekin's design, Chespin and Froakie feel lacking by comparison. However, the biomes in this entry are somewhat varied, which is a saving grace for this region. Unfortunately, as it was the Pokemon franchise's first foray into creating cities in the 3D space, the region in which these games took place has not aged well.


6. The Alola Region

The Alola Region saw a change in how Pokemon regions were laid out and how gameplay progressed. The visuals in this region are brilliant. Pulling inspiration from the islands of Hawai'i, the game is broken up into various islands that the player must travel to. This allows the game to explore different biomes in the same island setting. This setting fits very well with the themes put forth in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Also adding to the variety are the Alolan forms of existing Pokemon. These forms often differ from their regular forms through their coloration. This adds a much-needed change to the look of the Pokemon we have seen. While this is not the only way, the game innovated, as there was also a change to the typical Pokemon progression system. Overall, Alola is a beautiful region aesthetically, pulling from many island cultures in its influence.


5. The Hoenn Region

The Hoenn region is home to several memorable locations. Hoenn's area for the Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire games is full of nostalgic places for many players. Players will start their journey in Littleroot Town, the first major city that players will visit is Petalburg City. This is where the player will be met with a lovely seaside view and transportation to Dewford Town.

Slateport City, within the region, is a bustling port town that players will visit in their travels. Players will also remember the hot springs in Lavaridge Town, where the Gym had interesting mechanics using the vents of the hot springs. There are several iconic locations within these games. Fortree City, for example, has a unique layout because all houses are suspended from trees. In closing, while Hoenn might not have had the most memorable map, it is certainly a nice walk down memory lane for some.


4. The Unova Region

The Unova Region is the setting for both the Pokemon Black & White games and their sequels, Pokemon Black & White 2. This region starts off rather mundane, but as the players journey through Unova, they soon find themselves in sprawling metropolitan areas.

Much of the inspiration for the major cities in this region borrows heavily from New York City. This, coupled with the town on a cargo ship, gives the title a more industrial feel in its cities overall. Altogether, the Unova region is a region that many players discredit, and it should be recognized for its excellent layout and player experience.


3. The Kanto Region

The region that started it all, the Kanto region, evokes an overwhelming wave of nostalgia when its mentioned. With it being the location for Pokemon Red and Blue, it was many people's first experience with a Pokemon game. In addition, its layout has been seared into the memory of many players, with such iconic locations as Pallet Town, home to Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon anime.

Lavender Town is also iconic in its way, with its iconic theme music and its famous tower. This region is where many players fell in love with the Pokemon franchise. For that reason, as well as how well-designed the city layouts are in this region, it is so memorable.


2. The Johto RegionPokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

The Johto region is, much like Kanto, based on Japan. Johto introduces quite a few new areas. However, players remember the systems presented in this entry so fondly. With the introduction of the Safari Zone and the Battle Frontier, this region had a lot to offer players in post-game content.

Johto serves as the more country counterpart to Kanto, which is much more urban. Players will no doubt remember their journies throughout this region with fondness. With a solid list of starters, such as Cyndaquil, Chicorita, and Tododile, this generation had one of the best starter rosters in a Pokemon game. All these elements unite and make Johto one of the best Pokemon regions.


1. The Sinnoh Region

Sinnoh takes the lessons learned by past generations of Pokemon and improves upon them. The locations within Sinnoh are just as memorable today as when they released Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.  Each of the cities and towns within this entry has a distinct feel and flavor. This, combined with the iconic starters of Chimchar, the fiery monkey, Piplup, the water penguin, and Turtwig, the lovable grass type, make for a memorable starting experience.

Then players are introduced to the region of Sinnoh, which features various towns and cities that differ in their presentation and purpose. For example, many players will remember making Poffins for their Pokemon for the first time in Hearthome City. This is also the city in which the Pokemon Contests take place. This region also incorporated past  Pokemon games, with the city of Veilstone having a Game Corner. In closing, the Sinnoh region takes guidance from past entries and remains as iconic today as when it was first released. This makes it our pick for the best Pokemon region.


So, what's your take on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Every Pokémon Region, Ranked? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.





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