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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Everything We Know

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the two newest iterations in the beloved Pokemon franchise. These new entries hope to reimagine what a Pokemon game can be ultimately. These games are going to be huge and feature a sprawling open world with a ton of new mechanics. These new mechanics hope to open the world up and make it feel more thriving than ever before. So without further ado, here is Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Everything We Know.


5. The World Will Be Massive

Paldea, the region where the new Pokemon games take place, will be larger than ever. This means that players must utilize the new travel methods within the game to get around. In addition, a new mount system has been incorporated to ensure players can move around to their heart's content. The world also hopes to be more intractable than games in the past, making for a whole new player experience.

Among the things to do within this new space are many different characters and Pokemon to interact with. This ensures that players always have something to do and a goal to strive toward. In addition, the large world within the game adds to the sense of wonder players will feel playing the game, as it isn't as restrictive as past Pokemon maps. This means players can enjoy riding around with their friends on their mounts and traveling the world. Seeing as players will be spending a lot of their time in this world discovering new things, it is fantastic that the scale of the new Pokemon games matches the player's ambitions.


4. There Will Be Story Routes

A first for the Pokemon series, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will introduce various story routes which the player can undertake. These range in scope and scale but are sure to offer plenty of good times for players. Path of Legends, Victory Road, and Starfall Street are these story routes. These different paths all have their distinct styles and way of play throughout. Again, this will offer some variety in a franchise that some have described as lacking in the story department.

While there isn't much we know about these story routes before release, they hope to shake up the classic Pokemon formula. The Path of Legends players will be tasked to search for the legendary Herba Mystica. This will see players taking on Titan Pokemon to find this legendary herb. Victory Road is the classic Pokemon experience for a new generation of fans. However, it is an experience that many will find familiar, face off against eight Gym Leaders and gain their badges. Finally, Starfall Street seems to be the route that differs from the classic Pokemon experience. You will go up against the rebellious student faction Team Star in this storyline. In conclusion, story routes hope to shake up the franchise with its ability to tell different stories.


3. Pokemon Lets Go

The Lets Go system changes how your Pokemon interact with Pokemon within the world. This is an automatic battling system in which your Pokemon can battle independently. This is done in the wild and speeds up the grindy nature of the game by a significant amount. Players can even move away from their partners if they do not wish to watch them battle. It should be stated, however, that Pokemon will still gain items and experience. This new feature hopes to streamline the whole experience and make it easier for players who do not constantly want to battle.

Pokemon Lets Go is seemingly going to build off the foundation put forth in games like Pokemon Legends: Arceus with some refinements. This system hopes to encourage players to spend more time with their Pokemon outside battle. In addition, this feature wishes to emphasize the exploration aspect of the game and encourages players to explore the world. In conclusion, the Pokemon Let's Go component seeks to improve the downtime within the games and increase player enjoyment with their Pokemon partners.


2. Tera Types

Players familiar with the Pokemon franchise will soon have a new mechanic to work alongside. This is called the Terastal phenomenon and grants each Pokemon a Tera Type. These Tera Types work much like the regular typing system within the game. However, the primary feature of these Tera types is to cause your Pokemon to Terastyallize. This process will grant your  Pokemon different typings for their moves. This means that Pokemon can have a Tera type that does not match their regular typing.

Altogether, you can use eighteen different Tera types to gain an advantage in battle. This can be done by increasing the power of a Pokemon's move by using this system. This will allow players to boost attacks of certain types, making them more dangerous in battle. This can be done by charing a Tera Orb, which you can charge at any Pokemon Center. There are also wild Tera Pokemon that you can collect across your journey as well. In conclusion, Tera Types hopes to shake up the battle system within Pokemon by adding more elements to the battle.


1. Pokemon Raids

There are now going to be massive raids within Pokemon. These will be fought with giant Tera Pokemon. Players will all have to work together to overcome this challenge. There are many ways in which they can support other players in battle. One of the main ways you can show support is by cheering your Pokemon on as they do battle. This will buff specific stats, including their attack and defense stats.

All in all, Pokemon raids hope to add a new element of cooperative play within the game. This will ensure that players come together to accomplish common goals, such as defeating these giant creatures. Players will also receive many different items as a reward for their time in these battles. Teamwork is vital in these raids, as the enemy Pokemon‘s health pool will be daunting. These challenges will require players to coordinate their attacks to capitalize on the enemies' weaknesses. In conclusion, Pokemon raids hope to add a level of immersion and community that hasn't been seen in a Pokemon game before.


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