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Play At Home: Early Spring Edition



 Play at Home is a new initiative started by Sony with an aim to alleviate the impact caused by Covid-19. It was kicked off with a free copy of Ratchet & Clank for PS4, but that was just the beginning. For the next few months, Play at Home will continue to offer many indie and VR titles for their consoles. The following 9 games will be available for free from 25th March till 22nd April.

Paper Beast

To start, let’s transport you in a dreamlike environment where seemingly everything is possible. Paper Beast takes place in the depths of the internet, where new lifeforms are created. Here, you are sort of like a god, as you can manipulate the creatures, mold your surroundings, or simply wreak havoc. Although they are made from paper, the beasts feel very real, and you might soon get very attached to them. If you are looking for a bizarre experience that will show you just what VR is capable of, you can’t go wrong with Paper Beast.

Platform: PlayStation VR

Paper Beast gameplay

A surreal journey into the unknown Steam


Thumper is a unique psychedelic rhythm game that will pump you up with adrenaline. In it, you take the role of the space beetle as it travels through a mesmerizing void filled with great boss battles. The soundtrack will appeal to the fans of the drum & bass and fits the game perfectly. Although the controls are simple, Thumper is pretty challenging to master. All in all, this is an interesting take on the rhythm genre with a lot of memorable moments.

Platform: PlayStation VR

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Next, we have a charmful 3D platformer made by Japan Studio. Astro Bot Rescue Mission follows the story of Astro – a captain Bot who has to rescue his crew that is spread throughout space. To get to them, you will travel through 5 huge worlds and use dozens of gadgets to defeat huge bosses. Astro Bot is reminiscent of Super Mario World but has its own unique spin. It’s fun, responsive, and is easily one of the best VR platformers around.

Platform: PlayStation VR

Astro Bot Rescue Mission artwork

A flower for my lady? RoadToVR


Now, how about a cute VR action/adventure? Moss is all of this and more. In it, you play as Quill, a charming mouse with big ambitions.  As she locates the hidden Glass Relic, she accidentally awakens the ancient magic that puts everyone in danger. An epic journey awaits, in which you’ll solve puzzles, explore, and battle mythical enemies. The VR aspect works really well and makes Moss one of the more immersive and fun experiences to be had in a virtual space.

Platform: PlayStation VR

Moss gameplay

A charmful adventure that holds a lot of secrets Steam

Rez Infinite

Here we have a unique action-shooter that over time became a real cult classic. Rez Infinite puts you in a constantly evolving world where you will battle enemies and epic bosses accompanied by an atmospheric techno soundtrack. Sounds will sync in with the changes in the environment to create some really psychedelic scenes. Rez Infinite can also be played in VR, which makes it even more immersive. If you’ve never played it, do yourself a favor. You won’t regret it.

Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR

Rey Infinite gameplay

Dude, what was in that tea? Steam

The Witness

The Witness is an intriguing puzzler set on an idyllic tropical island. You wake up with complete amnesia, and it’s your job to explore your surroundings and piece the story back together. However, this is anything but easy, as there are 500+ smart puzzles for you to solve. You can tackle them in any order you want, and this freedom gives it a special flair. All in all, The Witness is a relaxing but challenging game with an amazing atmosphere, that made us include it on our list of the 10 best indie games of the 2010s.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Enter the Gungeon

With a combination of bullet hell and dungeon crawler, Enter the Gungeon hit a goldmine. It follows a group of weirdoes on their quest to reach Gungeon’s treasure: a special gun that can destroy the past. However, the path towards it is very challenging, so prepare to constantly die throughout the series of epic boss fights. Yes, it’s frustrating, but Enter the Gungeon is equally rewarding and never stops being fun.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Play at home: Enter the Gungeon

An entertaining bullet hell frenzy Steam


Abzu plunges you deep underwater to connect you with a vibrant world unbeknown to many. It is a relaxing diving sim with many secrets and dangers hidden in the depths. Discover and interact with 100+ species, ranging from small fishies to predators. Abzu offers a great amount of detail and its imagery can easily stay with you for days to come.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Play at home: Abzu

A mesmerizing look into a marine ecosystem Steam


As beautiful as the sea can be, Subnautica shows us its terrors. Granted, the game takes place in the alien underwater world and focuses on survival, rather than mere exploration. It’s your job to outsmart creepy creatures, find out what lies in that deep dark cave, craft equipment, drive submarines, and even build bases. Subnautica’s huge open-world surprised us at nearly every turn. Can you solve its mysteries and escape from the alien planet?

Platform: PlayStation 4

Play at Home: Subnautica

We don’t recommend playing it before going to bed Steam

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