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NSO Expansion Pack: 5 N64 Games We’re Crossing Our Fingers For



The wheels are in motion for Nintendo's latest online Expansion Pack venture, with a piece of nostalgia being torn directly from the the golden age of N64 gaming and bundled into the annual subscription plan. And now, with the likes of Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 already setting up shop on the platform, Nintendo will only look to expand on its library of nineties gems and bulk out the bastion.

The question that remains as we turn over to November is this: just what exactly will the Switch-makers unleash on the newfound service next? Of course, predictions have been circulating ever since the Expansion Pack was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct showcase. But where do we stand? What are we crossing our fingers for? Well, here's our take.

5. Conker's Bad Fur Day

Rare definitely wasn't shy when it came to developing risqué worlds — especially ones that could only be built through narcotics and lucid dreaming. And while you could quite easily plod through most of Rare's released ventures with the family — Conker's Bad Fur Day, on the other hand, was one you sort of had to keep to yourself for a rainy day.

On the surface, Conker looks like your everyday, loveable little squirrel, complete with a cute denim coat and silver zipper. But delve deep into the characteristics that fuel the innocent critter, and you'll see an alcoholic with a thirst for foul language and mindless brutality. And then, of course, there's the world he wonders, which, if anything, is about ten times cruder. From villainous faeces to bad-mouthed cavemen, sexualised sunflowers to pompous catfish — Conker's Bad Fur Day has the lot. The question is, will it ever land on the Expansion Pack?


4. GoldenEye 007

Gamers have been badgering Rare to release an upgraded version of Nintendo 64's magnum opus, GoldenEye 007 for the best part of twenty years now. However, having a rather complex relationship with both parent company Microsoft, as well as ex-publisher Nintendo — a full-fledged remake just hasn't been able to mould together. It's possible, of course, though multiple parties would need to mesh together in order to make it happen.

Looking back at some of the greatest first-person shooters to ever grace the Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007 definitely stands out as one of the most influential. And not only that, but also the most technically advanced compared to its peers. But despite being a marvel of a generation, the chances of seeing it make a return remain slim to non-existent. Maybe one day, though?


3. Pokémon Stadium

It's actually quite easy to get overwhelmed when browsing the nexus of Pokémon games that are embedded in the world. And with Nintendo working to a tight schedule and releasing additions like clockwork, it's no wonder we tend to lose sight of the older generations. Pokémon Stadium, on the other hand, is a whole other story, and one we certainly haven't erased from our memory since its 1999 induction.

Despite having a couple of instalments over a healthy timeline, Nintendo did unfortunately shut down the turn-based stadium battles shortly after the turn of the new millennium. Although welcoming a pile of fan-made sequels, the series never officially relaunched. Twenty years down the line and the demand continues to remain at an all-time high. Now, whether or not Nintendo will ever remaster or upload the originals to the Expansion Pack is another question. One can only hope, though.


2. Perfect Dark

Over the Nintendo 64's long and vigorous life cycle, the first-person shooter Perfect Dark was able to secure a foothold for a solid five years before making its way over to the Xbox 360 as a reboot. Again, being a Rare classic, which is now of course owned by Microsoft, seeing such a game come to the Expansion Pack catalogue is more of a pipe dream than a possibility. Still, it doesn't hurt to dream. After all, it's not as though Microsoft and Nintendo are sworn enemies and incapable of collaborating.

Perfect Dark was, in all honesty, a fine mixture of well-placed combat and story-driven elements, both of which crushed together to form a stellar experience chock-full of gritty action and unpredictable events. Some would even go as far as saying it was way ahead of its time, and a pioneer of advanced first-person shooter mechanics. And should that be true, then there's no reason as to why Nintendo can't cross borders and strike a deal with Rare.


1. DOOM 64

If we had to bet on which game would be the most likely to come to the Expansion Pack, it would have to be DOOM 64. Even with Midway Games no longer being a part of the equation, its rights are still very much in Microsoft's possession, meaning a partnership with Nintendo isn't exactly unfathomable. A long shot, perhaps — but definitely not impossible.

While DOOM, as a franchise, has passed through multiple hands and gone under an entire toolshed of hammers of all shapes and sizes — its prominence in the community is still sharp and well-respected, with plenty of room for future growth. But for the sake of keeping a few old flames alight, having DOOM 64 port over to the Expansion Pack wouldn't exactly be out of the question. But who knows. We'll cross our fingers, either way.

So, what Nintendo 64 games would you like to see come to the Expansion Pack? Do you agree with our above five? Let us know over on our socials here.


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