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Perfect Dark: Everything We Know (2024)

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‘90s kids will remember Perfect Dark, the spiritual successor to GoldenEye 007. Even today, it stands out among the myriad of first-person shooters. Perfect Dark was simply that good. Now, we're eagerly anticipating the reboot, excited to see what The Initiative has in store for us. To stay updated on the development, check out everything we know about Perfect Dark below.

What is Perfect Dark?

Joanna Dark

Perfect Dark is an upcoming first-person secret agent thriller game. It’ll take place in a near-future world where secret agents, technology, and secrets abound. You probably remember the game from the Perfect Dark FPS series from the 2000s. The series launched on the Nintendo 64 and is still quite playable decades later. Now, The Initiative is gearing up for a reboot of the series, which, while sharing characters, will craft a brand-new story and gameplay altogether.


Perfect Dark

Set in the near future, secret agent Joanna Dark embarks on a mission to locate and capture the world’s most wanted criminal, Daniel Carrington. You probably remember him from the original 2000 Perfect Dark series as the founder of the Carrington Institute. Anyway, Perfect Dark seems to be crafting a brand-new story where Carrington is a tech guru planning to use his discoveries to destroy the world.

The futuristic location Perfect Dark takes place in is the aftermath of a series of global disasters. The crisis has rendered Earth inhospitable to human beings. However, the hypercorporation, Core Mantis, has found a way to restore the world’s ecology via the GEN Network. They deploy it in Cairo, housed within fresh walls and insulated from the outside world. Onwards, Cairo becomes the “center for technological innovation.” Meanwhile, other hypercorporations seek to lend their help in the restoration of Earth. However, their motivations may not be as pure as they seem.

Perfect Dark draws inspiration from the original series. However, the story and universe around you will undergo a complete reboot. That also means that anyone can play the game, whether or not you have previous experience with the original.

On a broad scale, Perfect Dark will be a single-player campaign structured into a set of missions. Players will make choices during the missions that determine the outcome of the story.

The main protagonist, Joanna Dark, returns. She’s voiced by Alix Wilton Regan and looks like Elissa Bibaud. Like the original, Dark is a secret agent, working for DataDyne this time around. The developing team promises a deeply personal journey, one where Dark is far from perfect. She’ll make mistakes and learn from them. 


Joanna Dark Shooting enemies

Perfect Dark’s gameplay reveal trailer has been pretty handy in showcasing the features to expect in the final game. Traversal and technological gadgets take center stage. Joanna Dark shows off some cool parkour movements, some of which she syncs with combat. According to the development team, you can expect “intuitive movement,” allowing you to come up with clever ways to complete missions.

Combat, in particular, will infuse melee and gunplay systems. You’ll also sneak around a lot, engaging in stealth mechanics that your enemies won’t see coming. Moreover, you’ll have a cool assortment of gadgets you can use to navigate the environment. Overall, Perfect Dark plans to curate a free-form experience, one where you’re allowed to figure out how you want to approach objectives.

Perfect Dark will combine multiple genres, including stealth action, immersive simulation, first-person shooters, and more. The end result, hopefully, is a seamless and wholesome experience that ushers Perfect Dark into a new modern era.


Investigation room

Developer The Initiative and publisher Xbox Game Studios are currently working on Perfect Dark. The upcoming game was first announced to be in development at the Games Awards 2020 event. Since then, the developing team has gone radio silent, leading gamers to believe Perfect Dark may not be coming onto their screens anytime soon. 

But The Initiative has finally broken the silence at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 event with a gameplay reveal trailer. Things must be looking up at the Perfect Dark development team. While the exact release date still remains under wraps, at least the trailer helps ease our minds that The Initiative is still hard at work rebooting the beloved long-time-no-see series.


Perfect Dark - Gameplay Reveal - Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Check out Perfect Dark’s gameplay reveal trailer currently out on YouTube. In the trailer, Joanna Dark explores the Garden City district within the new Cairo. She’s seen in the trailer stumbling onto Carrington’s hideout. However, Carrington seems one step ahead of her, infiltrating her systems to expose her. Lots of questions arise from the trailer, with an evidently larger mystery at play here. You’ll run into characters who are trustworthy, but others will have their own motivations.

The trailer also showcases the gadgets you’ll use. We see Joanna Dark use one of the gadgets to analyze NPC voices and create deepfakes that allow her to infiltrate secure locations and impersonate others. You’ll be able to use gadgets as distractions and even to gain new information on characters and the world around you. From close-quarters combat to lethal weaponry, Perfect Dark plans to infuse thrilling combat that taps into the secret agent in you.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions


Despite the intricately detailed gameplay reveal trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 event, we still do not know when we might get our hands on Perfect Dark. We can confirm, however, that Perfect Dark will launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms via Steam. 

In fact, Perfect Dark’s Steam store page is already out now. So, feel free to add the game to your wishlist to get a notification as soon as it drops. As for the editions, they remain unconfirmed at the time of writing. 

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So, what’s your take? Will you be grabbing a copy of Perfect Dark when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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