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New Games on Steam: Mid May

New Games on Steam: Mid May



New Games on Steam: Mid May

Welcome to the newest installment of New Games on Steam, a series in which we present you with the best new titles from this popular platform. This week, we will talk about everything from harems full of demon girls to the hardcore post-apocalyptic RPG’s. There’s a little bit of something for everybody.


Helltaker is a one-of-a-kind adventure/puzzle game that’s also completely free on Steam. After dreaming about having a harem of girls, you have a rude awakening and find out that you are in hell. But, why would that stop you to fulfill your newfound ambition? Jump through challenging puzzles and defeat nasty skeletons to win the adoration of female demons. What’s not to love?

New Games on Steam: Helltaker

Wait, mom, I’ve got to complete my harem first! (Steam)

Delores: A Thimbleweed Park Mini-Adventure

Next, we have the 3rd part of a Thimbleweed Park indie adventure made by the creators of infamous Monkey Island. In it, you will play as Delores, a photographer for Nickel News who decided to take a  vacation in her home town. This short humorous adventure expands on the story of the original and offers a lot of interesting references. Delores also has enough charm to entertain on its own, albeit for an evening or two.

Delores gameplay

Main Street contains interesting new secrets (Steam)

Jet- Lancer

Jet-Lancer is an insanely fun aerial shooter in which you battle everything from enemy aviators to giant robots. You are put in the role of Ash Leguinn, a prolific and talented mercenary pilot, who has to defend Root City and save the world. With 30 missions, 11 crazy bosses, and 28 weapons, Jet-Lancer packs a decent amount of features to suit different playstyles. Although controls are responsive, they are certainly not easy to master and will provide you with quite a challenge. All in all, Jet-Lancer can easily entertain you for days.

New Games on Steam: Jet-Lancer

Expect fast-paced and chaotic gameplay (TheIndieGameWebsite)

ATOM RPG: Trudograd

If the worldwide pandemic isn’t bad enough for you, you can spice it all up with Trudograd. This is a post-apocalyptic turn-based RPG that continues on the story of previous Atom RPG installments. Stylistically, it reminded us of early Fallout titles and is also equally fun to play. Trudograd lets you choose to play over a dozen of characters, all with unique skills, combat styles, and various perks. Furthermore, the quests have multiple solutions, all of which will change the city in some way. Although it is early-access, Trudograd already offers great depth that will only get expanded upon in the following months.

Island Saver

Lastly, we have a mix of Viva Pinata and Slime Rancher that’s aimed for the young’uns. In it, you will help bankimals by cleaning up a toxic plastic waste with your Trash Blaster to restore breathtaking islands to their former beauty. Each island is completely different, ranging from dusty deserts to the icy arctic. Can you help all 42 bankimals and save the islands?

Island Saver screenshot

Island Saver is a beautiful environmentally-conscious adventure game (Steam)

Didn’t find what you are looking for? Click here to check out the previous edition of New Games on Steam. 


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When he is not climbing ranks in League of Legends or battling the Nameless King in Dark Souls 3, Marko writes about everything gaming related. He lives in Zagreb and is an ambitious Netflix addict.


Valorant: Patch 1.0 brings new agent Reyna and nerf to Sage and Raze

Valorant: Patch 1.0 brings new agent Reyna and nerf to Sage and Raze



Valorant: Patch 1.0 brings new agent Reyna and nerf to Sage and Raze

First patch notes of the official launch of Valorant. Update 1.0 arrived on public servers this Tuesday and has important news and adjustments. In addition to the arrival of the new agent Reyna and the new Ascent map, Riot Games implemented adjustments, between nerfs and buffs, in Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze and Jett. In addition, there was the inclusion of the new Spike Dispute game mode. Minor changes in the central part of the Split map and optimizations to decrease the drop in FPS, with emphasis on the various bug fixes.

Valorant: Patch 1.0 brings new agent Reyna and nerf to Sage and Raze

Reyna is the new agent in this update. (Image: Riot Games)

New map: Ascent

One of the novelties of the launch of Valorant in its final version is the Ascent map. The Riot Games FPS room. After Bind, Haven and Split, which were available in the Closed Beta, this is set in Italy. It will be more common in the rotation of the next few days, so that players get used to it and have more opportunities to play in it.

According to the update notes released by Riot Games, Ascent “has a large open central area where the two teams can face each other. The environment is a territory for the use of different skills, and successfully controlling the area opens up additional routes. to Spike’s two points for Attackers “.

Valorant: Patch 1.0 brings new agent Reyna and nerf to Sage and Raze

More details on one of the bombs on the Ascent map. (Image: Riot Games)


  • Expanded the new system that combats map exploits for all maps. It will eradicate anyone who tries to leave the game space.
  • Level collision repair continued to improve the smoothness of the game mechanics space.
  • Drawing call optimizations completed.
  • The blocking continues to points of the Cypher Surveillance Camera that prevented moves.

Game mechanics and balancing


  • Healing Orb cooldown increased from 35 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • Barrier Orb segment health reduced from 1000 to 800.
  • Barrier Orb duration reduced from 40 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • Allied Barrier Orb walls now appear on the minimap.


  • Maximum Explosive Charge damage radius reduced from 2 meters to 1 meter.


  • Mist Eruption smoke duration increased from 4 seconds to 7 seconds.
  • Boost Breeze automatically breaks Cypher’s Trap Wires after being quickly revealed.


  • Flare duration increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • Flare went from 15 every 0.25 seconds to 1 every 0.033 seconds.
  • Healing went from 3 every 0.25 seconds to 1 every 0.16 seconds.
  • Hot Hand Healing went from 3 every 0.25 seconds to 1 every 0.08 seconds.
  • Maximum duration of the Curve Ball flash increased from 0.8 seconds to 1.1 seconds.
  • Rebirth reloads all weapons in the resurgence.

Competitive mode update

Just as it was done in the Closed Beta, Riot Games plans that the overall game service will be stable before enabling competitive match management. It will also be a way to give new players the same chance to learn the game before entering competitively. Finally, the developer stated that the plan is to activate competitive mode in some updates after the game’s release.

  • Competitive mode will not be available at launch.

HUD and Interface

  • Added visual effects to skills, killing counts and ceremonies (for example, Ace or Clutch).
  • Updated the look of Spike in the inventory.
  • Armor icons in the store.
  • Character portraits.
  • Message regulation added so that only one chat message is sent when multiples of the same ping or voice command are used quickly.

Bug fixes in the Client

  • Fixed some visual errors in the settings menu.
  • Fixed a bug in window mode that prevented the Valorant window from saving the position correctly.
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CS:GO and Valorant: what can one game add to another?

CS:GO and Valorant: what can one game add to another?



The closed beta of Valorant has already been with us. The game was released for everyone to test, moving thousands of fans in search of access to the test version of the game. Now, a few hours before the official launch of the game, we can analyze some details.

As they were before, comparisons with CS: GO are inevitable. The game is clearly inspired by Valve’s shooter, both in shooting mechanics, in the shape of the rounds and even in the design of the maps. Still, the game from Riot Games brings news and has a lot to teach the very traditional FPS.

What can CS:GO learn from Valorant?

CS:GO and Valorant: what can one game add to another?

Valorant will launch in the next few hours. (Image: Riot Games)

It was already pointed out that Riot Games could create an environment more favorable to the community than that made by Valve. As much as the customer of League of Legends has problems, he does not overcome the countless bureaucracies that CS: GO brings to its players.

Even with the closed beta of Valorant it was already possible to use a simple tool to create duels of 5 against 5. In Counter-Strike, making a custom match involves commands on the console. The use of external platforms to get ten colleagues together in the same room.

Valorant brings a native training arena, without the need to bring any extra downloads. The map has elements that closely resemble the aim_botz of CS: GO. Map where players are surrounded by bots to train their aim.

CS:GO and Valorant: what can one game add to another?

The map has elements that closely resemble the aim_botz of CS:GO. (Image: Valorant)

Of course this exists in Valve’s game, but, as always, there is some bureaucracy. This type of content must be purchased through the Steam Workshop. It is entirely created by the community itself, not by the game developer. In terms of performance, Riot also cleans up. League of Legends was already a very balanced and smooth game to run even on very limited machines; for Valorant, ditto.


The minimum requirements may even show something different. Valorant asks for 1GB of VRAM, while CS asks for only 512MB, for example, but make no mistake. Valve’s game is known for having nice optimizations, presenting bottlenecks in computers with respectable configuration. It is not uncommon for a computer to suffer some pain to run CS: GO in minimal configurations. But bizarrely improve performance by activating higher quality textures and shadows, for example. The game is extremely processor dependent, and only uses the capacity of your video card when necessary.

In Valorant, the feeling is something balanced. If your computer can run CS:GO, you can be sure that it will not suffer at all from the novelty of Riot Games. Finally, it is essential to talk about the quality of the servers used by Riot. It is routine to find matches in very few seconds in the game. Of course, the game is on the rise and being played by an immense number of people. At the same time, however, CS: GO is consistently the most played game on Steam. Even so, it takes any five minutes to find a ranked match.

What can Valorant learn from CS:GO?

Critics aside, CS: GO is still king in the field of tactical shooters. Again, the game is the most played on Steam, and its esports scene reaches stratospheric numbers. IEM Katowice 2020, for example, reached 1 million simultaneous viewers without even being a Major.

CS:GO and Valorant: what can one game add to another?

CS:GO is still king in the field of tactical shooters. (Image: Helena Kristiansson)

Shooting time is a great advantage over the competition. Players have been using the Counter-Strike AK-47 for twenty years. Several of his current maps are reformulations of very old scenarios. The competitive format already exists even before esports are called esports.


In face of Valorant, age appears a lot when talking about aspects such as interface and map design. A pleasant surprise in Valorant is his tool for customizing the aim, something that CS:GO only added in 2020. On the other hand, the game’s radar can be quite confusing, bringing an enormous amount of information and possibly disorienting the player.

Traditionally, the five members of your team will appear on the radar. However, the game does not give any prominence to the player’s own icon. While the other members appear with illustrations of the chosen character. Your own doll is just a white ball, which goes largely unnoticed among so many colorful items.

On the Haven map, for example, there are several walls that practically touch, but do not have any type of connection between them. Not to mention a straightke situation in bomb C, where there are very few viable options for disabling Spike. There is the traditional way, through the Defenders base, or risk invading other positions that may already be dominated by the opponent.

CS:GO and Valorant: what can one game add to another?

The retake situation in bomb C, where there are very few viable options for disabling Spike. (Image: Valorant)

The major concern of Riot Games, however, should be how to build a sustainable esports scenario. CS: GO has always stood out for keeping a very open circuit, allowing countless organizations to be responsible for big tournaments.

Championships and the near future

Riot Games, taking League of Legends into account, represents the opposite of that. All relevant LoL championships are managed by Riot itself, and there is almost no room for outside organizers. For Valorant, however, the guidelines are different. The company has already released a document detailing its plans for e-sports, separating tournaments into three different classifications. Smaller tournaments, with a maximum of US $ 10,000 in prizes, medium, with up to US $ 50,000, and large tournaments, made in partnership with companies such as ESL and Dreamhack.

Taking the reins off the competitive landscape a little bit, Riot certainly aims to get closer to what made CS: GO grow. But you need to be careful not to become almost an electronic sports villain. Polemics involving Valve and the CS: GO competition abound. Speaking only from the past three years, we have examples of a Major starting immediately after a player’s vacation.

CS:GO and Valorant: what can one game add to another?

The Astralis team dominated much of 2019 for CS: GO. (Image: HLTV)

Above all this, the company let go of the reins of esports so much that it ended up letting competitiveness get out of its control. Closed circuits and major championships started to clash with the Majors, the only tournaments sponsored by Valve itself.

With that in mind, Riot can consider acting as regulator of the scenario, preventing Valorant from following the path of his greatest inspiration. That said, Valorant’s potential among tactical shooters is pretty clear. Without even being officially released, the game is already ahead of its biggest competition in many ways.

With the necessary time and care, a future where the game is considered to be vastly superior to CS: GO is totally doable. Esports audiences, however, are a totally different monster, and will depend heavily on decisions made by Riot in the near future.

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New Games on Steam: Early June

New Games on Steam: Early June



New Games on Steam

New Games on Steam is a weekly edition that covers some of the best Indie games that recently came out. This week, we go about terraforming Mars, answering the call of Gods, and testing our rhythm to defeat the evil carrots. You know, the usual stuff.

Causa, Voices of the Dusk

To start, let me introduce you to Causa – a new strategy card game from Niebla Games. The game features an interesting new mechanics of sacrificing cards to raise Cause. Later, these cards can be brought back and played in many unexpected ways, which makes Causa a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, the game is pretty challenging, even in the campaign, although the real fun starts in PVP mode. Best of all? This game is completely free to play.

Red Planet Farming

Elon Musk didn’t get us to Mars yet, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t tend the red planet, at least virtually. Here, you will be playing as an Agricultural Director whose job is to make Mars more hospitable and produce food. To do this, you will have to combine various crops and upgrades. Although this is marketed as a casual game that starts fairly easy, it quickly becomes complex, so you’ll need to think ahead at all times.

Red Planet Farming gameplay

Is there life on Mars?  Twitter

Rhythm Fighter

Rhythm Fighter is a roguelike action game with a twist. In it, you will take up the role of Mr. Disco, who will have to restore the order on Earth through dancing battles and defeat the Commander Chaos. As expected, Rhythm Fighter is filled to the brim with quirky humor that makes the game hard no to love. Combine this with kick-ass music and cool graphic style, and we got a great casual indie on our hands.

Rhythm Fighter gameplay

Can you feel the music? Steam

Way To Yaatra

You are a young pilgrim on his quest to answer the call of Gods. To do this, you will have to climb on top of the huge mountain with the help of spears and ascend to divinity. However, things get complicated with the mix of challenging puzzles that will keep your gears spinning. There are 4 spears, each of which uses a different mechanic. Aside from the gameplay. Way to Yaatra also has a mesmerizing visual artwork that easily charms. It’s a well-polished adventure that might stay with you for a while.

New Games on Steam: Way to Yaatra

Way to Yaatra is a mesmerizing adventure with distinct visual style Steam

Gunfire Reborn

Lastly, we have an excellent FPS/RPG game with elements of Roguelite. Gunfire Reborn lets you choose between various unique heroes and then throws you into a procedurally generated level to fight against friends or bots. Furthermore, there’s a lot of powerful weapons and unlockable skills that make the gameplay really fun and addicting. Gunfire Reborn reminded me of Borderlands, and although it’s still early access, it is already a solid product.

New Games on Steam: Gunfire Reborn

You’ll never know what waits around the corner Steam

These games are not your style? No biggie. You can take a look at our previous installment of New Games on Steam here.

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