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Microsoft Branded “Netflix of Gaming” Over Discord Takeover

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With Discord being up for grabs for a whopping $10B, Microsoft could very well be on track to become the kingpin of gaming altogether. Or, better yet — “the Netflix of Gaming”, as Morgan Stanley pens it. However, the deal between Microsoft and Discord has yet to take the plunge into partnership, and therefore the ball ultimately lies in Microsoft's court. But with the tech giant on a mission to obliterate Sony for good (especially after acquiring ZeniMax last month), it seems as though snatching the gaming app might just be the best path moving forward.

Discord has been providing millions of players with a home away from home for years now. With plenty of platforms thrown into one bundle, the chat app has played a major role for those wanting to find ground in the community. So, of course, with Microsoft looking to induct the platform into the fold — it might just draw millions of additional players to the Xbox and, in turn, services like Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass.

Will Microsoft branch out and acquire Discord?

A solid move for Microsoft?

As it stands, Microsoft boasts 100 million-plus monthly Xbox Live users, as well as 18 million paying Game Pass subscribers. By acquiring Discord and drawing in various other platforms into one basket, Microsoft will essentially pull the strings to a sanctuary of over 300 million members. So not exactly a bad deal on their part. Plus, with Microsoft's Twitch rival, Mixer, being shut down last year, the opportunity to swing back with a wild card is definitely present with Discord standing idle. But we'll have to see where Microsoft take it over the coming weeks.

Now that Xbox Game Pass has brought in the likes of Elder Scrolls and other award-winning Bethesda titles, the subscription service has escalated to even greater heights than before. With EA Play already being a huge part of the plan and room for Ubisoft+ floating about, the gaming service is on track to becoming the best-selling library that every player will want to sink their teeth into. Here's hoping that 2021 will crown the true “Netflix of gaming.” Mind you, with how Microsoft are playing their cards lately — it wouldn't surprise me if they dethroned Sony by year's end. But we'll see about that.

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