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LoL Season 2020: The Return Of LCS And LEC

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LoL season 2020 is about to kick off with both LCS and LEC tournaments starting this weekend. Here is the official schedule.

These are the first big League of Legends events after FunPlus Phoenix became world champions back in November 2019. Many teams used this time to develop new rosters, which will make their debut on these 2 occasions. LEC, Europe's biggest event, starts today, on January 24th, while North America's LCS starts on January 25th.

The LEC schedule will be the same as last year, with teams battling it out on Friday and Saturday. However, there are a few changes to the format that you can hear about here. LCS will span 1 day longer, from Saturday to Monday evening. The number of games will remain the same.

Riot will broadcast both championships on its game channel on Twitch.

LEC Schedule (Week One)

LoL Season 2020: LEC


  1. MAD Lions vs G2 Esports (5 PM GMT)
  2. SK Gaming vs Vitality (6 PM GMT)
  3. Rogue vs Misfits (7 PM GMT)
  4. Excel vs FC Shalke 04 (8 PM GMT)
  5. Origen vs Fnatic (9 PM GMT)


  1. MAD Lions vs Vitality (4 PM GMT)
  2. Excel vs Rogue (5 PM GMT)
  3. Origen vs FC Shalke 04 (6 PM GMT)
  4. Fnatic vs Misfits (7 PM GMT)
  5. SK Gaming vs G2 Esports (8 PM GMT)

LCS Schedule (Week One)

LoL Season 2020: LCS


  1. Team Liquid vs Cloud9 (2 PM PST)
  2. Dignitas vs Counter Logic Gaming (3 PM PST)
  3. Golden Guardians vs 100 Thieves (4 PM PST)
  4. FlyQuest vs Immortals (5 PM PST)


  1. Evil Geniuses vs Dignitas (12 PM PST)
  2. Immortals vs TSM (1 PM PST)
  3. Cloud9 vs Golden Guardians (2 PM PST)
  4. Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest (3 PM PST)


  1. 100 Thieves vs Evil Geniuses (5:30 PM PST)
  2. TSM vs Team Liquid (6:30 PM PST)

Winners of these 2 events will earn their ticket to the World Championship in China.


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