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KFC to Rival Xbox One & PS4 With KFConsole

KFC to Rival Xbox One & PS4 With KFConsole



KFC to Rival Xbox One & PS4 With KFConsole

Admittedly, like the rest of the gaming world — we too believed KFC were kidding when they teased a bucket-shaped console in June. With their ludicrous launch taster, fans were quick to terminate the Colonel as a latecomer to the April Fools gathering. However, recent threads posted under the KFC Gaming Twitter suggest that they are more than serious — and the KFConsole will aim to end console wars indefinitely. Of course, that’s a pretty big statement from a brand who literally produce chicken for a living — but we do admire the confidence.

So, what is a KFConsole? Well, we’re just as clueless as KFC appear to be. But it’s definitely something. Although showcasing very few details to the kit, it does boast a top-tier CPU, an ASUS hot-swappable mini-GPU and two NVMe 1TB SSD cards. Plus, it promises to have the capabilities of launching all the latest games in stunning 4K, 240fps. Now, whether we’ll actually see these specs come to fruition will be another story — but it does seem to be happening.

Wait — there’s more…

Oh, but we did forget to mention one thing (as if a console made by KFC wasn’t enough). It just so happens that the KFConsole will also hold a separate compartment that lets owners store and heat food. Yes — that’s right. Owners of this otherworldly bit of equipment will supposedly have the ability to game and prepare a hot meal at the same time. And, if that is legit — then we think Microsoft and Sony might be in trouble. Not that the two brands ever sought to incorporate an oven into their consoles, anyway. Even still — kudos to the Colonel for cranking things up a notch.

Although the full specifications are being kept under wraps at present, it does look like we’ll be seeing the ambitious gamechanger power on into 2021. Perhaps that’s something we could all really use right about now — especially with the madness of the current pandemic. Maybe a bit of chicken and a KFConsole could amp up our spirits and spread some joy within the next twelve months? Or, even if this does end up being a bust — it’s still provided us with a few laughs.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the chicken chamber console, anyway. In the meantime, you can report back to the Colonel and see the full features of the project here. Here’s hoping we’ll be gaming with KFC very soon.

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