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“Hot Wheels Unleashed” Will Make You Feel Like You’re Playing With The Toys

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Gamers, car collectors, and toy collectors, especially collectors of Mattel’s Hot Wheels are patiently waiting for the “Hot Wheels Unleashed” game. It’s one of those types of games you may want to be the first in line to purchase before it sells out. Launching in September 30, 2021, digitally race in your favorite cars on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. To pre-order the physical or digital edition of “Hot Wheels Unleashed,” go to 

Rare Hot Wheels cars have been known to cost a lot of money in unopened boxes, after years of waiting. Try never opening “Hot Wheels Unleashed,” where you can speed down a toy race track with your dream cars. Now, playing a video game about the popular die-cast toy cars franchise


Hot Wheels Unleashed - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer


As far as the gameplay, while the trailer for “Hot Wheels Unleashed” didn’t show the gameplay, Mattel and Milestone already announced that there’ll be a split-screen multiplayer mode. Mattel’s head of digital gaming, Andrew Chan said, “Milestone’s expertise in racing game development has enabled us to transform the Hot Wheels brand into a compelling console and PC gaming experience.”

The start of start of a new racing game trend may be available in this game. I’m talking about the track editor. From the trailer, the cars are speeding on ground level, but like rockets. With the option of creating your own territory to race, there’s more unexpected moments to participate in. Possibly, you can share your race track creation with an online community, which wouldn’t be surprising. 

Milestone, (known for MotoGP and Monster Energy Supercross) is an Italian developer of “Hot Wheels Unleashed,” offering you an engine worth your bucks. Just 53 years ago, (a long time ago) the orange, plastic race track known as “Mattel’s Hot Wheels” was created. On the race track, you can form loops, twists, and turns, as well as (like a rising bridge) jump from track to track. There’s also an option when you create your own race track to make the track split directions, where you’d have to think fast on if you want to turn left or right. To be the party pooper, the popular die-cast car toys were specifically for children, then became popular. Cars are popular and creating a mini version of what people are obsessed grabs are attention more. 

On the race track, you’re expected to boost, jump, drift, and crash your way pass other cars, to the finish line. Somehow, you’ll feel as much like you’re playing with the Hot Wheels toys as possible while playing a video game. It’s sort of like if Mattel’s action figures was literally in a video game and we’d feel like we’re playing with action figures. With a good guess, there won’t be any cinematic effects in the gameplay. 

If for one solitary second, you think “Hot Wheels Unleashed” will be like playing with toys, think about all of the things you’d imagine as a child, playing with the cars. There’s an ongoing list of things this video game could have. With that being said, that’s another reason why this precious game has the option of creating your own race track on any environment. 

Pump the breaks for your wildest imaginations with an outlandish environment. If “Hot Wheels Unleashed” has an option to add your own pit stop, would you be just as interested in the game as you were? The video game hasn’t been released yet and is already an upcoming collector’s item. If they were to actually add in a pit stop, have fun bring in first place, parking your car, and trying to speed back into first with a full gas tank. Since it’s supposed to be like the nostalgic past of the car toys, you can possibly speed with an unlimited amount of gas. 

According to NDP Group, Hot Wheels Singles assortment was announced the 2020 Global Top-Selling Toy of the Year. Mattel is expanding with a list of accomplishments, so there’s no need to look like a deer in front of headlights. When more information comes out about “Hot Wheels,” we’ll update you on the information. 

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