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F1 23 Vs F1 24

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F1 23 Vs F1 24

Should you hang on to your copy of F1 23 or wait for F1 24 to launch on May 28, 2024? It’s no secret that annual franchises tend to make only a few changes. Some are negligible. You may be better off sticking to the copy you already have. For the F1 franchise, though, Codemasters has rolled up its sleeves over the years, delivering quality iterations that keep its fanbase ever-growing. You often enjoy more characters and quality of life changes in recurring game modes. 

Indeed, F1 remains one of the best racing simulators for consoles. F1 23, in particular, made sweet changes to its predecessor. It engineered the best gamepad handling and satisfactory driving in the franchise. You enjoy upgrades in the tracks, from lighting to sound, and overall a more stable entry. So, now, with F1 24 close by, will Codemasters manage to make another evolutionary step upward for the series. F1 23 versus F1 24: Which is better? Let’s find out.

What is F1 23?

F1 23 is a racing game, precisely the 16th entry in the F1 series by developer Codemasters and publisher EA Sports. It was released on April 28, 2023, to majorly positive acclaim. The F1 series is the official franchise, translating the real-life FIA Formula One World Championship into gaming. 

In F1 23, you control Formula One cars steamrolling across official tracks from the 2023 Formula One and Formula 2 championships.

What is F1 24?

F1 24 Official Reveal Trailer

Next up on the F1 series is F1 24, set to launch on May 28, 2024. It’ll be the 17th entry for the 2024 Formula One and Formula 2 championships. Now, F1 23 has arguably the best handling, grip, and overall most enjoyable experience of all F1 games so far. And even though F1 24’s launch remains a little far away, we already have information on what to expect. Will F1 24 offer a superior experience? 


F1 23 car Vs F1 24 cars

Story-wise, F1 23 knocks it out of the park by re-introducing the Braking Point story mode from F1 21. A fictional story just works perfectly for simulators, providing further immersion into the lore. Drivers Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler return from F1 21, this time teammates at the fictional Konnersport Butler Global Racing Team. New characters, too, make their way to F1 23, including Callie Mayer, Devon Butler's sister.

F1 23’s story is the “best yet,” nailing both enjoyability and engagement. You take on several racing challenges with a sense of purpose. You also enjoy well-acted and entertaining cutscenes. While you can’t directly influence the story, it is still a commendable effort for quirky and warm fun. 

Unfortunately, F1 24 doesn’t seem to include a Braking Point story mode. It’s perhaps intentional to skip a year to have ample time to build on Devon Butler, Callie Mayer, and Aiden Jackson’s saga. Who knows? Perhaps F1 25 will pick up the story mode in the future.


F1 23 driver in cockpit vs F1 24 rear view of a ferrari

F1 23 has multiple ways to carve out your racing legend status. You can take on single-player and multiplayer racing challenges. These span out into seasonal events, taking full advantage of the real-world F1 calendar to dish out consistent, fresh content. Single-player goes deep, whether taking on a variety of official surreal circuits, upgrading your F1 car, honing your technical skills, and more. Meanwhile, multiplayer pits online players worldwide against one another. Using equal-performance cars, you prove your racing skills against the best in the business. 

While most of the game modes retain the flavor and structure of F1 22, F1 23 does look and feel superior. It’s more vibrant, thanks to upgraded lighting and sound. Driving mechanics and handling, too, are revamped to a stellar level. 

F1 24, on the other hand, retains many of F1 23’s game modes, including the famed F1 World. F1 World doesn’t have much difference or innovation. However, the career mode does promise major overhauls. For the first time ever in the F1 series, you’ll be able to play as one of the current 20 drivers. It’s a welcome change of pace, with the career mode seeing too little innovation over the years. Now, besides choosing from existing drivers, you can create your own from scratch.

Otherwise, My Team plans to introduce two new icons: James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya, exclusive to the Champion Edition. We also expect better handling, specifically from F1 24’s brand-new EA Sports Dynamic Handling system. According to EA Sports, F1 24 will, in addition to more authentic handling, add circuit enhancements. 


F1 female driver vs Max Emilian Verstappen

Above all, an “overhauled career mode” seems to be the biggest change to expect in F1 24. And at just the right time, too, with the mode receiving very little innovation over the years. Players will, for the first time ever, jump into a newly innovated career mode where you can either race as one of the current drivers or create one from scratch. 

The EA Sports’ website also promises “more authentic and immersive” handling using a brand new dynamic handling system. Whether the career mode and handling changes will be enough to make up for the missing Braking Point mode is anyone’s guess. As such, it’s hard to say whether F1 24 will eventually turn out to be better than F1 23

On the one hand, we have a fresh and engaging storyline working in F1 23’s favor. On the other hand, F1 24 seems to be shaping up to deliver the best F1 game yet. The upcoming F1 24 promises “more authentic” handling. It could mean the most realistic experience that gives you more control over your car’s performance and racing strategy.

In the end, the full F1 24 reveal on May 28, 2024, will set the record straight. For now, let’s wait to see whether EA Sports and Codemasters deliver on their promise of a superior F1 24.

So, what's your take? Which game is better, F1 12 vs F1 24? And will you be picking up a copy of F1 24 when it drops? Lets us know over on our socials here.

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