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Here Is Some Dodgeball Academia and More



Shacknews. ©. June 13, 2021.

It is about time another dodgeball video game is arriving. The indie, RPG (role-playing game), “Dodgeball Academia,” features Otto, (a rookie dodgeball student). “Pocket Trap’s” and “Humble Bundle’s “Dodgeball Academia,” is set to be released on August 2021 and will be available for the following platforms: “PS4 (Playstation 4),” “Xbox One,” “Nintendo Switch,” and “PC (Steam).” First, I must ask, “Does Otto remind you in the slightest way of Ash Ketchum from “Pokemon”? Otto looks like Ash, sounds similar, and throws balls. 

First, we heard about the interesting “Knockout City,” developed by “Velan Studios” and published by “Electronic Arts.” “Knockout City” was released on May 21, 2021 and will be getting a brand new event called ‘Heatwave.” The event begins Tuesday, June 22, 2021. This allows players to search for hidden Ice Pops. Players can use the Ice Packs to unlock limited-time items (like new intro poses that feature summer themes, an Ice Cream Truck Glider, and more). Successfully complete all of the ‘Heatwave’ contracts, then unlock a Legendary Ultimate Hologram, the Fire Hydrant. 

Dodgeball Academia - Announcement Trailer | PS4

The Event:

Rotating every week, starting June 22, there will also be a brand new set of playlists.  

June 22: Party Face-Off

  • 1v1, ALL Special Balls
  • Classic Face-Off Rules: No border warnings, Danger Zone, etc.

June 29: Triple Team Chaos

  • 2v2v2, team free for all
  • The first team to 15 KOs wins the match



Otto lives in a world where dodgeball means everything. Dodgeball is life. With eight episodes, create rivals and friendships (all to develop the best dodgeball team), as well as become the ultimate dodgeball champion. There is the option to level up and there is a customizable party progression system. Search on and off the dodgeball court, uncovering hidden truths within the vast, and diverse campus. 

In a full RPG story mode, there will be main quests, side quests, and school mini-games. Unlock and upgrade your selected characters and engage in action-packed matches (featuring a fighting game style, where you challenge enemies and bosses). Also, there is the local versus mode, where you can compete against a friend locally. 

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