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Gotham Knights: All Boss Battles, Ranked

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There's never a dull moment in Gotham City. After the death of Batman, the crime-littered town is in shambles, and it's up to you to restore the peace. With possibly every nutcase from Arkham City out on the loose, you'll have the uphill task of solving crimes and defending the city's residents. This is where it gets exciting. The game has a rich variety of villains from the DC Comics universe. You'll go head-to-head with Mister Freeze and Harley Quinn, among others. Moreover, every boss battle presents a varying degree of challenge. For instance, some bosses are vulnerable to certain tactics. Although this may be challenging during a first encounter, a final defeat will be more rewarding. If you're wondering which boss battles in Gotham Knights stand out best, here's our top five list.

7. Basher and Blazer

Gotham Knights - Basher & Blazer Boss Fight

As one of Harley Quinn's minions, the enraging Basher and Blazer are minor bosses you'll encounter in the game. The duo may present an overawing effect with their guns-blazing outlook, but they are not as challenging as other bosses on this list. 

Moreover, Harley will attempt to spice things up by adding a countdown timer. This means you need to face the two opponents before time runs out. Your best bet is to fight Blazer first since it takes longer to defeat Basher. 

When fighting Blazer, you need to be wary of the ground. Blazer uses fire bottles and targets your knight using a crosshair on the ground. In contrast, Basher uses a shield to attack his enemies. You can easily chip away his health by dodging attacks and breaking his shield. 

6. Man-Bat

Gotham Knights Man-Bat Boss Fight 4K ULTRA HD

It's a man! It's a bat! No, it's Man-Bat. Dr. Kirk Langstrom finally gets the spotlight on him as Gotham’s greatest villain, Man-Bat. Although he uses an anadrome for his name, Man-Bat is ideally the strongest mini-boss in Gotham Knights. Moreover, you'll be fighting more than one Man-Bat. 

Your job is to locate the three man-bats and take them down. The first one can be found in the Financial District at the Elliot Centre. The second will be at the Gotham City General Hospital, and the final bat can be traced to Waynetech. Since they are airborne, getting a clear shot may be challenging, but you can leverage this by understanding his attack patterns.

5. Mr. Freeze

Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze Boss Fight 4K ULTRA HD

Dr. Victor Fries, also known as Mr. Freeze, is Batman's long-running foe. Before his demise, the two agreed that Freeze would refrain from criminal activity while the BatBat provided him with resources for his scientific experiments. But with the BatBat dead, Mr. Freeze resumes his life of crime.

You'll encounter Mr. Freeze early on in the game. Perhaps it's a way of preparing you for other tough bosses. But don't be fooled; he's equally a challenging villain to fight. You should upgrade to level 15 or 20 for a better chance of taking him down. Also, the battle environment seems to favor the icy gentleman, but this is less intimidating than his freeze gun. Furthermore, your second encounter with Mr. Freeze will have you bringing all the guns out. For starters, his final form includes a robotic device that makes him faster. Also, since he absorbs damage, it may take more than a few attempts to defeat him.

Moreover, despite his dangerous attacks, Mr. Freeze's moves are pretty predictable. You can easily dodge his Cryogun shots, but be careful not to get too close for a melee attack. He will retaliate with a set of uninterrupted melee hits that deal quite the damage. 

4. Harley Quinn 

Gotham Knights: Harley Quinn Boss Fight Gameplay - IGN First

Harleys' clown makeup and cartwheels may initially seem intimidating, but this is one boss battle you can win easily. For starters, her moves are repetitive, and while she may throw in her minions to distract you, the fight feels stretched out in the end.

However, don't get it twisted; Harley still puts up a fight. Her ingenious acrobatic skills and wide range of gadgets can be a match for any player unable to dodge her fast-paced attacks. Furthermore, she has the advantage of a higher health bar. This means it'll take more than melee attacks to take her down. Her vulnerable moment is after a fast-paced forward thrust, which you can stop with a piercing attack. Unleashing an attack during her combo moves will strike her out. 

Ultimately, Harley Quinn's boss battle is challenging but not the toughest you'll experience in the game. Besides, if her toxic relationship with the Joker is anything to go by, this is one queen that doesn't give up easily.

3. Bruce Wayne

Gotham Knights - Final Boss Fight & ENDING (4K 60FPS) 2022

How unlikely is it that you face off with Gotham's former protector? Well, in Gotham Knights, anything goes. Bruce Wayne makes a comeback as a brainwashed villain brought to life by the League of Assassins. The once-powerful superhero is playing for the wrong side and is clearly no match for the Knights.

The mind control may make him less invincible, but Bruce still delivers one hell of a punch. His attacks deal a lot of damage, making him a formidable antagonist. You can use the environment to your advantage to create distance between you and the Bat. An occasional stun will make him weak and vulnerable to attacks. 

The best way to take him down is to reach out to the real Bruce and talk him out of mind control. Good thing he won't be packing any heat, or else this would turn out to be a bloodbath. Ultimately, patience does the trick. If you're too hasty with launching attacks, you'll spend most of your time retaliating with counterattacks. 

2. Clayface 

Gotham Knights Clayface Boss Fight 4K ULTRA HD

Also known as Basil Karlo, Clayface has the least amount of crimes compared to other villains in the game, but he's still a tough nut to crack. Clayface's encounters are more challenging since you'll fight different versions of him. Each variation is bigger than the other.

Aside from being an intimidating character to find, Clayface is relatively easy to track. He leaves a trace of his muck at every crime scene. Collecting this will lead you straight to his hideout. Players who fight Clayface as Nightwing have a better advantage if digging his attacks since he's more airborne with his pouncing abilities.

Moreover, your second encounter with Clayface will be a more challenging fight, owing to Clayface's double size, increased health, and fast-paced battle. But it's still easy to dodge the attacks; you just need to be fast enough.

1. Talia Al Ghul

Talia Al Ghul BOSS FIGHT - Gotham Knights

Takia Al Ghul puts up a big fight as the final boss you'll battle in Gotham Knights. What else would you expect from the leader of the League of Shadows and the League of Assassins? Talia displays a wide range of intense and impeccable skills that are pretty difficult to dodge. 

Undeniably, Talia is the most brutal boss you'll encounter in the game. Primarily owing to her swift attacks, she infuses herself with mystical abilities.

Your best chance at taking her down is not by going berserk and unleashing all the ammunition you have but by taking it slow. It may take a couple of attempts to get it right, but it's pretty satisfying once you do. Although Talia is agile, she does have her weak moments too. Taking advantage of such moments allows you to deal as much damage as possible.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five boss battles in Gotham Knights? Are there any other boss battles that should feature on this list? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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