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God of Rock: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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God of rock Tips for Beginners

Are you ready to get your groove on? Do you crave a new fighter game to drive stress away? Check out God of Rock, the newest rhythm-fighter hybrid game in town. The game’s premise is simple. The world’s greatest musicians have been summoned by the God of Rock to fight one another in fierce rhythm battle tournaments for his pleasure. If they win, the God of Rock grants them their heart's desire. 

Despite the simple premise, jumping into God of Rock can feel like swimming in shark-infested seas. Players must keep track of the beat and hit the notes flying across the bottom of the screen accurately and with perfect timing. Miss any note, and your player gets hit, up until either one is KO’d. There are also other fighting mechanics to help amp up the ante, including increasingly harder beats to keep track of, all of which mesh beautifully into a charming mosaic. 

If you want to take God of Rock out for a spin and want to get a good head start on the rest, here are the best God of Rock tips for beginners you should know.

5. Experiment, Learn, Fight

God of Rock characters

Nearly every game you play will demand experimenting with the characters, and their playstyles and finding out which ones work for you. It’s also the norm to do so in every new game you get into because controls change, and characters won’t always adopt the same fighting styles. God of Rock is no different. Do try to experiment with all seven characters. Rest assured, some will prove easier to fight with than others. While they also won’t have the same moves and special abilities. 

Additionally, take the time to learn your opponent’s playstyle. Perhaps they like to go on the offensive more than on defense. Or save a character’s special moves for later in the game. Regardless of how they play, your opponent will almost always influence your choices. The same applies to the characters themselves and their abilities. Once you gauge your opponent, head into the fight with a playstyle that they won’t see coming.

4. Push the Right Buttons

The trick to winning God of Rock lies in pushing the right buttons at the perfect time. You’ll find the buttons are color-coded for you, meaning controllers like the PlayStation’s may be easier to match and play. Additionally, you may want to expand actionable buttons to directional ones. 

See, God of Rock tends to flood players with many notes at a time. So much so that it requires muscle memory to best opponents, far more than an attentive mind. The easiest way to develop muscle memory is to throw more cards in your favor. By matching the notes to the controller’s color-coded plus directional buttons, you can increase the odds of hitting the right note.

3. Don’t Miss the White Notes

God of Rock white notes

White notes seldom show up. When they do, though, they are a chance to perform a critical strike on your opponent. The only issue is multitasking because the regular notes will by no means stop flying across the screen at any moment during fights. So how do you weigh what’s more important than the other?

Well, you don’t. In the end, it comes down to how fast you are at hitting the right notes at perfect timing. No pressure if you feel you haven’t gotten there yet. After all, it takes time and practice to perfectly nail down the God of Rock. But in the grand scheme of things, you’ll want to incorporate hitting all the white notes, too, into your practice to maximize damage dealt to opponents. 

Plus, it helps to avoid overtime, which happens if none of the players is KO’d at the end of the game. You get extra time to outwit your opponent. There’s a catch, though, where the game amps up the difficulty by playing a harder song with many faster-paced notes to keep up with. Then, whoever has more dexterity wins.

2. Check out the Tutorial and Practice Modes

Speaking of practice and dexterity, you do have access to tools that can help you get better at your game without incurring any losses. In your free time, feel free to jump into the tutorial and practice modes to hone your skills further. In other games, players can easily get by without ever stepping foot in tutorial mode. However, God of Rock nearly demands it to properly get acquainted with all the nooks and crannies of battle tournaments.

The tutorial mode will teach you how to hit notes perfectly. It’ll also open up the world of special and reversal moves that come in handy when facing stronger opponents. Most critical strikes will demand quick action to properly counter them. With the tutorial, you learn all the ways to unleash powerful reversals that the opponent won’t be able to block. 

Practice mode, on the other hand, is the perfect place to build muscle memory. It doesn’t punish you for losing. Rather, practice mode helps you learn each character’s moves and abilities. It helps you develop your playstyle and practice it on AI. Plus, you can switch from the left or right sides of the screen to prepare for online multiplayer matches that may not always assign you the side you’re used to.

1. Stay on Course

God of rock Tips for Beginners

Above all, God of Rock is a game that demands your full attention on the game, and on the rhythm side of things. Depending on how accurate your rhythm is, matches can go smoothly, or not. One mistake newcomers fall prey to is getting distracted by the flashy battles going on at the top of the screen. 

Closely related are players who attempt to perform regular and special attacks at the same time. While special attacks offer a greater advantage, they often require you to divert your attention to hitting the right combinations, which may take a while to master. All the while, the regular notes never stop streaming in.

As a beginner, perhaps staying on course will help. That means, finding a playstyle that works well in your favor and sticking to it. In the long run, you can try to spread your focus across multiple mechanics, slowly honing your skills with time.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our God of Rock tips for beginners? Are there more God of Rock tips for beginners we should know about? Do let us know over on our socials here.


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