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Gaming Heavy Hitters Join Forces in Help to Find Cures for Rare Diseases

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HungryBox, one of the hottest names in the gaming world, is joining in the fight for good!

Juan Manuel DeBiedma, better known in the circuit as HungryBox, is a Pro Gamer for Team Liquid and a three-time #1 SSBM Player in the World. Currently DeBiedma is one of the biggest streamers in the fighting game scene.

The American and Argentinian professional Super Smash Bros. player, streamer, YouTuber, and esports commentator is joining forces with Cure Rare Disease (CRD), a non-profit Boston-based biotechnology company, to raise money to find a cure.

CRD, led by Rich Horgan, is on a mission to develop precision medicine for patients with rare diseases, starting with Rich’s brother, Terry. Terry’s fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a rare and fatal inherited muscular disease, has become Rich’s fight.

As of today, CRD has cross-functional teams of more than 15 world-renowned geneticists and clinicians across the field working to find a cure.  Their advancement in CRISPR gene-editing to design what will hopefully be a life-saving solution for those with DMD.

In honor of Rare Disease Day 2021, the gaming community will come together to push the CRD vision forward. On Saturday, February 27th at 12:00 PM PST, Hungrybox and eight players will come together to participate in a charity invitational tournament that will benefit Cure Rare Disease.


Qualifying rounds: Saturday, February 27th | 12:00 PM Pacific Time

Tournament Finals: Sunday, February 28th | 1:00 PM Pacific Time

Take part in this monumental event:

Why this matters:

Gamers have pioneered a way to utilize their passion for good. Through partnerships like this one, organizations like Cure Rare Disease have been able to survive through pandemic strains and find successful ways to virtually fundraise.

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