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Games on Steam: Hidden Dimensions



Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles this popular platform’s latest and greatest Indie games. Today, we learn how to escape from recursive boxes, act naturally, kill Zodiacs, and drift with a horse (yes, it's possible).

Astral Ascent

Astral Ascent is an interesting retro action roguelike. In it, you explore Garden, an astral prison that is protected by 12 powerful Zodiacs. Your only chance of escaping is by defeating them in hectic combat. Speaking of it, the movements are very fluid and combos are particularly creative. At your disposal, you have 4 distinct characters and a ton of different skills. Thanks to this, you can easily do multiple runs and still have a fresh experience. Astral Ascent feels like a mix of Hades and Dead Cells, so I won't be surprised if it gets really popular in the coming months.

Games on Steam: Astral Ascent

A charming roguelike with a multitude of playstyles Steam

Just Act Natural

And now, how about a casual arena shooter that just oozes personality? In Just Act Natural, you will play either as a hider, and master your deception skills, or as a seeker. There are many powerups that will help you fulfill your task, and the whole gameplay is hilarious thanks to its wacky aesthetics. Just Act Natural is also free to play, making it a cool party game to try on a Saturday with some friends.

Games on Steam: Just Act Natural

Nothing weird to see here! Steam

Crystal Project

Fans of JRPGs shouldn't skip out on Crystal Project. The game is non-linear and set in a vast world where you can do as you wish. If you don't want to look for magical crystals and restore the order in Sequoia, you can always tame charming creatures or explore every nook and cranny and uncover many mysteries. However, this way you would cheat yourself out of an epic storyline that holds its own against the best Final Fantasy entries. All in all, Crystal Project is a big surprise and one of the best retro JRPG games on Steam.

Knightfall: A Daring Journey

Next, we have a wacky medieval Battle Royale that thinks outside the box. In this co-op, you will race against 11 teams in an effort to reach the castle and pluck the rose. This journey will last for days, so you will have to find towns that provide shelter during the cold nights, while also looking for other players. Ultimately, Knightfall is a funny and entertaining take on a somewhat stale genre that showed you don't need much funding to create a highly-replayable medieval shooter.

Games on Steam: Knightfall

You wouldn't Tokyo drift a horse… Steam

Patrick's Parabox

Lastly, we have a refreshing and mind-bending minimalist puzzle game. Patrick's Parabox is all about manipulating and escaping the recursive boxes. There are 300+ levels, and they all expand on the intricate yet elegant puzzle mechanics, with each room subtly raising the challenge. In short, this is one of the more original and replayable Sokoban-style puzzlers that I can recommend to everyone.

Patrick's Parabox gameplay

Box within a box within a box … Steam

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