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Five Nights at Freddy’s: RUIN 2 — Everything We Want



I’ll be one of the first to admit that the ending of Five Nights at Freddy’s: RUIN had me in a chokehold. It presented so many questions, in fact, that I know for a fact that there will be a sequel of some sort, if only to shed light on the myriad of unsolved issues that Cassie’s adventure had left her. Aside from all of those wide-open plot points, the Security Breach DLC also made it out that there would be another story to tell at some point in the near future, either from Cassie’s perspective, or from Gregory’s. The question is, what else can we expect from RUIN 2, if not a slew of new animatronics to shovel through?

5. A Conclusion to Cassie’s Story

Five Nights at Freddy's Ruin Cassie

Let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room here: Cassie — she isn’t dead. Or at least, that’s exactly what the final words in the first chapter led us to believe, anyway. Needless to say that, if there is a sequel in the works, then there’s every chance that it’ll pick up with Cassie — alone, and in the darkest depths of the Pizzaplex, no less. Should that be the case, then we have every reason to believe that RUIN 2 will be the beginning of the end — at least for Cassie and the whole derelict pizza complex arc.

The last we saw of Cassie, she was en route to the exit of the Pizzaplex, after which Gregory—the boy she sought to rescue from the pits of the building, revealed that he wasn’t in fact in the basement, but on the other side, orchestrating the demise of an old animatronic. Betrayed, and left to rot at the bottom of the blown-out elevator shaft, Cassie departed with little more than a scream, and an immediate pre-credits blackout. Call us optimistic, but this, in our eyes, seems like a cliffhanger for another tale—an episode in which Cassie will return from the dark and right a few wrongs.

4. A Conclusion to Gregory’s Story

Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach Promotional Art

Given the fact that Gregory wound up leaving more questions than answers at the end of RUIN, it does make sense that the sequel would look to fill in a few gaps and ultimately conclude that particular story arc. As it currently stands, we’re not entirely sure if Gregory is a hero with good intentions, or something of a villain, and a component in an underlying plot to unleash long-lost secrets that were originally buried beneath the grounds of the Pizzaplex. With any luck, we’ll be able to seek out the definitive answer in RUIN 2, which is bound to shed light on the whole scenario.

At this moment in time, it seems Cassie has picked up the slack for the RUIN series, which means we’re more likely to see Gregory as something of a side character in an overarching narrative. If this is the case in the sequel, too, then we’d like to believe that Gregory will at least receive an ending that’s fitting for his role as a newfound curator of nightmares.

3. A Comeback Arc for Roxy

Despite her best efforts to rescue Cassie toward the end of RUIN, Roxy wound up being mincemeat for the evil animatronic that broke free from the depths of the Pizzaplex. In an unusual turn of events, however, it was Roxy that went on to speak the final words before the credits rolled out. For this reason alone, it seems that Roxy will be returning as a companion for Cassie in RUIN 2, similar to what Glamrock Freddy was to Gregory in Security Breach.

Due to a glitch in the matrix, we were able to see a whole other side to Roxy—an ego-obsessed animatronic who, in Security Breach, went above and beyond to catch Gregory. Thanks to a heartwarming moment that shed light on Cassie and Roxy’s childhood friendship, we also had the opportunity to meet a kind-hearted and surprisingly thoughtful version of the same villain. With any luck, we’ll have the chance to unravel more of this tale in RUIN 2.

2. Freddy’s Return

One of the biggest question marks that hangs over RUIN is this: what happened to Freddy, and why on earth was his head no longer attached to his body? Well, if you did happen to catch the ending in Security Breach that saw Gregory escaping the Pizzaplex with Freddy, then you’ll probably know that the headless counterpart in RUIN was, actually, a “PROTOTYPE” of the original. And while this hasn’t been confirmed by the devs just yet, it definitely seems that all signs are pointing towards such a theory being the most plausible of the bunch.

At the end of RUIN, Gregory did go on to mention that he “had a friend with the maps” that Cassie needed to traverse the underground tunnels of the Pizzaplex. It seems, then, that the “good” version of Freddy is on the outside, whereas the evil clone is beneath the rubble of the complex. How true is this? Who knows. Even still, we’d love to be able to dig up some more answers in a future episode.

1. Beyond the Pizzaplex

The Pizzaplex is the heart and soul of the RUIN DLC, that much is obvious. Having said that, we have seen a couple of snippets of footage taken from outside of the complex; the ending of Security Breach showed us a few back alleys and suburban dwellings, to name just a couple. And so, in our eyes, RUIN 2 is likely to transport its players away from the Pizzaplex, and towards a series of uncharted territories around the city.

Given the fact that the Pizzaplex has been showcased in both Security Breach and RUIN, it does seem likely that there’ll be a new locale to explore in the sequel. If we had to have a say in the matter, then we’d opt for a return to one of the older pizza joints, or the Sister Location, even. It’s hard to say where RUIN 2 will take us, but with any luck, the sequel will be bigger, bolder, and far more inclusive. Here’s hoping, anyway.


So, what’s your take? Do you think we’ll be seeing Five Nights at Freddy’s: RUIN 2 at any point in the near future? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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