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Farming Simulator vs Farming Simulator Kids



Farming Simulator vs Farming Simulator Kids

Simulation video games set an iconic space in the gaming scene thanks to their ability to mimic the real-world environment. For that, they provide some of the most immersive gameplay moments which leave every player yearning for the next chapter in the story. Fans of farming simulation games have created a soft spot for GIANTS Software, thanks to the developer's consistent effort to release some of the most remarkable titles in the genre. 

The year 2024 seems no different, with the creators already dropping their newest addition, Farming Simulator Kids. Here’s a quick Farming Simulator vs Farming Simulator Kids comparison of the two GIANTS Software’s works. 

What is Farming Simulator?

Farming Simulator 22 - Cinematic Trailer | PS5, PS4

If you fancy life in the countryside, Giants Software has the perfect simulation video game that will give you a firsthand experience just from the comfort of your couch. Farming Simulator is a long-running series of farming simulation video game that have premiered since 2008 with Farming Simulator 2008

The game immerses players in a thrilling agricultural adventure as a modern farmer with various farming activities. Try your hand at wheat, cotton, potato, and corn farming with hundreds of farm tools and equipment from real brands. For those who love livestock rearing, you can keep your favorite animals, including bees, in Farming Simulator 22

What is Farming Simulator Kids?

🚜 Farming Simulator Kids Now Available!🌻

Experience the cozy farm life with Farming Simulator Kids. Though designed for kids and made pretty much kid-friendly, the game is fun, easy to play, and suitable for all ages. The game launched on March 26, 2024, to become the newest farming simulation games collection addition. Like Farming Simulator, Farming Simulator Kids is still a GIANTS Software work that combines the education, adventure, and simulation genres. 

The game offers players multiple map locations to explore and a variety of activities to try besides farming. It’s a perfect way to help kids experience the importance of agriculture as they accomplish different missions in the fascinating virtual soil.


Preparing fields for farming

In Farming Simulator, players take the role of a modern farmer in the American and European environments. On the vast farm, you can grow your crops, breed livestock, and sell your produce for money. You can even explore new unexploited fields to expand your farming activities. New locations will unlock a fresh variety of crops to grow, so you only have to pick what to venture in and start farming. The farming equipment and machinery will help you maneuver the farm works easily, and you can always upgrade them once you earn from your harvest. 

Players also encounter occasional missions as they farm, which they can complete for monetary rewards. Each mission is dynamically generated and involves farming activities like fertilizing crops, mowing grass, or delivering items.

With Farming Simulator Kids, the Farming Simulator universe extends to a whole new level. Players engage in unforgettable farming moments with various farm equipment and machinery. Watch your tiny farmers at home milk happy cows, plant different crops, and harvest. You will marvel at the yellow and green tractors and harvesters cutting through the lands full of life and color. Unlike the missions in Farming Simulator, the kids-focused game sets players free in an adventure of the land. Discover exciting agricultural activities in the farmhouse, the market, or the exquisitely designed garden. You will also encounter a series of minigames with simple but intuitive tasks that advance players’ logical thinking. 

Game Modes

Farming Simulator vs Farming Simulator Kids

Career mode is Farming Simulator’s basic gameplay mode. In this mode, you will simply take on the farming roles without the more advanced and epic activities in other game modes. As players progress through the series to the latest releases, they can find new modes like the Bale Stacking and Arena modes. The advanced modes support multiplayer gameplay. In Bale Stacking, you will quickly and carefully stack boxes onto a trailer with a countdown to break other players’ high scores. The Arena mode makes the playthrough even more captivating, with players pit into teams and competing to harvest wheat, pack it into bales, and move them to the barn. 

With Farming Simulation Kids, players only explore the game in four environments. Catch the thrill in the farmhouse’s multiple rooms, the expansive barn with the livestock, the farmland, and the market as players trade their harvests. 


Farming Simulator vs Farming Simulator Kids

Farming Simulator is quite feature-rich, with updates and additions coming with each release. You can always expect the next installation to have new and exciting gameplay additions, including more game content. From hundreds of farm machinery and tens of manufacturer brands to more precise farmland activities like mulching and stone picking. Furthermore, the continuous updates and new installments ensure players experience an ever-evolving Farming Simulator gameplay experience. 

Farming Simulator Kids also does a pretty good job for a new release. For its audience, the game has all the good features for a remarkable playthrough. You will marvel at the colorful visuals bound to hook young players right from the start. The gameplay mechanics are very simple but interactive enough for young audiences, from driving the farm vehicles to gardening and making a vast array of food items, including sandwiches. Players also meet plenty of loveable characters as they explore the map’s multiple locations. 


Farming Simulator

GIANTS Software is making significant strands in the international gaming scene with its farming simulation games genre. With a long-standing series in the genre, the video game developer portrays its mastery of the space with exciting releases, with the latest entry, Farming Simulation Kids, a standing testimony. The game comes quite close in competition with the hailed Farming Simulator series. With only the first release in March 2024, fans can only look out for what’s coming. 

For now, Farming Simulator delivers a more immersive gameplay. Players who’ve been following up on the series can agree on GIANTS Software’s noteworthy developments. From the game content, features, and modes to the general gameplay mechanics that make it an iconic simulation video game.

So, what’s your take on our Farming Simulation vs Farming Simulation Kids comparison? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments. 

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