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Fae Farm: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Fae Farm is arguably one of the coziest farming and life simulation games we’ve had the pleasure of working with for months, which essentially makes a list like this all the more enjoyable to chalk up and blabber on about. That said, for those who’ve yet to throw themselves into the quaint and idyllic farmland and take a few swings at cultivating its roots, it’s certainly worth brushing up on a few additional pointers before sowing the seeds, so to speak. Fear not, though, because we’ve just the remedy for that.

If, by chance, you have just picked up a copy of Fae Farm and aren’t entirely sure what to do with it, then be sure to read on for a few quick tips. Need we say more? Here’s everything you need to know about reaping the fruits of your labor in Fae Farm in 2023.

5. Broaden Your Social Network

As soon as you’re able to roam the vast open world in its entirety, you’re going to want to broaden that social circle of yours. In other words, develop sturdy friendships with three townies, in particular, who will not only prove useful during your richest endeavors, but also expand your toolkit and give each of your key items the frequent upgrade. To give you an idea of who to befriend, you’ll want to explore three key locations on the map: The Bay, West Town, and Stay-A-While Bay. To reach these areas in less time, you can set up a network of Fast Travel points by crafting the appropriate Seal and placing it upon a nearby pedestal.

As for the three key acquaintances you’ll need to befriend, there’s Cinder, a jack-of-all-trades villager who has the power to upgrade your tools; Mel, who can upgrade your net; and Eddy, who can increase the sturdiness of your fishing rod. In order to progress further into the story and tackle tougher quests and dungeons, you’ll need to have upgraded all of these primary tools — so do yourself a favor and keep tabs on the trio from time to time.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Stockpile

As you come to progress deeper and deeper into the story, you’ll notice that collecting resources, such as gemstones, crops, and general ores, is a great way to flip a quick profit. However, it is worth pointing out that a lot of quests often require dozens of ingredients to complete, so it’s always best to keep a set amount of each item for quest purposes.

As you begin your journey, you’ll come across a number of items, including ores, gemstones, and sand dollars. If you can help it, aim to keep as much of each item as possible, and only sell the excess stock for mandatory tool upgrades when you eventually meet Cinder, Mel, and Eddy. In other words — don’t get greedy; fill your inventory up and lug it around with you, instead.

3. Play the Field

Romancing villagers in Fae Farm certainly isn’t an overnight ordeal. In fact, charming and winning over any one particular citizen can actually take a great deal of time; episodes that translate into lengthy dialogue segments and fetch quests. However, at no point will you have to devote yourself to just one person, as the game itself allows for you to sow several seeds all at once, and then gradually water each one over several in-game days.

What’s good about Fae Farm is that you can work through numerous friendship quests at once, rather than tiptoe through the same thread until it has reached its conclusion. Knowing this will help to take that weight off your shoulders, and, with a little luck, provide you with more freedom to play the field and get to know the residents before making one of them your dearly beloved.

2. Don’t Tank Dungeons

Dungeons in Fae Farm will churn out various valuable resources and other useful items, so you’ll definitely want to work through them in your spare time. Having said that, you shouldn’t aim to stomp through each of their layers in one fell swoop, as arrogance will only lead to an early defeat; your health and stamina gauges just aren’t built to withstand a certain amount of pressure. To tackle the weight, you’ll want to scrape away at each layer and set up Seals along the way, which will provide you with various access portals to return to.

For the sake of keeping a lid on your health, you’ll want to tackle Dungeons only when you have enough resources and Seals to spare. In other words, don’t step up to the plate if you simply lack the bat to swing for a home run.

1. Grow Flowers for Spare Cash

One of the very first things you’ll need to do in Fae Farm, surprise surprise, is plant a few seeds. However, seeing as the most profitable plants and ingredients won’t be popping up for a fair while, you’ll want to settle for something smaller — if only to generate a passive income for the sake or upgrading your tools and acquiring raw materials for meals and other items. This is where flowers come in — as each one tends to uproot on a frequent basis, allowing you to pick them and fork them over for a quick buck.

As soon as you’ve found your feet in the world, you’ll want to start planting Flower Soil Beds around the map. If you can help it, try and plant as many flowers as possible, as these will always give you a little spare change and keep you ticking over between Dungeons and other quests. Don’t sweat it, though — flowers are only the beginning; the bigger bits and bobs tend to uproot much later on in the story.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Fae Farm newcomers? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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