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Fae Farm: Best Dating & Marriage Tips



So, you fancy yourself as a bride or groom in the whimsical world of Azoria, do you? Well, you’re in luck, as Fae Farm actually has six like-minded individuals knocking about, all of whom share the same dream to wed their dearly beloveds after just a few short lovey-dovey dates. Having said that, earning each of their chosen tokens of affection won’t come easy — so you’ll definitely have your work cut out for you if you’re intending to stay on the network for the long haul.

Still interested? In that case, let’s crack on and sift through each of the six eligible candidates who are currently available to date and marry. Need advice on how to capture their hearts and seal the deal? Here’s everything you should know before starting out.


Although there are only six potential partners in Fae Farm, several of them can only be identified by reaching a certain point in the main storyline. Therefore, before you go settling down with the first creature or human you meet, it’s best to progress to a key point in the story; removing the whirlpools, for example, reveals new potential candidates. It’s also worth noting that, technically, you can date several people at once, though you can only tie the knot with just the one.

To start dating someone in Fae Farm, you’ll first need to meet them, after which you can visit them on a daily basis, and in turn offer them gifts and get to know their habits. Once you’ve successfully managed to boost the bond level, you’ll receive an invitation to start dating them. Again, you’ll need to spend several days chipping away at each of their friendship levels in order to progress. In other words, don’t expect to find the love of your life overnight; romancing your future partner can be a rather lengthy journey.

Of course, one of the easiest and quickest ways to get noticed in Fae Farm is by offering the right gifts to the right people. Fact is, as every suitor has a particular interest or craving, you’ll need to converse with them enough to be able to identify the correct item and have them reach out to you. And while their preferences tend to change on a regular basis, you’ll find that, at least for the most part, they’ll stick to a certain theme, i.e. food, treasure, or floral tributes.

Romancing Guide

For the sake of making the path of finding love a little less cumbersome, we’ve gone ahead and broken down the best gift ideas for each of the six candidates.

  • Argyle 

Argyle is one of the first humans you’ll meet in Azoria, and also one of the only frog-loving villagers you’ll encounter in all of Fae Farm. Knowing this, and how his entire life revolves around frogspawn and other pond creatures, will give you a clear idea of the sorts of gifts that’ll boost your friendship level. Ideally, you’ll want to give either a Common Toad, or Frog Sweat, as a gift.

  • Pepper

As the name suggests, Pepper is a lover of all things food-based, so your best bet here would be to offer either cooked meals, or even raw ingredients, such as Flour, Berry Jam, or Nut Butter, as a daily gift.

  • Galan

Galan is a warrior at heart, so you’ll need to use protein and other meats or cooked meals to get her attention. In most cases, you’ll find that Scrambled Eggs, Jerky, and Candy Corn are the best gift options.

  • Pyria

She may be a bit of a dark horse and stuck in her own ways, but with the right guidance (and not to mention the correct gifts), nearly anyone can romance Pyria. For the sake of keeping to the point, though, we’ll just say this: Pyria adores her flowers, specially black ones.

  • Jack

Lumberjack Jack isn’t exactly tough to woo in Fae Farm, though handing him any form of Lumber or Fruit product does boost his fondness of you a lot quicker than any other gift idea. Why Fruit and Lumber? Who knows.

  • Nhamashal 

Nhamashal is definitely one of the trickiest candidates to win over, mainly down to the fact that the Fae’s second love affair is with rare gemstones and other valuable materials. If you have the jewels to hand, though, then definitely consider offering them up in exchange for a major level upgrade.

Marriage Guide

In order to get married in Fae Farm, you’ll need to reach the friendship level of either Fiancé or Fiancée, which can be achieved by communicating with your chosen spouse, giving them gifts, and completing side quests. Once you’ve reached the wedlock phase, you’ll be able to pay a one-time fee of 10,000 gold florins for a wedding.

It is worth pointing out that, while there are only six candidates to choose from, several of them won’t actually want to go through with a big wedding. Don’t fret, though, as you’ll still be able to make them your spouse and reap all the same benefits. It’ll also save you 10,000 gold florins, too — so there’s that.

Benefits & Co-Op

As it currently stands, there are little to zero benefits to marriage in Fae Farm. Matter of fact, once you’ve completed all of the available friendship quests and officially tied the knot, you won’t need to do anything more with your chosen spouse. For the sake of keeping up with appearances, however, they will stay within close range of your home — so you’ll always be able to keep tabs on them.

On a side note, if you do decide to romp through Fae Farm in co-op mode, then you’ll need to decide on the partners before committing to the story, as it’s only one NPC per player.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Fae Farm newcomers? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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