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Dynasty Warriors 10: 5 Features We’re Holding Out For



Dynasty Warriors 10 has officially been given the greenlight, meaning it's only a matter of time before we're cooped up for yet another telling of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. With that, we'd best start pouring out our honest opinions on its previous tale, and how the series could improve with one or two major tweaks.

The last we saw of Dynasty Warriors was when it dropped its ninth instalment, which introduced an open-world setting for the first time since the series' creation. The question is, will Omega Force stick to its guns and pursue the wider canvas, or revert back to its former glory, a time when smaller stages dominated the forefront? Whatever the case, we can't help but pitch in on the things we'd want to see in the next leg of the journey.

5. Bring life to an open world

While we don't exactly blame Omega Force for trying out an open-world setting to keep up with the times, we do have to raise a few unpopular opinions on the world it did bring to life. The fact of the matter is, it lacked any form of soul and vigor, and was instead just an uninspired barren wasteland with very little to flesh out its borders.

Let's say Dynasty Warriors 10 keeps the open world, then Omega Force will need to do a lot more to keep its players from shelving it after barely scratching the surface of the campaign. We're talking populated settlements, talkative NPCs, and enough side quests to keep weary travelers from following one path and one path only. And if that can't be done, then hey, perhaps it'd be better if the series returned to its compressed frame. At least that would remove the possibility of aimlessly patrolling an isolated world in search of breadcrumbs. Right?


4. Character progression

Outside of the Empires spin-off series, players have never really been able to create and develop a character. At least, not with all of the options and tools that you'd find in most role-playing games, anyway. Instead, it has always been an afterthought for Omega Force, as its primary focus rests not with fictional heroes, but historical figures that conjured the Three Kingdoms saga way back when.

For us, we'd love nothing more than to create a standard footsoldier for the sake of being able to blossom under our own terms. Implement a progression system with soldier ranks, skill trees, and personalized Musou attacks, and the story would quickly spiral into a much more immersive experience. Of course, stand by the usual Three Kingdoms jargon, but give players the option to forge their own paths—without having overused officers shoveling the same old spiel down their throats. Is that too much to ask? I mean, meh.


3. Evolve the city-building aspect

Dynasty Warriors has only ever really nibbled the surface when it comes to exploring its city-building elements, though it's clear there is some fascination with it. The main problem, of course, is that it has never really gone far enough to be considered anything more than a hobby, and Omega Force clearly isn't aware of the potential such elements have if they were to be unraveled.

As much as we have enjoyed being able to construct an odd building in a base camp every once in a while, the itch to build more has never really departed. But, should Omega experiment with its options a little more, then there could quite easily be another dozen or more hours of playtime, right there. That isn't us saying it should be the next Sim City, but bundling in the ability to forge a kingdom of your own would definitely compliment the world.


2. Multiplayer

Outside of Dynasty Warriors: Online, Omega has never really capitalized on the multiplayer market, though many would argue that its offline status is the reason for its overwhelming success. That said, after countless ventures through the same old tale, we'd definitely be up for exploring a new world, one that sees players clashing with one another for land, power, and status.

Let's say the options to create your own character and kingdom come into play, then being able to thrash it out with other players would only work wonders for those who want to branch out from the standard story mode and dabble in rougher tides. Invade other kingdoms, forge alliances, or just tackle the Yellow Turban Rebellion alongside a friend in an online campaign. You know, anything to remove the feeling of being isolated and left out to dry.


1. Bring back bodyguards

Granted, the best thing about hack and slash video games is that you never really need to put in that much effort to start seeing results. It's more or less the same case of mashing a couple of buttons until a foe is down for the count, and then embarking on an endless rinse and repeat motion until the victor has been decided. And so, why would anyone really need an assistant out on the battlefield—especially to someone who can eliminate thousands of enemy soldiers without boarding so much as a scratch in return? Well, that's just it.

We can't pretend that playing the primary death-bringer doesn't bring us endless amounts of joy, because it does. That said, we actually enjoyed the idea of having bodyguards once upon a time, though the series never really explored it all that well in past instalments. And so, if given the opportunity in future, we'd definitely be open to employing some lackeys to take under our wing, if only to use to fetch leftover dumplings from Lu Bu's battered corpse.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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