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Clash Royale: check out important tips from Supercell’s mobile game

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The main objective, in most games, is to perform well and achieve the desired victory. In Clash Royale, Supercell's card game available for Android and iOS, it's no different. The game requires users to make quick decisions with or without using small tricks to succeed. In addition to a sequence of matches, you must have a lot of knowledge and patience when choosing the best strategy. Check out tips and see how to improve performance within Clash Royale matches.

Controlling the elixir

The elixir is the main factor that allows players to use spells and launch strong troops and units in the game. As all cards have a so-called cost and it also takes time for the elixir to regenerate, it is of utmost importance that there is a balance between what is generated and what is spent, even though there is a desire to throw cards at all. instant. Therefore, it is enough to attack the opponent with cards that cost a lesser amount of elixir than those used by him, making the respective player last longer and more likely to win the duel.

Being aware of the control of the elixir is fundamental in battles. (Image: Clash Royale)

Of course, most users like to keep strong cards in play at all times, but it is important to plan to always have some elixir in reserve. Otherwise, the player will be waiting without being able to defend himself and will lose a lot of time in the battle. Therefore, it is essential to understand the rational logic of the elixir economy to be successful in matches.

Build an unbeatable deck

After learning and understanding how cards work, building a very specific and balanced deck is essential to the winning intentions in the game. If the player can master a set of cards, he will automatically know how to use them to win battles. In this way, the user can copy successful decks shared in the clan and remember cards that he did not like to use in order not to repeat in the next games, giving chances to others.

Keeping the combination of cards from the deck that wins the most is the best choice. (Image: Clash Royale)

The priority must always be the mix between choosing faster cards, with a good performance against aerial enemies, tower destroyers and those specialized in defense. When combining the aforementioned options, it is unlikely that the user will run out of “cards up his sleeve” if something does not go as planned.

Join a clan

Joining a clan is one of the best choices for the user to evolve in the game. Counting on the help of other members is essential to expand the card deck, with the following advantages: competition between clan members, sharing of strategies, techniques and decks that have worked in other battles, in addition to the possibility of improving the level of king with donations and letter receipts.

Although there is an alternative to creating your own clan, the choice in question is not considered profitable because of the high value of gold. Therefore, the best decision is to search for a group that already exists and gain experience in an accelerated way from the beginning, watching the games and asking clan members for tips.

Position troops and accumulate wealth

In the possibility of erroneously positioning troops, they are more likely to be defeated by enemy troops. Therefore, a good strategy is to attract opposing troops to the center, causing them to be surrounded by the user's own troops, who will have a greater chance of defeating them. In addition, another interesting tip involves the removal of the respective troops, placing them away from each other so that they are not all hit at the same time, which allows the user to save time and thus win the game.

In Clash Royale, it is possible to obtain riches such as gems and gold. As they are more difficult to obtain, gems should not be spent quickly and, in some cases, it is worth using them to buy gold in order to evolve cards that will be more efficient against opponents. Gold, on the other hand, is awarded only during battles or finding chests, which, in this case, is the best chance for those who are starting and need to evolve more easily.

Evolve the cards

When the user obtains chests with some additional cards, it is possible to improve and make them stronger to reach higher levels. The cost of updating a card increases each time it is done, but the effort is worth it because it tends to improve the player's overall rating. Also, if you get an epic card, you need to consider whether it is time to change your strategy.

Improving the cards will make the user have a stronger deck. (Image: Clash Royale)

Distract the opponent

Despite being a somewhat underestimated trick, distracting your opponent in order to destroy enemy towers is a strategy that usually works. For example, there are good cards for distraction like Bomb Tower, Cannon or cheaper ones. As soon as the player launches this type of card, the troops of the respective opponent are distracted trying to fight against themselves.

Cards like Bomb Tower and Cannon are good examples of cost-effectiveness to distract opponents. (Image: Clash Royale)

Watch the best players on TV Royale

Prestigious experienced players in action is one of the best ways to learn how to play. In particular, Clash Royale has its own TV, called TV Royale, making it unnecessary to search for online stream channels. In this case, TV Royale presents the battles between the ranking players and the highest levels of the game. In addition, the main differential of the channel is the use of the game's own engine, reducing the use of the data connection.

The difference of TV Royale is the use of the game's own engine. (Image: Clash Royale)

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