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Candy Rangers: Everything We Know

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Candy Rangers

In the past month, we were treated to a buffet of zombies thanks to the 90s arcade on-rails shooter game Railbreak. The game did an excellent job of rekindling a flame once set ablaze by the Shoot 'em Up games that defined the '90s era. But now we have a new kid on the block. 

Candy Rangers is a brand new on-rails game with a sweet twist. You control four players instead of one. It takes you through different worlds with a Candy Crush vibe. We've searched all the nooks and crannies for an exclusive sneak peek. Here's everything we know about the upcoming Candy Rangers. 

What is Candy Rangers?

Candy fighting

Candy Rangers is an upcoming isometric on-rails shooter by developer Mechano and publisher JanduSoft. The game thwarts you in a colorful world where you'll fight off adversaries, not as one character but as four. You'll step in the shoes of four sisters, Mint, Lemon, Candy, and Plum. With a keen eye, the characters are pretty much the same, with slight variations. But for purposes of distinguishing them, they each have different hair colors and targets. This will come in handy, as you'll see later on. The quadruplet's mission is to rid their world of creatures looking to destroy their environment and earn a buck while at it. 

“Race against time in this brand new on-rails shooter where you control 4 characters at once,” reads the Steam description.


Mint, Lemon, Candy, and Plum

Despite being an on-rail shooter, there are few details on the storyline. All we know is that the sisters must restore the tranquil nature of their environment by warding off enemies. We don't have any background on their origins or why they are the chosen four. But it certainly doesn't make any difference, considering the game's linear approach. It's pretty much like an arcade game where the details don't matter as long as you get a high score and overcome obstacles.




Gameplay-wise, you should expect to jump into a familiar on-rails scenario. In short, you'll be doing plenty of shooting to rack up enough points for the scoreboard. The game only features a single-player mode but comes with a replayability tag. So, if you don't hit the high score in the first round, you can dive back in again. 

What’s more, the enemies come in various formations; thankfully, each sister packs a unique punch. Mint shoots bullets vertically, Candy shoots sideways, Plum shoots back and forth, and Lemon knocks them out in diagonal patterns. Since you won't be controlling the character's forward movement, your eyes will be glued to the enemies as they approach. As alluded to earlier, the target is color-coded for your convenience, making it easier to know which character to use depending on the direction. 

Besides shooting enemies, you'll need to clear obstacles from your path. A closed wooden gate may seem to keep you from your destiny, but shooting the targets on its frame opens the gate. It might be a linear game, but you may need to jump at certain points to hook onto the zip lines that get you across various platforms. 

As ingenious as it is, the demo seemed to have glitches, especially when trying to attach to a zip line. However, being an early release demo, we can forgive this, hoping the full release will be glitch-free. 

Moreover, the game literally takes the “on-rails” concept, throwing railroad paths your way. The team gets split in two, hopping onto train carts for a wild ride. But there's no leisure here—keep those peepers peeled for enemies coming from all directions. It adds a whole new layer to the high-stakes scenario, with looped pathways and enemies swooping in unexpectedly. 



If you haven't taken a plunge into the creative space of Mechano's work, you're not alone. Candy Rangers marks Mechano's inaugural venture as an individual developer. Adri Villa, alias. Mechano, describes himself as a freelance general artist and game developer, with Candy Rangers showcasing his diverse skills. Taking on key roles in programming, graphics, and game design, Mechano is the driving force behind the game's development. At the same time, Banboo Studio lends its expertise to the logo and vector graphics. Felipe Marques from PawsuMusic adds a melodic touch to the gaming experience. Marques has left his mark in gaming with notable contributions to Sonic Frontiers

Despite being a newcomer to the scene, Mechano has found a formidable ally in JanduSoft, a studio with a stellar reputation for publishing and porting games to consoles. JanduSoft boasts an impressive portfolio, with iconic titles like Finis, Alchemy Garden, The Creepy Syndrome, and Caveman Warriors under their belt. With this seasoned backing, Mechano's debut creation is poised to make waves in the gaming world, showcasing the synergy of a promising developer and an esteemed publisher.


Candy Rangers | Announcement Trailer

Are you eager to see how this game looks? Well, you are in luck. Mechano lifted the veil over its production despite the game being a long way in its development. The trailer showcases much of the gameplay and stylized graphics. Need we say more? You can catch a glimpse of what's to come in the upcoming on-rails shooter in the video embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions


Candy Rangers is slated to launch exclusively for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. However, a precise date has yet to be communicated by the developers. The game will launch in Q4 2024. Much of the game's information is in the wind, and the same goes for its launch editions. We'll have to keep you posted on that. 

Are you interested in staying up-to-date with Candy Ranger ahead of its release? If so, be sure to check in with Mechano for all the latest developments via their official social handle here. If anything changes before its debut, we'll be sure to fill you in on all the key details on

So, what's your take? Will you pick up a copy of Candy Ranger when it arrives on Steam and other platforms later this year? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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