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Beyond Galaxyland: Everything We Know



Characters face a giant robotic head in Beyond Galaxyland's futuristic setting

Have you ever wondered what lies beyond our galaxy? What if you could embark on an adventure across the stars, traversing extraordinary worlds filled with captivating characters and epic battles? Imagine being whisked away just moments before Earth's destruction, only to find yourself in a zoo-like solar system teeming with mystery and danger. Such is the premise of the upcoming game, Beyond Galaxyland. But what exactly can players expect from this intergalactic journey? How will it blend classic RPG elements with modern gameplay mechanics? And who are the masterminds behind this cosmic caper? Here's everything we know about Beyond Galaxyland.

What is Beyond Galaxyland?

Characters stand before a large statue in a mystical forest

Beyond Galaxyland is an upcoming 2.5D adventure RPG set in a colorful, retro-futuristic universe. The game promises a thrilling journey across a solar system filled with unique, zoo-like planets. Players will follow Doug, a high-schooler who finds himself in Galaxyland, a fantastical realm inspired by classic sci-fi movies. This setting combines nostalgic pixel art with detailed environments, creating a fresh and modern experience.

The developers describe this game as “a bold new take on the classic sci-fi caper,” offering a mix of excitement, danger, and friendship. They aim to put players right in the centre of the action, with a story that includes laughter, loss, and peril. The game's vibrant worlds range from icy plains to neon-lit cities and tropical jungles, each designed to feel unique and immersive. And with its dazzling neon pixels, Beyond Galaxyland aims to captivate players both visually and emotionally.


A person and pet explore a futuristic city with neon lights

In Beyond Galaxyland, you take on the role of Doug, a high school student who suddenly finds himself transported to a strange and vibrant solar system known as Galaxyland just moments before a cosmic force called The End destroys Earth. This new world consists of various unique planets, each with its own environment and challenges. Although Galaxyland initially seems beautiful and peaceful, Doug quickly discovers that it harbors hidden dangers and secrets. As he explores teeming jungles, neon-lit cities, and vast deserts, Doug must uncover the truth behind Galaxyland and find a way to save Earth.

However, Doug is not alone on this journey. He is joined by his pet guinea pig, Boom Boom, who can wield a gun, and MartyBot, a friendly robot. Together, they face numerous challenges and make new friends along the way. Each planet they visit reveals more about the dark mysteries of Galaxyland and the threat posed by The End. Doug's quest is a mix of action, discovery, and building friendships, all while racing against time to save his home planet. The story is about much more than just saving Earth; it's also about Doug's personal growth and the bonds he forms with his companions.


Characters navigate a neon-lit futuristic cityscape in Beyond Galaxyland

In Beyond Galaxyland, players will experience a rich blend of exploration, combat, and strategy. The game features an active turn-based combat system, where battles against various galactic enemies require careful planning. Each party member will have unique abilities, and players can expect to use a feature that allows them to scan enemies before battles. This will help uncover the enemies' strengths and weaknesses.

That said, exploring the many planets in Beyond Galaxyland will be a major part of the gameplay. Players will traverse a visually stunning universe with diverse environments, including the icy plains of Arcos, the tropical jungles of Erros, the neon-lit cities of Neo, and the arid sand dunes of Xalm. Each planet will offer its own quests, puzzles, and characters, providing a unique experience as players uncover secrets and solve challenges.

The game's world design will pay tribute to classic sci-fi adventures, featuring a semi-open 2.5D world filled with laughter, loss, peril, and friendship. As mentioned above, the story will blend nostalgic elements with modern gameplay, ensuring a captivating adventure. The neon-tastic pixel art style will provide a visually striking backdrop for Doug's journey through Galaxyland.

In addition to this, epic boss battles will be a key highlight, with 25 formidable bosses for players to defeat. These battles will include colossal space dragons, flesh-eating flowers, and the bionic behemoth known as Nexus Mind. Additionally, players will have the ability to capture and use enemies during battles. Overall, this game will offer a mix of strategic combat, rich exploration, and a heartfelt narrative. Players can look forward to a game that combines nostalgic charm with innovative gameplay, set in a vibrant and diverse universe.


Spaceships and planets float in a fantastical outer space

Beyond Galaxyland is being developed by indie developer Sam Enright. He has a deep love for classic turn-based RPGs from the mid and late-1990s, like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VII. Enright says, “I wanted to make a game that felt uniquely cinematic, while being within a familiar genre. I hope when gamers play it they’ll appreciate how its pacing will often feel closer to a movie than a videogame.” His goal is to combine the charm of old-school RPGs with a fresh, modern twist.

The game is published by United Label Games, which helps ensure high quality and a wide reach. Enright is very passionate about the story and characters. He shared, “Doug, Boom Boom, and MartyBot’s adventures across and beyond Galaxyland is a very personal tale to me, and I can’t wait for people to experience their intergalactic story!” So, this personal touch and enthusiasm are likely to make Beyond Galaxyland a special game in the adventure RPG genre.


Beyond Galaxyland - Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

The announcement trailer for Beyond Galaxyland provides a thrilling glimpse into its vibrant universe, introducing us to the game’s captivating story, diverse worlds, and unique characters. So, if you haven't watched it yet, do watch the video embedded above for a sneak peek into this epic intergalactic adventure.

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

A warrior confronts a giant mechanical creature in an arena

A specific release date for Beyond Galaxyland has not been announced yet, but it is slated to launch across multiple platforms. Players can look forward to exploring Galaxyland on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Details regarding the special editions are still forthcoming. In the meantime, you can follow the official social media channels of the publisher here for updates.

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