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Best Weapons, Armor & Perks in South Park: The Stick of Truth (2023)

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone's South Park: The Stick of Truth is just about ready to commemorate its tenth anniversary, which can mean only one thing: a good old-fashioned replay is well and truly in order right about now. Just as well, because a list detailing the best weapons, armor, and Perks hasn't been compiled in just shy of a decade or so now. And on that note, if you're looking to make a grand return to the quiet mountain town of South Park, then be sure to read on. Here are the best weapons, outfits, and Perks in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

Best Melee Weapon: Sweet Katana

There's no doubt about it — the easiest and most efficient way to cut down the students and various atrocities of South Park is by wielding the Sweet Katana, a ludicrously overpowered melee weapon that boasts the highest damage output in the entire campaign. Stacked with a 1350 – 1875 (x3) strength node, the endgame sword also offers Rend, a side effect that lets its wielder destroy 200 Armor on any Perfect Attack. You can purchase the blade for $75 from Jimbo's Guns in the northwest part of town. Note that you need to be Level 14 to be able to equip it.

Best Ranged Weapon: Chakram

After you've successfully managed to recruit The Girls to your cause, you'll have access to the Pleases & Sparkles store. If you can access this, then there is only one item of value you'll need to purchase: the Chakram, a boomerang-type weapon that deals 500 (x6) damage on up to six targets simultaneously. The only downside to this is that, unlike a lot of ranged weapons that can be used in 1v1 battles, the Chakram can only be put to use when three or more enemies are on the battlefield. Other than that, though, you can't really fault it.

Best Outfit: Crab Outfit

Once you've learned Nagasaki on Day 3, you'll find yourself equipped with the tools needed to bypass the boulder down in the sewers beneath the Theatre. Once there, you will stumble upon a Crab Person, as well as a three-piece collection of some of the best armor in all of South Park stashed away in a treasure chest. Fortunately, other than a basic fart-related puzzle, not a whole lot is needed to be able to get your paws on the Crab Outfit. And that's a pretty great deal, what with it boasting the highest overall armor stats in the entire game. Double up and throw in some quality armor-boosting Strap-Ons, and you've got yourself some bulletproof, bombproof, and fartproof threads.

Best Perks

Perks, while not essential to beat the game, can certainly boost your stats and help get you out of some sticky situations, i.e. those tricky boss fights that pop up from time to time. The only way you can unlock these Perks, weirdly enough, is through social networking, and essentially making friends across South Park. Once you've made enough friends, you'll earn a set amount of Perk Points to unlock a variation of abilities. That said, if you're after the best Perks The Stick of Truth has to offer right off the bat, then aim to unlock the following five nodes just as soon as you befriend enough citizens.

Growing Boy – 20% HP Boost

Regardless of the difficulty setting you choose, the Growing Boy Perk will surely come in handy during any battle you encounter, both in the beginning and after the credits have rolled. So, the moment you get your first point, be sure to spend it on increasing your overall HP by 20% with this incredibly useful add-on.

Apprentice – 20% PP Boost

Secondly, you'll want to get your hands on a 20% PP boost, otherwise known as the Apprentice Perk. With this equipped, you'll be able to conjure stronger abilities and magics without draining the bar in a few seconds flat. So, if you're a spellcaster by trade, then be sure to spend your Perk Points wisely by getting ahold of the Apprentice node.

Mauler – Additional Melee Damage 

If you've selected the Fighter class, then you'll no doubt lean more towards melee-based combat than ranged. If that's the case, then the best Perk you could possibly get your hands on is the Mauler node—a Perk that boosts your overall attack power when using any melee weapon. Simple, but oh so effective.

Marksman – Additional Ranged Damage 

The Marksman Perk is similar to the Mauler node, only if favors ranged attack power over melee. Needless to say that if you've selected a class that utilizes ranged weapons over anything else, then this should be your go-to Perk just as soon as you make your first batch of friends.

Fight or Flight – Damage Boost When Critically Injured 

If you've decided to go with a tougher difficulty setting, then you'll no doubt come across plenty of tricky battles during your time in and around South Park. Fortunately, there is a Perk that quite simply lets you turn the tide on your opponents when ready to bow out. Thanks to the Fight or Flight node, your attacks can be made twice as effective when your HP has reached a critical point. So, if you're one for playing closer to the edge, then be sure to give yourself an extra life with this guardian angel of a Perk.

Strap-Ons & Patches

Strap-Ons and Patches are additional stat-boosting components that can be equipped with any modifiable melee, ranged, or cosmetic item in your inventory. You can obtain these by looting treasure chests, completing quests, and defeating enemies around South Park. Depending on the class you've decided to stick with, Strap-Ons and Patches can vary in value and importance. To play it safe, aim to harvest Strap-Ons that add Frost, Fire, or Gross damage; the higher the level and rarity, the more likely your enemy is to succumb to its side effects.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our best weapons, outfits, and Perks in South Park: The Stick of Truth? Are there any tips you'd like to recommend to newcomers? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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