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5 Best Upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor



Best Upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

With hoards of menacing monsters attacking from all sides, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor can be quite challenging. Notably, while the characters can get through Hazard Level 1, they are ill-equipped to survive higher levels. Fortunately, you can upgrade your characters in a dozen ways to make them better fighters and more efficient miners.

Overall, you can unlock 12 upgrades, and each upgrade imparts different abilities to your character. Notably, each upgrade costs credits and other resources, and each upgrade category has 12 levels. As such, it is important to invest in the most helpful customizations before depleting your resources. Here is an overview of the five best upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

5. Pocket Magnets

Pocket Magnets

You need experience points (EXP) to level up your characters, upgrading their abilities in the process. Like most games in the genre, you can pick up EXP from dead enemies when you move close to them and press certain keys on your control. However, collecting EXP points using this method requires you to move around and cover a larger surface area, increasing the risk of running into monsters.

Fortunately, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor offers the Pocket Magnets upgrade for this reason. This upgrade increases the pickup radius by a significant percentage. In turn, players are able to collect more EXP points from longer distances without bumping into the colossal beasts.

To unlock the Pocket Magnets, players need a savings of Jadiz and credits. With such an investment, players receive a pickup radius increment of 4% for each level and up to 48% for all 12 levels. And if the savings seem substantial, you can compliment the pocket magnet effects by including the Faster Learner upgrade. This upgrade category increases the EXP you gain from each objective or dead enemy, enabling you to level up faster.

4. Mining 101

 Best Upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

Understandably, some players in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor don’t care about mining at all. Moreover, you can get through the entire game with minimal mining activity. However, mining is the best way to get the resources you need for permanent upgrades and overall strong builds. For example, you can use Gold and Niter to buff your characters in between different stages. To this end, the Mining 101 upgrade is essential to increase your mining speed.

Besides digging for crucial resources, Mining 101 is also a strategic upgrade with several other benefits. For starters, you can increase your mining speed to break through walls easily when escaping swarms of Glyphids to avoid getting trapped. Additionally, you can dig through walls to create choke points, enabling you to trap Glyphids and kill them off quickly. Moreover, you can collect more EXP while also reducing your risk exposure.

The various upgrade levels in Mining 101 increase your mining speed by 1% to 2%. Overall, you need credits and Croppa to unlock the Mining 101 upgrade. Interestingly, this upgrade works especially well with mining-based classes like Driller.

3. Upgraded Armor

Upgraded Armor

Upgraded Armor helps reduce the amount of damage you sustain from attacks by Glyphids. It is an essential upgrade, considering the swarms of monsters baying for your blood. Notably, it is especially handy when playing a dodge-based class or build.

The Upgraded Armor upgrade can help keep you in the fight for longer, hopefully long enough to help you complete the objective. However, it is worth noting that no amount of armor can withstand the game’s sustained attacks, making a good offense essential. You need credits and Enor Pearls to unlock the Upgraded Armor upgrade. Notably, each upgrade level increases your armor’s strength by 2%, maxing out at 24%.

Interestingly, the First Aid Kit upgrade can help complement the Upgraded Armor upgrade. This upgrade enables your characters to regenerate their health by up to 12 points. Notably, each upgrade level offers only one Health Regen point and requires credits and Magnite to unlock. However, it is still worth noting that no amount of health regeneration can make you invisible in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

2. Heavy Bullets

Bullets effects on combat ground

A good offense is the best strategy for winning at Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. However, the basic weapons and combat skills are ineffective at higher Hazard Levels, necessitating an upgrade. To this end, the Heavy Bullets upgrade is highly recommendable.

The Heavy Bullets upgrade increases your damage output by 4% per level, maxing out at 52%. To this end, you can kill the Glyphids faster and more easily. Interestingly, this is a strategic upgrade, as you can collect more experience points and level up faster, making you increasingly lethal over time. Moreover, you can roam the map with more confidence, enabling you to collect more resources.

To this end, you will see a return on your investment throughout the game. Interestingly, you don’t need to max out the upgrade levels, as even three or four upgrades can make a substantial difference. You can unlock the upgrade using credits and Bismor.

Interestingly, the Heavy Bullets upgrade complements most other upgrade categories. Most notably, it works well with the Reload Speed upgrade, which reduces the downtime when reloading your weapons.

1. Me Lucky Charms


Upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor

A little bit of luck goes a long way in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Interestingly, luck can help you get impressive upgrades whenever you level up, improving your character in between runs. Notably, you can level up more than ten times per run, creating lots of opportunities for upgrades. To this end, the Me Lucky Charms upgrade is inarguably the most convenient and rewarding upgrade in the game.

Overall, Me Lucky Chance increases your likelihood of getting better mid-run weapons and rare player upgrades. For example, Critical Chance and Reload Speed upgrades are more common with Me Lucky Charms unlocked. Interestingly, this upgrade can save you lots of credits and other resources that you would spend on rare upgrades.

Unlocking the Me Lucky Charms upgrade increases your luck by 2% per upgrade level, maxing out at 24%. Notably, you need credits and Enor Pearls to unlock this upgrade.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the five best upgrades in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 

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