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5 Best Ship Blueprints in Skull & Bones

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Best Ship Blueprints in Skull & Bones

Being a pirate takes courage and wits. After acquiring them, you kick into the game and learn that a good ship is your best tool. Accompanied by impeccable armory, blueprint designs and the right weaponry, your victory will ultimately be at your side. Although you will have to unlock more designs as you advance, Skull & Bones offers a wide range of up to 30 ship options to players. And as many options there are, so are its blueprint designs. However, the blueprints are in-game. Therefore, you will have to find and collect materials to craft each ship. While it may sound tedious, it is another source of entertainment in the pirate game.

If you want to be a successive pirate, you must craft a perfect ship that can stand the challenges of the sea in Skull & Bones. Wondering where to begin? In this guide, we will discuss the best blueprints in the Skull and Bones and where to find each of them.

5. Rammer Bedar

Rammer Bedar

The Rammer Bedar is among the ships available to players at the beginning of their adventure in Skull and Bones. With its well-rounded features and capabilities, the Rammer Bedar proves reliable for starting your journey in the unpredictable seas of the game. Interestingly, the ship’s blueprint comes at a very cheap price of 660 silver, making it a cost-effective option for players. Alternatively, you can complete the seaworthy ship quest to access it.

Wondering where to find it? The Rammer Bedar can be found at Saint-Anne just after the game’s tutorial. Fortunately, as a good deal, you don’t require any rank to unlock the ship.  The ship is crafted from essential materials, including 20 Jute, 10 Acacia and 8 bog iron. Undoubtedly, the Rammer Bedar is an excellent choice for navigating the seas of Skull and Bones’ early stages. As the name goes, you can ram into enemies and deal some serious damage.

4. Van Guard Snow

Van Guard Snow

Van Guard Snow is one of the top-tier ships that players can access in the game. The ship can be accessed by completing the Nightfall Mission. Alternatively, once you reach Corsair rank, you can acquire its blueprints by purchasing them from the Khmoy Estate at a cost of 10560 silver.

Whether acquired through completion of the quest or with the Corsair, this ship offers an advantage to your gameplay. Notably, you must craft it with 13 ironwood, 12 Zinc Ingots, 12 Fine Abaca, 12 Juniper Plank and 2 Sheet Glasses. Similarly, no enemy can stand the attacks from the Vanguard Snow in the game thanks to its tenacity perk. The pack allows you to withstand damage for longer. If you seek dominance in the sea, then the Van Guard Snow is your go-to ship.

3. Pyromaniac Sambuk

Pyromaniac Sambuk

The Pyromaniac Sambuk is one of the most difficult blueprints to acquire in the game. Nothing from the black market can be easy to get hold of. So, you might need to put some effort into acquiring the blueprint. The ship’s blueprints are situated in the black market, and well, black market stuff comes at a cost. An expensive one, in this case. First and foremost, you must unlock the black market. Once you unlock it, you can purchase the blueprints at the black market or at the helm at the cost of 5000 pieces.

Once you’ve obtained the blueprint, you will require a number of materials to construct the ship. The materials include 15 Greenheart Plant, 15 Magnetite Ingot, 12 Roselle Cloth, 4 wood tar, 4 Cogwheel, 2 Torsion Spring and 1 Eel’s Twine. By the time you finish building, it would have cost you a whopping 12,000 silver. As I said, black market deals come at a cost. However, the Pyromaniac Sambuk is an ideal ship to traverse the sea in Skull and Bones. Its reliability and strength are top-notch.

2. Bombardier Padewakang

Bombardier Padewakang

The best ships are not only for carrying loot and cargo but also for dealing insane damage to enemies. Distinguished by its Detonate perk, the Bombardier Padewakang excels at bombing with precise explosive hits. Additionally, the ship offers extra damage to structures and an extended weapon range.  

Apart from the Pyromaniac Sambuk, the Bombardier Padewakang’s blueprint is one of the most difficult to acquire in the game. It can be found at Telok Penjarah for 5,280 Silver and requires you to reach Brigand Infamy at least. Notably, considering the capabilities that the Bombardier offers, the hustle to acquire it is worth it. Now, as soon as you get hold of the blueprint, you will need several materials to craft it. The list includes 15 fine Ramie, 15 Steel Ingots, 18 Ironwood Planks, 4 Shellac and 4 Crude Saltpeters. This will guarantee you a well-rounded ship ready to navigate the challenges of the sea in Skull and Bones

1. Hull Breaker Brigantine

Hull Breaker Brigantine

When traversing the waters of Skull and Bones, a fast ship will serve you perfectly as you launch massive strikes on your enemies. Arguably, the Hull Breaker Brigantine is one of the fastest ships in the game. Apart from its high speed, the ship offers unmatched strength and resilience, making it an amazing choice for pirates to ram into enemies. 

To craft this ship, you must acquire its blueprint by exploring the Ruined Lighthouse in the game. However, to craft such a strong and fast ship, you must use efficient materials. To do so, you will require 14 Roselle pieces of cloth, 4 Shellac and 13 greenheart planks, together with 12 Magnetite Ingot. Also, you must have 2 Sheet Glasses and 2 Torsion Springs. A Crude Saltpeter will also come in handy in your construction. Nevertheless, construction comes at a cost. You will part with 15,840 silver, reflecting the superiority of the ship and its fascinating capabilities. Similarly, once you have the Hull Breaker Bringatine in good shape, you are good to go and make damage-dealing strikes on your enemies like never before. 

So, what’s your take on our picks for the five best Blueprints in Skull & Bones? What are some of your favorite Blueprints? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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