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5 Best RPGs on PC

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RPGs are games that allow players immense control other their virtual characters. In addition, these games often typically offer players stunning worlds and combat to boot. This is great as it allows players to enjoy themselves in a way that feels almost entirely customizable. Everything from the character's appearance to skills and more can be changed by the player. To honor and commemorate these games, we present to you our choices for the Best RPGs on PC (April 2023).

5. Valheim

We begin by starting off our list with a title that, when it was released into Steam's Early Access program. It managed to take the gaming world by storm. Valheim is a game in which players will be able to battle several mythological creatures inspired by Norse mythology. This is great and offers a unique landscape for the players to enjoy. While there are combat elements to the game itself, there are also a ton of RPG elements that the player can interact with.

Everything from player housing to various skills and crafting trees makes each playthrough of Valheim feel unique to the player. The game itself does a great job of introducing the player to the world of the game as well as its mechanics. You will be able to make great halls and hunt various different types of wildlife along your journey. First of all, the game is really accessible on PC due to its low graphical intensity. Secondly, the game offers a ton of replayability for players who want more out of their games. And lastly, the game often comes at a relatively low price, making it a fantastic value for those looking for one of the best RPGs to play on PC in April of 2023.

4. Path of Exile

Continuing with our theme of games that offer the player a ton of customizability with their characters, we have Path of Exile. Firstly, this is a game that recently is celebrating the upcoming release of a new expansion for the game. Secondly, this game has a wealth of content that even surpasses several paid offerings in terms of quality and scale. Lastly, the game itself has mechanics that are familiar to players of the action RPG genre but manages to feel fresh and unique in its presentation.

Path of Exile is more focused on the loot obtained from questing and going dungeons and the like. This game certainly will appeal to fans of the Diablo series and games in that same vein. However, if players are the more adventurous and competitive type, the game itself also has a thriving PvP community that players can join. This is great as it allows players to not only express themselves in the way they want, it opens itself up for more different ways to play. So if you are looking for an RPG on the PC in April of 2023, definitely give Path of Exile a try.

3. Divinity: Orginal Sin 2

In terms of the wealth of content, this is one of the most impressive entries on this list. Divinity: Original Sin 2 serves as somewhat of a love letter to players of old-school RPGs. Everything from how the game presents its combat and characters to the living, the breathing world it manages to create. All of these aspects manage to immerse the player. It is precisely this immersion and commitment to quality and detail that has led this game to be one of the most highly praised RPGs in recent memory.

This isn't a baseless claim either, as both the world and its characters are simply stunning to experience. Players can team up with friends to go on this adventure together as well. This is great and truly adds to the appeal of the game overall. So if you are interested in well-fleshed-out, well-written storylines without the feature bloat or narrative missteps of other titles. Then Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a fantastic choice. Currently standing as one of the best RPGs that you can play on PC in April 2023, this game is simply phenomenal and should be experienced by everyone.

2. Monster Hunter: WorldGames Every Foodie Will Love

Monster Hunter: World is a stellar entry in the immensely loved Monster Hunter franchise. The game itself serves to not only bring the series into the modern era. But it also makes a great jumping-in point for newer players. Seeing as the Monster Hunter franchise is one that has oftentimes had issues with its new player onboarding process. This change is greatly appreciated. In addition, the RPG mechanics in the game itself are incredibly solid, as players will be able to adapt their own unique playstyles to the game and its many weapons.

The gameplay loop within Monster Hunter: World is one that is continuously replayable. There are a number of monsters to hunt here as well. Each with its own learning curve and strengths and weaknesses. As far as RPG elements go, these can be seen in the many skills and abilities within the player characters. These range from being able to deal massive damage with giant hammers to more subtle abilities like being able to buff teammates. So if you are looking for one of the great RPGs to play on PC in April 2023, then this is a great choice.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild HuntWitcher 3 Box Edition

While it may come as no surprise to many of the players out there, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still, arguably, one of the best RPGs on PC in April 2023. With stellar gameplay improvements recently added to the game, as well as the game's rock-solid foundation, there are few titles more reading than this one. Players will be able to play as Geralt of Rivea and make their way through the game hunting monsters. All the while, they are learning more about the world around them.

This is hardly the game's best aspect, though. That honor would go to the fantastic writing in the game. It is no small order, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt manages to have some of the best character writing in gaming currently. Even after being released in 2016, this game continues to hold up to not only scrutiny and criticism. But the player's enjoyment as well. Simply stated, if you, by chance, haven't played this game, then you are doing yourself a great disservice, and now is a great time to jump in.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best RPGs on PC (April 2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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