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Best RP Games on Roblox

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It's not always the premise, but the players, who make a game enjoyable. Take, for example, role-playing games. These rely on each individual player to be bought into the game world to create an immersive and interactive atmosphere. The deeper players delve into their alternative identities, the more entertaining the RP becomes. So, if you're looking for and ready to buy into that concept, we've got covered with the best RP games on Roblox in May 2023.

City and town-type RP games are taking Roblox by storm right now. In fact, this month's list is chock-full of them. So, if you want to live your best life, meet and socialize with new people, and go on adventures with them, keep reading to find learn about the best RP games on Roblox.

5. Brookhaven RP

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First on our list of the best RP games on Roblox is Brookhaven RP. Still, in May 2023, it is one of the most popular Roblox games, with over 500,000 daily players. So, what's all the fuss about? Well, that lies in Brookhaven RP's simplicity. In this role-playing experience, you choose a house and a car, and then you have complete control over your life. Visit the arcade or the cinema, or explore one of the map's many hidden areas. Brookhaven RP is just teeming with adventure at every turn. What's better, is you never know who you'll meet along the way.

It's also Brookhaven RP's community that makes it one of the best RP games on Roblox. Experienced RP'ers are always eager to welcome newcomers and show them the ropes of RP life. But if you're tagging along for the ride, you'll need to form a strong identity and backstory as to why/how you landed in Brookhaven. The more you commit to your story and play your part, the more fun everyone has as a result. So join the hundreds of thousands of players who are already bought in.

4. Berry Avenue RP

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Berry Avenue RP is another role-playing life simulator but with a lot more going on. You can buy a house, a car, and socialize with friends, just like in Brookhaven RP, However, in Berry Avenue RP, you can also pursue a career. You can attend high school, work at a grocery store, or even become a medical professional. Or, you can live a life of danger robbing banks and bringing havoc into the streets. You will, however, have to outrun the force, as there is a dedicated team of RP police officers looking to keep Berry Avenue's streets clean and safe.

Overall, Berry Avenue RP has a lot going on, which means there's always something to keep you busy. But that just means there are more friendships to be made and adventures to have. Which is the highlight of RP games after all. Nonetheless, Berry Avenue RP is one of the newer RP games on Roblox, with a player base that's constantly growing.

3. Redcliff City RP

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If Berry Avenue RP doesn't feel like the right fit, you can also venture off to Redcliff City RP. In this laid-back lakeside city, all of your friends will be living in lavish houses and driving supercars. You can get a house with a helipad, a rooftop patio and hot tub, and a three-door parking garage. So you can rest assured you'll be living the millionaire lifestyle. But everyone is, and that's what Redcliff City RP is all about.

In a world so rich, you can be whoever you want, and more importantly, do whatever you want. Just dress up your avatar from a list of accessories and then take the city by storm. Live in exotic homes, drive sports cars, and attend Redcliff's biggest parties. So, if you want to live the high life, Redcliff City RP is one of the best RP games on Roblox for it.

2. MeepCity

MeepCity's roleplaying emphasizes socializing and playing mini-games with others. Two of the most popular are MeepCity Racing and MeepCity: Star Ball. MeepCity Racing is a classic take on Mariokart, outfitted with three original tracks. MeepCity: Star Ball, on the other hand, is a mini-game obstacle course with four maps and six levels. Whatever you choose, they're both great places to make friends and memories while roleplaying.

For an added splash of character, everyone in MeepCity has a pet Meep. These are little ball-shaped creatures that you can customize, and they will follow and tag along with you on all of your adventures and experiences. Furthermore, you can customize your very own state, from the ground up. As a result, MeepCity is one of the best RP games on Roblox, if you're looking for a fun and casual time.

1. Livetopia

Livetopia combines the most notable features of the best RP games on Roblox in this list into a single RP experience. Begin with a house, then select your own outfit and role to play in the city from a plethora of options. Then venture out and buy a boat, plane, or start your very own business. You can interact with other players and even obtain unique pets. Don't forget about the many secrets that lurk in Livetopia. Overall, Livetopia is one of the best RP games on Roblox, that has a bit of everything you could want in a city-life RP experience.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? Are there other RP games on Roblox you think are best? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

Riley Fonger is a freelance writer, music lover, and gamer since adolescence. He loves anything video game-related and grew up with a passion for story games such as Bioshock and The Last of Us.