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5 Best RPGs on Roblox (May 2023)

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5 Best RPGs on Roblox May

Role-playing games (RPGs) have long been a beloved pastime for gamers of all ages. From classic tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons to modern video game RPGs like Final Fantasy and Skyrim, this genre captures the imaginations of millions of players worldwide.

But in recent years, there's been a new player on the RPG scene: Roblox. The colossal online gaming platform has exploded in popularity. So whether you're a seasoned RPG veteran or a newcomer to the genre, Roblox offers a welcoming and exciting world of adventure and exploration. With so many games to choose from, we've picked out the cream of the crop for you to dive into. Without further ado, here are the best RPGs on Roblox.

5. Vesteria


Vesteria is a shining gem in the vast sea of Roblox RPGs. Its captivating storyline, immersive gameplay, and stunning visuals put it on the list of the best RPGs to play this month on Roblox. Previously, the game required players to pay for its access, but since it became free, Vesteria has quickly become one of the most popular games on the platform. However, you can still opt to spare some Robux for game passes. 

At first glance, the game nails the setting by portraying a mythical country known as Vesteria. 

You're transported to a rich, detailed world filled with adventure from the moment you enter the game. The game map holds 37 locations that feature mini-games, hidden and restricted areas, and three faction bases.

Before setting off, you'll need to pick a hero from the three available classes; Hunter, Warriors, and Mages. Each class is distinct and features a different play style. When you reach level 30, you can select a subclass hero with more equipment and abilities.

The game is never short of adventure. Once you set foot in the country, plenty of tasks await you. Your first task may involve helping a vegetable farmer's wife. As you progress, the tasks become more challenging.

Make no mistake, the inviting world of Vesteria has enemies you must take down. The bosses are unique and put up a great fight. For instance, the Possum and Yeti will call for a grander class to defeat them. Notwithstanding, from the game's epic main quest to its countless side missions and activities, there's always something new and exciting to discover in Vesteria.

4. Anomic

The Roblox Anomic Experience (CINEMATIC TRAILER)

Start a new chapter in the nuclear wasteland that is Anomic. Another popular RPG that has a boatload of activities for you to partake in. The game's environment is a fictional 1990s town in Nevada where you can own a home, drive various cars, or get a job. 

You start with nothing more than the clothes on your back and work your way up to affluence. To do so, you can join the sheriff's department and be a community guardian or deliver goods as a trucker. If you cave for the illicit, you can play as a dropout, living out in the canyons. Here, you'll earn a living by committing a crime. But that's not all; there are plenty of other roles you can take on! If you wish to save a life, well, you can maniacally drive the ambulance to the hospital as a paramedic.

Moreover, the game's large open world serves as an endless road for you to hit the gas and explore. You can spawn a vehicle using keys purchased from car dealers on the map. The fuel in your tank is the only limit to how fast you can go. Thankfully, the game has gas stations to fill up your tank. If you get a bit reckless, your vehicle will take damage. But you can revive the car's health bar using a repair kit. 

3. The Wild West

Roblox |The Wild West| Fan-Made Trailer REMADE!!!

Welcome to the wild, wild west, where anything goes. Roblox's “The Wild West” is a place to let your cowboy fantasy run free. You play ruggedly and with the skill of hopping mountains. The game's most appealing feature is the massive open environment to explore. From Windmill Camp to Bronze City and Stonehenge, the locations are well-detailed, capturing the true essence of the Frontier.

There are plenty of quests to take up. The game uses PVP, which delivers a fresh experience each time you play. Unfortunately, some players learn about this after getting attacked or robbed. The game uses hunting as its predominant gameplay mode. However, you are not limited in your weapon choice. You can equip your character with a rifle. shotgun, revolver rifle, or machete. 

Moreover, the game's economic system is rather satisfying. You can mine, hunt, steal, cut wood, or go bounty hunting. Alternatively, you can take on a job to earn some in-game currency. The only job that doesn't pay is that of mayor.

2. Dungeon Quest

If ROBLOX Dungeon Quest had a Cinematic Game Trailer..

Dungeon Quest is an enthralling multiplayer RPG that lets you explore treacherous dungeons and caves as a brave knight. Looting the dungeons is the quickest way to upgrade your character. You'll start as a low-level knight, scavenging dungeons for loot. As you progress, you can unlock more rewards to upgrade your character.

There are more than 100 dungeon levels to explore. Each dungeon has an enemy patiently waiting to meet your acquaintance. If you defeat the foe, you earn experience points, giving you access to abilities, weapons, and gold. 

What's more, the game's reward system is pleasantly gratifying. You can acquire abilities that amp up your powers against nefarious foes. The abilities can improve your physical, magical, or stamina abilities. You can also access a speed boost ability that helps you cover more ground quickly.

What's impressive is that the game keeps you coming back for more by improving the rewards that are up for grabs. You'll access weapons that will help make your journey less treacherous. If the game gets challenging, you can tag a few friends to complete your crusade.

1. Jailbreak

The Jailbreak Trailer

Jailbreak is not a new game for fans of Roblox, but it's one that keeps getting better and better, thanks to its weekly updates. But more so for its enthralling adventures, you take part in the virtual Blox world. The game is a twelve-time award-winning game, so it basically speaks for itself. 

In Jailbreak, you can either play as a deviant criminal or a valiant police officer. The game's vast open world is a boundless universe with endless possibilities, and adventure is always just around the corner. Jailbreak's premise is simple-it's a classic police and robber chase. As a criminal, you get to wreak havoc on a once-peaceful town. Rise up the ranks as the top criminal by executing heists and hijacking vehicles. 

But the hands of the law will catch up to you. If you find yourself behind bars, team up with other criminals to orchestrate the perfect prison escape. If you're successful, you'll return to your malevolent ways in no time.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top Roblox RPGs? Are there any you'd recommend picking up? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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