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Best Roblox Games Based on TV Series



If there was ever a perfect place to clone the elements of a popular TV show and compress them into a blocky, yet surprisingly well-orchestrated video game adaptation, it'd be within the confines of Roblox. Matter of fact, the well-loved sandbox platform has fostered countless adaptations of universally acclaimed TV series and movies over the years, few of which have secured their spots as some of the most popular games on the entire nexus, period.

Given the fact that Roblox shares its resources with upwards of 40 million user-created games, it does make sense that a huge portion of them are directly influenced by various flavors of silver screen hits. Question is, which of them have come out swinging, and which are still active in 2023? Well, here's how we'd slate the best of the best.

5. Squid Game

In light of Netflix renewing Squid Game for a second season, Roblox users have once again found a new passion for risking life and limb over that ever-elusive cash prize that looms on the other end of a death-defying childhood game. And while it isn't quite as gory as its TV counterpart, the blocky adaptation certainly captures all the same intricate features, right down to the central areas which house the contestants, and the arenas that host the trials.

Squid Game plays out in a similar fashion to the Netflix show. As a contestant, you and fifty others must endure the same games as seen in the show's first season. If you can conquer each of the games, as well as survive the nights in the living quarters, you will eventually walk away with the grand prize. Question is, how far will you get? Can you dethrone each and every opponent on a one-way journey to everlasting riches? Let's see how you fair in Squid Game, 456.

4. Outlaster

Based on the popular reality TV show Survivor, Outlaster pays tribute by porting over all the same types of games, characters, and even the iconic voting system to an expansive open world playground. As players in the well-known game, you must endure a variety of life-threatening trials, each of which bring their own puzzles, issues, and opportunities to prove your worth amongst the team.

Similar to Survivor, users are made to vote for the worst player at the end of each round. In order to outsmart the opposition, you must forge alliances and demonstrate your leadership skills, all the while working to eliminate your peers. Question is, how will you win over your team and outlast the competition? Only time will tell on that one.

3. Wednesday (Story)

There's no doubt it — Wednesday was hands down one of the most anticipated and celebrated Netflix shows of 2022. It makes sense, then, that Roblox would poach the series for its own keeping and turn it into a full-fledged open world game. And while it does lose out on some of its areas and key characters, it does bring its own version of Nevermore Academy for you to explore and quest in. And with Wednesday Addams in your party, too.

Playing alongside none other than Wednesday Addams herself, you will explore the grounds of Nevermore Academy and unravel its mysteries. Either alone or with a server full of like-minded students, you will tackle quests, attend classes, and form friendships. So, quite the convincing portrayal of Netflix's hit show, and quite frankly a solid concept for a video game adaptation, too.

2. All of Us Are Dead

In an attempt to capitalize on Netflix's All of Us Are Dead series, one particular Roblox outfit thought it'd be best to quite simply transition the Korean zombie aesthtic into video game form. And you know, kudos to them, because it actually made for a pretty excellent survival-horror title. Even today, roughly a year after it first came to the platform, the homage boasts thousands of active players, and regular updates to help flesh out its world, too.

The game itself plays out in a similar style to the Netflix show, in the fact that you're primary objective is to survive the days, and ultimately whittle down the undead armies that continue to knock at your door. But in order to make ends meet, you will need to formulate a plan of action and secure local alliances with other survivors. With that, you need only ask yourself one question: how are your roleplaying skills?

1. The Conspiracies of Hawkins

If there's one major issue with Stranger Things, it's that it's simply too short, and that its seasons are far too spaced out. Fortunately for fans of the fantasy series, though, gaming communities have helped fill the gaps between drawn-out episodes, and have gone as far as building entire worlds to help flesh out the lore. And while it may not be canonically correct, it does give fans of the series a few opportunities to go beyond Eleven's story and explore the town of Hawkins for themselves.

As a RP server at heart, The Conspiracies of Hawkins tends to shine the brightest when its player base is fully immersed and taken aback by the mysteries that shroud the remote town of Hawkins. As one of its curious residents, you will embark on a series of quests that take you between its every nook and cranny—a labyrinth of cloisters that host supernatural events and otherworldly apparitions only you and your server friends could possibly explain. What's going on in Hawkins? And above all, how can you put a stop to its unusual happenings?


So, what's your take? Will you be picking up any of the above Roblox adaptations? Are there any you'd recommend playing in 2023? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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