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Best Ranged Troops in Warcraft Rumble



To make so much as a dent in the enemy forces’ stronghold in Warcraft Rumbleyou’re going to want to recruit a solid selection of ranged troops—units with which you can dispatch and strategically move to whittle down faraway targets. Question is, with so many of these units to obtain and deploy, which ones are actually worth forking over the gold and XP for? Well, if you have just started out in Warcraft Rumble, and have yet to knuckle in on that perfect deck, then be sure to read on for all the best ranged units the game currently has to offer.

5. Ogre Mage

Without doubt, one of the best and post powerful ranged units in all of Warcraft Rumble is the Ogre Mage, a study tank-like troop that can not only deploy hard-hitting projectiles from afar, but also withstand massive amounts of damage, both up close and from a distance. Needless to say that, as far as hard-to-kill ranged troops travel, the Ogre Mage is a real no-brainer, and should therefore be in the starting line-up for your roster.

When it comes to deploying an Ogre Mage, you’re going to want to assign them to the enemy Guard Towers and Meeting Stones, as their abilities to send out powerful elemental magic can single-handedly destroy any station in just a few short hits. To max out on these attacks, you’ll want to complete as many Ogre-based Quests as possible, if only to grant them more Combat XP and level up their overall attack power.

4. SAFE Pilot

One of the very first ranged troops you’ll come to unlock in Warcraft Rumble is the SAFE Pilot, a unit that you’ll ideally want to keep holstered in your starter deck for the duration of your journey across Azeroth. If, however, you wasn’t able to snag the elemental-wielding troop right from the get-go, then you’ll want to do all in your power to shuffle the deck and obtain it as soon as the funds become available. Once collected, you’ll want to undertake as many Quests as possible, including character-specific Quests that boost the unit’s overall Combat XP and level.

In short, the SAFE Pilot’s goal is to whittle down enemy troops that have been scattered and essentially left to die around the map. With a single elemental blast, most, if not all enemies will fall victim to the impact, making it one of the most devastating attacks in all of Warcraft Rumble. And while you won’t necessarily need to deploy a SAFE Pilot immediately, it’s certainly worth keeping one on hand, if only to eliminate last-minute targets who are getting a little too close for comfort.

3. Huntress

The Huntress is known for having one of the most deadly ranged shots in all of Warcraft Rumble, thereby making her an absolute monster out on the battlefield and in any Quest — regardless of the win criteria. Due to the character’s dead-eye accuracy and splash damage takedown abilities, the Huntress makes for one of the best starting line-up troops, period. What’s more, the Huntress can also knuckle in on enemy Meeting Stones and Guard Towers without having all that much support.

If you’re going to pick just two or three ranged units for your six-piece deck, then you’ll want to consider sending out the Huntress with an Ogre Mage, if only to conceive a two-for-one double threat. Combined, the two will have the strength and versatility needed to conquer even the toughest of foes or strongholds. It is worth mentioning, though, that any ranged unit should also have an allied ground unit, such as Footmen, to serve as a first line of defense.

2. Frostwolf Shaman

As the saying goes, your team is only as strong as your weakest link. And if your weakest link just isn’t picking up the slack out on the battlefield, then you’ll ideally want to rectify the situation by bringing them up to speed. To do this, you’ll want to onboard a Frostwolf Shaman—a magic-wielding troop who has the power to not only heal your allies, but also send out powerful elemental damage to oncoming enemies. As a unit with the ability to conjure two vastly different spells, it’s easy to see why so many PvP users aim to employ the jack-of-all-trades Shaman as soon as the resources become available.

The only major downside to having a Shaman on your team is that they’re more likely to suffer from fatal attacks, which can make them somewhat expendable. To prevent this from happening, aim to fortify the character’s area by padding it out with a mixture of ground and aerial troops. In other words, don’t leave a Shaman to carry out a job that’s been built for an army.

1. Blackrock Pyromancer

Lastly, there’s the Blackrock Pyromancer, a fire-wielding spellcaster unit that, when used against larger groups of enemies, can inflict huge amounts of area damage using its Flamestrike ability. Again, as a ranged unit with a knack for dealing damage from afar, the best way to boost its durability and overall effectiveness is to partner it up with a melee unit, such as the Footmen, or even a miniature Leader, for that matter.

If you’re looking to mix and match your deck for the most dynamic result, then be sure to include at least one spellcasting unit, be it an Ogre Mage or a Blackrock Pyromancer. If you can employ at least one of these types of units, then be sure to accompany it with either a Shaman, or melee/aerial-focused class.


So, what’s your take? Have you managed to secure the perfect deck in Warcraft Rumble yet? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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