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Warcraft Rumble: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Warcraft Rumble is the latest battleground tower defense game to feature in the Android and iOS catalog, which includes a wide array of miniature classic characters, themed maps, and an easy-to-navigate progression system. Already ahead of the game? Not entirely sure where to begin your journey? Don’t sweat it — we’ve gone ahead and thrown five of the best tips together to help you conquer the battlefield.

5. Prioritize Sweeping the Battlefield

As tempting as it may be to allocate resources to the task of eliminating the enemy kingpin, the reality is, you shouldn’t expect to garner results from “winging it” and essentially neglecting the board. To put it straight, you’re going to want to focus on capturing Defense Towers and Meeting Stones above all else, as these will allow you to nudge a little deeper into enemy territory and prevent their forces from breaching the frontline. If, however, you opt to take the direct route towards the enemy leader, then you’ll only leave your base open to attack, which will of course lead to a quick defeat.

Before starting any match in Warcraft Rumble, you’ll want to get a feel for the battlefield. Where is the nearest gold reserve? Can you deploy a mining unit to gather it before the enemy troops reach it? Also, which enemy units are guarding the first Meeting Stone? Do you need to dispatch ranged units, or will a well-balanced mage be able to make quick work of it? Needless to say that you should always plan ahead, and never assume that you’ll be able to reach the other side of the map with the first batch of units you have available.

4. Mix and Match Your Troops

Army selection in Warcraft Rumble

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Once you’ve cleared your first series of battles, you’ll want to start experimenting with your units, if only to generate the best overall team. At the time of writing, you can only assign six units to your team, several of which may not be needed in certain encounters. For example, if you’re going up against a mage—a leader who has the power to inflict damage from a distance—then you’ll want to consider onboarding more ranged or magic-wielding units, and not, for instance, melee ones who’ll struggle to actually reach the target, to begin with.

It is worth pointing out that, in order to make progress in Warcraft Rumble, you’re going to need to replay a few battles — if only to level up your minis and acquire more gold and Combat Experience. What’s more, as you’ll be switching your units around a lot, you’re going to want to devote enough time to each of their tasks and training. If, however, you’re struggling to defeat a particular enemy, then aim to figure out which units will get you the best possible results, and then return to earlier battles to level up your units.

3. Join a Guild

Guild War Chest in Warcraft Rumble


Just as soon as you reach Level 10, you’ll have the chance to pledge to a Guild—a public or private group that can be used as your first port of call for messaging other players and sharing the fruits of your collective efforts. As well as being a communal hub for your fellow players, your Guild can also provide other useful services, such as a War Chest. Simply put, a War Chest is a collection of tokens that each member in the Guild contribute towards; the higher the count, the more rewards each player will receive at the end of each season.

If you’ve the time to spare, then consider joining a Guild as early on as possible, as the perks of being involved with one are far greater and more rewarding. And while you don’t technically have to contribute, or even speak with the other members, for that matter — you should definitely tackle Warcraft Rumble as a team, and not as a lone worgen.

2. Take on Quests

Daily Quests in Warcraft Rumble

One of the fastest ways to level up your minis is by taking on Quests, which become available once you’ve reached Level 14. These Quests, which benefit the units you have already collected, will give you the chance to return to older levels and complete character-specific tasks, which, in turn, will reward you with more Combat XP for the corresponding mini. So, if you’re looking to boost some of your less-experienced units to the same level as you’re primary minis, then be sure to onboard as many Quests as you can.

The good news is, you can complete new Quests every day, so if you aren’t able to boost one of your chosen characters, then simply go ahead with the standard missions until new Quests become available.

1. Arrange Your Army

Miniature leveling up in Warcraft Rumble

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When it comes to dispatching troops on the battlefield, you’re going to want to treat each stage like a Dungeon or Raid, and have the Tanks sent out first, followed by the ranged and airborne units. Ideally, you’ll want to have an Ogre serving as the first line of defense for your army, and accompany it with foot soldiers and spearmen. You’ll also want to employ some sort of air-based ally, who’ll hover from the back and send out projectile attacks.

When all’s said and done, you shouldn’t tap the first unit that pops up on the screen. Instead, you’ll want to conserve your gold and save for the better units — even if it does mean letting the enemy forces get a little closer to your Meeting Stone. Once you’ve accumulated enough gold, do yourself a favor and hire a Tank, followed by two support units and a Leader. If you have a single lump of gold left over, then use it to hire a miner to collect ores at a faster rate.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Warcraft Rumble newcomers? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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