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5 Best Dungeons in World of Warcraft Classic (2023)



For some, World of Warcraft Classic is a fantastic trip down memory lane. For others, it allows newer players to experience the world of Azeroth with some of the game's older design philosophies. Looking back at what was gained and lost within World of Warcraft can be fascinating. This has led to a great player base in the game, which is partially due to its dungeon design. So join us as we showcase the 5 Best Dungeons in World of Warcraft Classic (2023). 

5. The Stockade

Located in the heart of the Alliance capital of Stormwind, we have The Stockade dungeon. For many, this served as a starting point in terms of World of Warcraft dungeons. This dungeon sees players running through the stockades, and for some, it is their first experience with MMORPG dungeons. The layout of the dungeon is pretty straightforward and accessible, which helps this entry out a great deal. It has since gone on to become such an iconic dungeon that players will pay each other in gold for runs of the dungeon itself.

Players can once again get the thrill of checking the local chat when selling items or generally exploring Stormwind to find groups lining up to do the dungeon. While it isn't visually the flashiest dungeon, at its core, it does a great job of actualizing the fantasy of an in-game dungeon. The dungeon also features many quests that players can undertake while going through the dungeon. While it may be an Alliance-exclusive dungeon, it has gone on to become a rite of passage of sorts among World of Warcraft Classic players.

4. Uldaman

Uldaman is a dungeon that, for the most part, hasn't received the love it deserves. Today, we are here to rectify this. Uldaman is a fantastic dungeon that offers, for its level requirement, a fantastic challenge. Even getting into the dungeon takes quite a bit of effort, as there are many elite mobs to contend with. This can make or break a run, as if you don't come equipped, you may very well not even make it to the entrance of the dungeon. The dungeon is themed around a dig with many miners standing in your way. This is great as it sets a theme for the dungeon itself.

The lore behind this dungeon is also interesting, as it involves the Ironforge Dwarves. These Dwarves have since been run out by the Shadowforge Dwarves, as well as other creatures in the area. As it is situated in the Badlands, a primarily Horde zone, many of the rewards of the dungeon reflect this. There are a few Horde-exclusive items that can be obtained from this dungeon. Part of what makes this dungeon so special is the player's ability to see the history played out here. It is for these reasons that we find Uldaman to be one of the best dungeons in Classic World of Warcraft.

3. Scarlet Monastery

Scarlet Monastery is one of the dungeons that many players will have to run through multiple times during their leveling journey. During this time, they will have to contend with the opposing faction. This fighting usually runs through different parts of the monastery itself. However, one of the greatest reasons that this dungeon is remembered so fondly and remains relevant to this day is the loot that it drops.

One aspect that masks Scarlet Monastery stand out is that its runtime is relatively short when compared to other dungeons in Classic World of Warcraft. This means that you will be able to get through multiple runs rather quickly. One of the things that could make this task more difficult, however, is the cross-faction battles that sometimes occur around the dungeon. This does impede things quite a bit. Although this is the case, Scarlet Monastery is still one of the best dungeons in terms of loot in the game. Many mages going for the Icefury Wand that drops from this dungeon.

2. The Dead Mines

The Dead Mines is an excellent example of the quintessential dungeon. With its lore being a heavy focus and its position being situated where both Horde and Alliance visit, this experience is iconic. With the dungeon serving as some players' first real taste of what the game has to offer, it doesn't disappoint. The dungeon itself requires a great deal of coordination to run through efficiently. This has led many players to make their gold off of offering runs through the dungeon for early players.

Featuring the story of Edwin Van Cleef, this dungeon ties into the local lore of Westfall quite well. This is another reason why the dungeon is remembered so fondly by fans. It also serves as one of the introductory dungeons for most Alliance players. With many players after the Blackened Defias Armor, which offers lower-level players a leg up on others, this place is highly contested. Offering nostalgia trips for those who have been playing for years, or a fantastic new experience for newer players, The Dead Mines remains one of Classic World of Warcraft's best dungeons.

1. Blackrock Depths

And now we have come to Blackrock Depths, a masterclass in dungeon design. Upon its initial release, this dungeon seemed to be the end all be all of MMO dungeons. However, through the power of Classic World of Warcraft. We are able to see that the nostalgia goggles weren't the only thing that made this dungeon great. Simply put, Blackrock Depths is a fantastically designed dungeon and, in many ways, stands above its competition.

One aspect that makes this dungeon unique is that it drops unique items that can only be used within the dungeon. These are things like ores and enchants. This makes the dungeon stand out that much more. This dungeon is also helpful to players because it drops the fire-resistance gear needed for raiding Molten Core. Overall, this dungeon is a massive undertaking and requires a ton of coordination within your dungeon party. That being said, it stands out as one of the shining accomplishments of World of Warcraft's dungeon design to this day.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Dungeons in World of Warcraft Classic (2023)? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.




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