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Best Priest Build in World of Warcraft



Things can get very brutal in World of Warcraft. Swords are swinging, spells are flying, and it's only a matter of time before your health bar or that of your allies starts to drain. But don't worry; as a priest, you wield the power to restore your wounded comrades and resurrect fallen allies. And that's not all. The priest class is an all-rounded powerhouse, specializing in ranged attacks when dealing damage.

Now, you may be wondering: What is the best Priest build in Azeroth? Well, get ready for some excitement, because we've got you covered. With the best dynamics at your fingertips, you'll have a formidable lead in battle. So get ready to unleash your inner hero and dominate the battlefield with the best Priest build in World of Warcraft.

5 Holy Priest AoE Build

WoW Priest build


The Holy Priest is like gunpowder to a gun in battle; you can't function without them. They are excellent reactive healers and almost always have a spell up their sleeves to counter any damage. The class specializes in healing raids and large groups; therefore, an AoE build fits right into it.

If you're going to raid healing, you might want to settle on the Holy Word: Sanctify and the Holy Word: Serenity talents. Outside of these, Harmonious Apparatus, Answered Prayers, and Miracle Worker are instrumental to the success of this build. Answered Prayers increase Apotheosis uptime by 8 seconds, which resists a cooldown for your Holy Words. Plus, Harmonious Apparatus treats you to an additional cooldown reduction. This setup allows you to create more Holy Words, granting you the flexibility to save them for challenging moments in places like the Vault or use them freely as needed.

In addition to benefiting from powerful group cooldowns, you can still provide a significant amount of healing during these inactive sessions. For this, you will need to rely on the Prayer of Healing. Azerite traits like Promise of Deliverance and Searing Dialogue augment Holy Priest AoE healing capabilities, providing additional healing output and synergy with critical spells. The rotation involves strategically incorporating AoE healing spells like Prayer of Healing and Divine Hymn in intense damage situations.

4. Shadow Priest Raid Shadow Crash Build

Holy Priest Build

The Shadow Priest Raid Shadow Crash Build is all about maximizing burst damage in raids. With the key talent Shadow Crash, it unleashes a powerful AoE attack, hitting enemies within its range. This build focuses on talents like Mindbender for sustained damage and Hungering Void to boost single-target and AoE damage during cooldowns.

Azerite traits such as Thought Harvester and Searing Dialogue enhance the damage of crucial spells like Mind Blast. Shadow Priests maintain Damage over Time effects with Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain, using Mind Blast to generate Insanity. In raids, coordination is vital to position effectively and hit as many targets as possible with Shadow Crash. This build excels in encounters with multiple enemies, making it a valuable choice for contributing to raid DPS.

3. Discipline Priest PVE

Holy Priest Build

Discipline Priests are the ultimate hybrid class, packing a punch with their damage-dealing abilities while keeping their team alive with top-notch preventative healing. Their playstyle is about participating in the raid's DPS and protecting their allies from harm. You have two options here. Either go for Tank Healing or Raid Healing. Tank Healing grants you Atonement Healing, the hallmark of the Discipline Priests. Basically, when these priests inflict damage through specific spells, they can simultaneously heal their allies by converting a portion of that damage into healing power.

Azerite traits like Searing Dialogue, Death Throes, and Thought Harvester further amplify damage and healing potential. The rotation emphasizes Atonement maintenance through spells like Smite and Holy Fire, complemented by strategic Power Word: Shield use and well-timed activation of Evangelism and Archangel.

Moreover, you can shield your allies by absorbing incoming damage using the Power Word Shield. Evangelism lets you add a buff to your character each time you deal damage with Holy Fire or Smite. Archangel restores 1% of your mana by consuming all your Evangelism stacks and increasing any healing you perform by 30%. If you don't go for the Atonement variation, you can pick up Inner Sanctum.

The filler talent lets you reduce damage taken by 2% and increases your movement speed by 2%. Essentially, Discipline Priests have strong cooldowns that can amp up your group's effective health, giving you leverage in battle.

2. Shadow Priest Single Target Build

World of Warcraft

Shadow Priests specialize in dealing damage, primarily through shadow magic and psychic abilities. They are ranged spellcasters focusing on damage over time (DoT) effects and mind-affecting spells. Typically, you can choose between Mind Spike or Mind Flay as your primary filler spell for this build. While Mind Spike is the strongest of the two, you can still swap it for DaRk Evangelism and Voidtouched.

A Shadow Priest Single Target build revolves around maximizing damage output against a singular adversary. This specialization focuses on key talents, including Shadowy Insight for additional Mind Blast procs and Misery for increased damage from Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain.

Moreover, the rotation involves maintaining damage-over-time effects with Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain, interspersed with regular Mind Blast casts to generate Insanity. Voidform is crucial for burst phases, boosting damage during its duration.

1. Shadow Priest Mythic + Build

World of Warcraft background

In Mythic+ dungeons in World of Warcraft, a Shadow Priest's build is optimized to tackle the challenges posed by multiple enemies. The build also highlights your need for adaptability. Twist of Fate is ideal for bonus damage against weakened foes, Body and Soul for enhanced mobility, and Psychic Horror for crowd control.

The rotation emphasizes spreading damage over time, such as effects like Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain across multiple targets. Mind Sear is a potent tool for efficient AoE damage during intense encounters. Utilizing Voidform strategically amplifies burst damage when necessary.

Moreover, you should focus on Azerite traits that boost AoE capabilities, gear that balances damage and survivability, and consumables and enchantments tailored for Mythic+ challenges around the build. Covenants and Soulbinds should align with damage output and utility needs, ensuring the Shadow Priest excels in the fast-paced and demanding Mythic+ environment, contributing significantly to group success.

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our best Priest Build in World of Warcraft? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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