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Best Julie Build in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre



The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has just the five Victims on the docket, one of whom is Julie, a level-headed survivor who, although relatively weak, has a heart for stealthy work and last-minute escapes. And while Julie probably won’t be your go-to choice when it comes to fleshing out a perfect four-piece, there are numerous reasons as to why you should take her under your wing at some point or another. Don’t believe us? Read on.

On the surface, it’s fairly easy to swipe Julie under the rug and brush her off as just another mediocre Victim with only the odd Perk to boot. Having said that, there are plenty of ways to carve Julie into something else entirely — and not to mention develop her into a vital asset to the team, as a whole. Need we say more? Here’s everything you should do to get Julie on track as one of the best Victims in all of Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


Julie may not have the brute strength of Leland or the hearing powers of Sonny, but she does have something that gives her a slight edge over every other Victim — and that’s her feet. To put it straight, Julie’s Ability is Ultimate Escape, a power that, once activated, allows her to sprint for longer periods of time. Sure it’s a bit wishy washy and drab, but it’s also incredibly useful and, weirdly enough, one of the best Abilities in the entire game. That is, of course, providing you can apply one or two quality Modifiers to make it useful.

When it comes to applying Modifiers, you’ll have that same choice as before: advance through the left, middle, or right branches. In this instance, we’ll want to head for, well, the third level of the Ultimate Escape branch that’s located right through the middle, as reaching this will let you use the Ability on a frequent basis, and not, for example, every once in a blue moon.

Finally, there’s the case of actually putting said Ability to good use out on the battlefield. As far as this goes, you’ll want to use Ultimate Escape as often as possible, as this is the only way to gain additional XP and boost its overall effectiveness.


If you’re looking to put that Ultimate Escape Ability to perfectly good use, then you may want to consider bolting on a few additional Perks from the appropriate Skill Tree. For starters, you’ll want to activate the Choose Flight node on the Skill Tree, as this will essentially replenish your stamina gauge once it has been depleted. In addition to this, you’ll also want to secure the Cover Recovery and Highly Skilled Perks, as both of these will boost your overall Stealth and Proficiency ratings.

  • Choose Flight

As Julie, you’ll be spending a great deal of time trying to avoid, or essentially outrun your captors, which means you’ll need as much stamina as you can get your hands on. However, seeing as a lot of your Extra Attribute Points will be spent on Stealth and Proficiency, it’s definitely worth investing in the Choose Flight Perk, as it’ll keep you on your toes even after the stamina gauge has plummeted to zero.

  • Cover Recovery

Again, you’ll be spending a lot of time hiding in foliage to get away from the Family, which means you’ll also need a last-minute escape plan should things take a turn for the worse. Bottom line is, if you can unlock the Cover Recovery Perk, then you’ll have just enough time to summon a quick stamina boost, which will let you outrun your pursuer and (hopefully) towards the nearest exit point.

  • Highly Skilled

Julie may be one of the stealthiest of the bunch, but as far as her proficiency travels, she’s actually pretty awful. Fortunately, there’s a Perk that rectified just that — and it does so by boosting the Proficiency slider by 7. So, if you’d much rather spend your points on Endurance and Stealth, then be sure to pick this one up as soon as possible.


Although Julie is a fairly well-balanced character even without the added Attribute points, it is worth putting in some extra legwork to help boost her overall Proficiency, Stealth, and Endurance. Why these and not, for example, Strength and Toughness? Well, to put it short — Julie isn’t the confrontational type, and so putting her up against the likes of Johnny or Sissy is only a recipe for disaster, straight up. Instead, you’ll want to focus your attention on fleshing out her Stealth and Proficiency sliders, as these will allow her to move between areas undetected, and ultimately escape without arousing too much attention along the way.

The good news is, the more XP you pour into your Skill Tree, the more Extra Attribute Points you’ll go on to unlock. Therefore, for the sake of securing the best Julie build, you’ll want to hammer down as many Stealth, Proficiency, and Endurance add-ons as humanely possible. If, however, you’re feeling the need to go one step further and take the fight to the Family’s front door, then you could, in theory, add the odd point onto the Toughness slider.

  • +12 Proficiency 
  • +9 Stealth
  • +8 Endurance

Skill Tree

As far as progressing through the Skill Tree goes, you’ll want to aim for the left side, as these typically cough up better Endurance, Stealth, and Proficiency-related Perks. If you can help it, aim to secure the Choose Flight, Cover Recovery, and Highly Skilled nodes on the tree as soon as you’ve earned enough XP from the matches.

If, for whatever reason, you do miss out on a couple of valuable nodes along the way, then don’t be afraid to hit the Respec option and start the process from scratch. Don’t sweat it, though — restarting the Skill Tree from the beginning will not cost you any of your accumulated XP.


So, what’s your take? Do you have any useful tips for Texas Chain Saw Massacre newcomers? Are there any good Julie builds you’d recommend? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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