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Best Ground Troops in Warcraft Rumble



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Warcraft Rumble wouldn't be anything without its frontline peddlers and melee-obsessed combatants, which is precisely the reason why all the best six-piece builds in Blizzard's latest deck-building tower defence game include at least a couple of lionhearted ground troops. Having said all that, with a smidgen over fifty units to collect and deploy in Warcraft Rumble, which of them should you focus on levelling up and utilizing in the heat of battle? Well, if you have just started out, and aren't entirely sure which troops to throw your Combat XP and coin at, then be sure to read on. Here are the best ground troops in Warcraft Rumble right now.

5. Footmen

Believe it or not, one of the best and most reliable ground units in Warcraft Rumble is the Footmen—a four-piece Alliance troop that can not only defend weaker allies, but also combine brute strength with strategical skills to conquer Meeting Stones and Guard Towers promptly. In addition to their relatively high melee power, Footmen can also withstand heavy blows from ranged and elemental weapons, effectively making themselves the perfect unit in any combat situation.

To make the Footmen shine out on the frontline, you’ll want to consider buddying them up with either Darkspear Trolls, or a Leader miniature—two powerful units that can not only double the total melee damage output, but also cover additional areas around the Footmen. If you can help it, aim to build your Footmen up as early on as possible, if not by using them in story battles, then by completing their class-locked Quests daily. Also, be sure to divide and conquer whenever using this particular unit in battle; you can break up the squad by changing the direction marker on the map.

4. Abomination

The Abomination is a one-sack unit that’s essentially bulked out with flesh, steel, and a killer hook that can single-handedly hurl enemies into a fatal cleaver attack. As one of the heftiest units in all of Warcraft Rumble, the Abomination can also onboard massive amounts of melee, ranged, and elemental damage, again, making it one of the most reliable troops in the entire game — and then some.

As a Tank, the Abomination is best suited for attacking Guard Towers and Meeting Stones, as oncoming projectiles rarely have the strength to whittle down their health points. So, if you’re going after enemy landmarks out on the battlefield, then be sure to set aside an Abomination to deal with the sturdier structures and enemy Leaders. Also, don’t forget to complete the unique Quests on the side for additional Combat XP and perks.

3. Stonehoof Tauren

If you’re after a few more Horde units to flesh out your deck, then you might also want to consider the Stonehoof Tauren—a relatively large Tank that has the ability to Charge at nearby enemies and deal incredibly powerful blows on impact. Like the Abomination, the Stonehoof Tauren comes loaded with a rather high health count, and is therefore much, much tougher to kill out on the battlefield.

The good news is, you can actually unlock the Stonehoof Tauren for just four gold, which means you won’t have to wait all that long (or even resort to mining for spare gold, for that matter) to put the unit into the fray. And so, if you’re tackling a map that’s rife with Meeting Stones and Guard Towers, then be sure to set aside the Tauren to deal with them quickly and effectively.

2. Banshee

One of the best ways to turn the tide against your enemy is to control their units, and essentially have them sabotage their own Meeting Stones and Guard Towers. Fortunately, you can do this by employing a Banshee—a single unit that can use their own powers to pull the wool over their pursuers’ eyes. With this ability in your back pocket, you can pretty much sweep the battlefield and double your own numbers, which will, if used correctly, result in a slew of consecutive victories.

To make the most out of the Banshee, you will want to have her target the tougher enemies, as her ability to Possess them will grant you the power to take full control for the duration of the battle. It is worth noting, however, that the Banshee will only possess the first target she sees, which means you’ll need to position her in a location within range of a worthy target. In other words, don’t waste her ability on poaching a coop of angry chickens when there’s a perfectly good Ogre Mage sitting on the other side of the carousel.

1. Worgen

Yet another ground unit that can pack a serious punch and withstand a surprising amount of damage, it’s the Worgen—a stealthy Tank unit that, when played, can remain invisible to the naked eye until the first attack has been made. In addition to the invisibility cloak, the Worgen also has the freedom to patrol the map from any starting position, which means you can drop it wherever you want, and for only a few gold pieces, too. So again, if you're looking to take advantage of your enemy's weaknesses, or are simply looking to bypass a few highly trained ranged or air units while moving under the cover of darkness, then be sure to keep a Worgen in your back pocket.

When it comes to maxing out on your perfect Warcraft Rumble build, you will want to set aside at least two ground troops, and make up the remaining four with a combination of air, ranged, and elemental spells. For the sake of this particular list, however, we'd suggest prioritizing both the Abomination and the Stonehoof Tauren, for increased attack power and durability.

So, what's your take? Have you managed to obtain the perfect build in Warcraft Rumble yet? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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