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5 Best Games Like William and Sly



Fox explores luminous cavern in game like William and Sly

William and Sly captivates with its cosy, open-world adventure, taking players on a magical journey as a fox. Its charm lies in the exploration of wild landscapes, the pursuit of mysteries, and a soothing soundtrack. For those enchanted by its mix of exploration and story, finding games with a similar allure might seem daunting. Yet, the gaming world is rich with titles that emulate the serene, explorative, and narrative-driven experience William and Sly offers. Whether it's the tranquilly of untamed nature, the depth of adventure, or the joy of discovery that draws you, there are games out there waiting to capture your heart just as William and Sly did. Here are the five best games like William and Sly.

5. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - Launch Trailer | PS4

The first game on our list is Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. It brings players into a big, open world full of adventures. The game is set on an island called Gemea. Here, players have lots of things to do, like exploring, making things, and farming. The story is about getting rid of a dark fog covering the land. Since there are no enemies to fight, the game focuses on exploring and helping out around the island.

In Yonder, you can wander around at your own speed. There are many animals and people to meet who need your help. You might need to fix things, clear paths, or help the land in other ways. Doing these tasks makes you feel closer to the world of the game. Making things and farming are big parts of the game. You can collect stuff from all over to make tools and buildings.

That said, the game lets you choose what to do. You can follow the main story or do different side quests. These quests make you explore and learn more about the island. Everyone's game experience can be different because you can choose your own path.

4. The First Tree

The First Tree - Launch Trailer | PS4

In The First Tree, players get drawn into two heartfelt stories at once: one of a fox looking for her family and another of a son trying to connect again with his dad in Alaska. You play as the fox, and as you move through the game, you find items that tell you more about the son's life. This way, the game cleverly mixes the fox's adventure with the son's story, making you feel closer to both characters. These items are not just random; they help to unfold the son's story, showing his struggles and moments with his dad, which adds a lot of emotion to your journey.

This game is quite different from others because it doesn't have battles or tough challenges. Instead, it focuses on the story and lets you enjoy the journey at your own pace. There are some puzzles and bits where you have to jump or climb, but these are there to make sure you're always engaged and to keep the game moving smoothly.

3. Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers | Launch Trailer

Next up, Sonic Frontiers brings something new to the Sonic series. It's all about exploring big islands at Sonic's famous fast pace. Each island has its own fun challenges and secrets to find. This game lets players choose their path, find hidden treasures, solve puzzles, and meet friends along the way. It mixes fast adventures with the joy of discovering new things, making each island a unique place to explore.

The game also introduces Cyber Space levels. These are special areas you can enter through portals found on the islands. Here, the game feels like classic Sonic with lots of running and jumping at high speeds, but with extra challenges. Also, there's a new way to fight with a system that lets you get better by learning new moves. As Sonic meets new and different enemies, players need to think about the best ways to use Sonic's moves, like dodging and doing combos, to win.

2. Fe

Fe Official Gamescom Trailer

Fe captivates with its enchanting journey through a mystical forest, filled with secrets and friendly creatures. At its core, the game thrives on a unique system of communication. Players engage by learning the languages of various forest dwellers.

The game beautifully combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and platforming. As players venture through dense forests, climb towering trees, and discover hidden caverns, they face intriguing challenges and mysteries. The smooth integration of climbing, gliding, and environmental interaction makes the journey through the forest feel engaging and fluid.

Fe stands out with its storytelling, conveyed without words. The story unfolds through interactions with the environment and its creatures, making every discovery a meaningful part of the narrative. This non-verbal approach to storytelling deepens the player's connection to the game world. Each encounter and newly explored area becomes a vital piece of the story.

1. Spirit of the North

Spirit of the North - Gameplay Trailer | PS4

If you love exploring and solving puzzles, Spirit of the North is a game you'll find intriguing. In this game, you play as a fox on a mission, guided by the magical Northern Lights, to discover secrets of a vanished world. The interesting part is, the game doesn't use words to tell you the story. Instead, you figure it out by interacting with the world around you.

Here, you'll come across puzzles that fit right into the story. Solving these puzzles feels rewarding because they help you understand the story better. The fox gets special powers from the Northern Lights, which help solve puzzles and explore new areas. These powers keep the game interesting because they let you do new things as the story moves on. Then there's also some jumping and climbing in the game, but it's done in a way that feels smooth and adds to the fun. These parts work well with the puzzles and exploring, making sure the game is always exciting.

So, do you agree with our picks? Or are there any other games like William and Sly that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know on our socials here!

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