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5 Best Games Like White Sands

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Naval battle scene from game like White Sands

White Sands sets players in a future where Earth is devastated by a massive solar storm, tasking them with leading humanity's comeback as the head of the Union. For those who love the mix of strategy and survival gameplay, there are several games out there that offer similar experiences. Here are the five best games like White Sands.

5. Wargame: Red Dragon

Wargame Red Dragon: Launch Trailer

First up, Wargame: Red Dragon offers a thrilling real-time strategy experience, setting them in the middle of a huge conflict that covers many countries. The game moves to Asia, bringing together forces from the West and the Communist bloc in an exciting battle. Players get to lead the military forces of 17 nations, using a wide variety of units that make the game more interesting and strategic. The battles happen in different places, from jungles to snowy fields, making players come up with different plans based on where they are fighting.

The game has over 1400 units that look just like their real-life versions, from tanks and planes to helicopters and ships. It also introduces fights on the water, challenging players to take control of the seas as part of their strategy.

Wargame: Red Dragon is also about using the landscape wisely. Players need to think about how to use hills, forests, and cities to their advantage in battles. The game's campaign mode makes you think ahead, as your choices change how the game goes. Players get to feel like they are part of history, deciding how their own military adventures turn out. And for those who like playing with others, the game allows up to 20 players to compete at the same time.

4. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Accolades Trailer

The game Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak takes players into a big desert. Here, planning your moves and leading your team well means you can win. This game is a new start to the Homeworld series but focuses on battles on land. You need to be smart about where you place your team and how you use the land around you. Here, you follow Rachel S'jet's story. She leads her team into the desert to find a mysterious thing.

You get to control many different vehicles on land and in the air. Some are fast and can scout ahead, while others are big and strong. Choosing the right mix of these for your team is key to doing well. The game's battles happen in big areas like seas of sand and deep canyons. Where you fight and how you move can really change how a battle goes.

Furthermore, the game makes you think about how to use your resources, choose your team, and pick what technology to use. These choices help you survive. You can also play against other people online, trying to become the top captain in the desert. All these make it a fantastic choice for fans of strategy games.

3. Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 - Gameplay Trailer

Company of Heroes 2 delves deep into the heart of World War II's Eastern Front, showcasing a richly detailed portrayal of its brutal conflict. The game's TrueSight system revolutionizes the real-time strategy experience by introducing realistic line-of-sight mechanics. Units can only see what's directly in front of them, compelling players to scout and strategize with limited information.

Additionally, the dynamic weather system plays a critical role in shaping gameplay, affecting unit movement and combat efficiency. Harsh winter conditions can freeze troops, while snow and mud slow down vehicles, compelling players to adapt their strategies to the changing seasons.

That said, managing resources and controlling areas on the map are key parts of playing well. You'll have to decide how to use your resources wisely while trying to take over important spots on the map. So, this strategic layer, along with a story that draws you in and smart computer opponents, makes Company of Heroes 2 engaging and fun to play.

2. Steel Division 2

Steel Division 2 - Launch Trailer

If you love World War II games and enjoy being in charge, you'll want to check out Steel Division 2. This game takes you right into the action of the Eastern Front in 1944, where you control your own army during a big battle known as Operation Bagration. The game mixes managing your army on a big map and fighting battles in real-time. This means you get to plan big strategies and also make quick decisions in the heat of battle.

In this game, you're in charge of huge campaigns that feel like you're really there, leading thousands of soldiers across large areas. You get to plan where your troops go, how they get supplies, and how to win over several days, just like a real general. When it comes to fighting, the game is packed with a range of soldiers and weapons, like famous tanks and rocket launchers. You can put together your teams in many ways, giving you the freedom to try out different tactics.

Steel Division 2 also has lots of ways to play, from playing by yourself to joining others in big 10 vs. 10 online battles. The fighting in the game has been updated to make it even more exciting. With so many soldiers, weapons, and places to play, this game keeps you coming back for more.

1. Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition

Act of Aggression: Launch Trailer

Wrapping up, Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition makes the original RTS game even more thrilling. This new edition makes the game easier and more fun to play by changing how the game works. Now, players only need to keep track of oil and cash, making it simpler to focus on planning and fighting without getting bogged down in too many details.

Building bases have also gotten a facelift. Players can pick construction units to start building right away. This change brings back the excitement of planning your base, which is a big part of strategy games. Deciding where to place your buildings is not just fun; it's crucial for winning. The game also adds a new twist with airstrikes. Planes hit their targets quickly without needing players to control them, which makes air attacks faster and less complicated.

Additionally, players can capture banks and enemies to get more money. Upgrading your troops and unlocking new abilities is straightforward, thanks to a simpler research system. There's a great single-player story that takes you around the world and online battles where you can test your skills against others.

So, what's your take? Are there any other games like White Sands that deserve a spot here? Let us know on our socials here!

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