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5 Best Games Like The Thaumaturge



Games Like The Thaumaturge

It's exciting to see how the RPG genre continues to captivate fans with fascinating additions. The Thaumaturge stands out with its immersive experience, particularly in its unique turn-based combat. The game skillfully combines an engaging investigative narrative with fantasy elements. It's impressive how developers can craft a rich story while delivering a flawless combat system.

As we eagerly await the game’s official release, the anticipation among RPG enthusiasts is solid. The game promises thrilling turn-based combat like no other, with players facing some supernatural creatures. Are you eager to explore similar RPG experiences? Here are the five best games, like The Thaumaturge.

5. Unavowed 

Let's Play Unavowed Part 1 - Inspiration Made Flesh

Unavowed is a urban fantasy set in New York where the protagonist has been possessed by a demon. The game features various fantasy elements coupled with tough decision-making. The game offers a choice for your character. You can choose to be either an Actor, Police officer or Bartender. Additionally, the characters have unique abilities that add depth to the overall gameplay. 

Additionally, players can pick their party for each mission, depending on their profession. Despite Unavowed being a point-and-pick indie game, the graphics are stunning and visually cozy. One of the standout elements of the game is its atmospheric music and well-crafted story. On top of that, the game features some puzzles. They might feel simple, but they might require your thoughts to solve them. Thankfully, you can replay the puzzles and have different conversations based on the party composition.

4. Greedfall 

GreedFall - Launch Trailer | PS4

Greedfall is one of the best action fantasy RPG games that came out in 2019.  In Greedfall, players are immersed in a compelling action-based story. Set in the 18th century, the game features an invasion by colonial forces. Players assume the role of De Sardet, a man who recently arrived on the island after the colonists discovered him. He is in pursuit of a cure for an illness that is killing his homeland people. On the other hand, he must face the challenges of the new land and decide whether to side with the colonials or make an alliance with the inhabitants.

The game features open-world interactions with NPCs alongside thrilling combat. The combat system incorporates strategy, melee weapons, magic and traps. The best thing about the combat system is its unique addition of magic to its gameplay. Imagine casting spells to damage enemies during combat. To make it even better, you can set traps to help you deal with enemies during battle. Notably, players must spread their skill points across various styles for a more well-rounded and effective character. 

As a predecessor to the incoming Greedfall 2Greedfall is setting epic momentum. Therefore, the reception will be a good one for the community.

3. Call of Cthulhu

Call of Cthulhu - PS4 Trailer | E3 2017

Call of Cthulhu is a fictional horror RPG following a Lovecraftian story. The game offers one of the best horror detective stories in the RPG world. At first, the game doesn’t reveal much about the story. However, once you begin finding clues, the bigger picture starts to form. The best part of the game is when you dig up the clues by reading books and checking out environmental clues.

The game offers atmospheric environments that perfectly blend fiction and horror with an investigative narrative. The game’s mechanics feature stealth and a bit of combat. Each location in the game feels real and significant, with incredible animations and immersive sounds. Whether in a bookstore, a tavern, or caves, every location in Call of Cthulhu feels significant. As you traverse the caves of Call of Cthulhu and the bookstore, remember that your sanity in the game is at risk. Too much knowledge isn’t always good.

2. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One - Official Gameplay Reveal | PS5, PS4

Sherlock Holmes is a detective adventure that immerses players in an action-packed open-world experience on a Mediterranean island in a city known as Cardona. Known for his detective prowess, Sherlock returns to his hometown to visit his mother’s grave. However, he eventually finds himself with his friends, trying to uncover the truth about the rampant corruption in Cardona.

Set in the 19th century, the game depicts the exact political state of that century, where crime was a thing in the streets. As the detective, you must uncover the truth. However, it won’t come easy. Armed with your detective skills, you must traverse the island and use force where necessary if talking doesn't work. 

The gameplay involves numerous side quests where you must make your own deductions and moral choices to bring criminals to the book. You can explore the city in your pursuit of justice. Additionally, Sherlock Holmes offers clues, tags, pinned cases and rumors to help you come up with a solid case. However, be ready to encounter enemies on your journey since not everyone will enjoy the presence of such a skilled detective in town. Use your observation skills to fish them out, and where necessary, allow the gun to do the talking.

1. The Inquisitor

I, The Inquisitor - Xbox Announce Trailer

The Inquisitor follows a unique twist into the religious perspective of Jesus. Imagine if Jesus had not died on the cross. Instead, he came down and unleashed his vengeance on all non-believers. Set in the 16th century, the game sends players on a story-driven investigative journey as they uncover the mysteries and punish sinners. Similarly, throughout the journey, players face difficult moral choices.

The game offers a compelling story with a series of events and little clues to help you uncover the truth. It features a big city with a detailed environment. One interesting thing is that players can pray to uncover highlighted objects and areas. On the other hand, players can go to the underworld to discover clues and more secrets.

The Inquisitor’s combat system includes heavy and quick attacks. You wouldn't expect Jesus to be a master of combat, huh? As I said, he is vengeful and goes after sinners to punish them. Therefore, combat and facing enemies are inevitable for a punisher. 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our picks? Or are there any other games like The Thaumaturge that deserve a spot on this list? Let us know on our socials here.

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