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5 Best Games Like Meet Your Maker



Meet Your Maker is a rather unique game. The game features a unique blend of tower defense and FPS gameplay. Players must design grueling outposts for other players to attempt to run through in quick-paced FPS gameplay. This gives the game a unique identity, as this isn't a formula that has been attempted too often. That being said, there are quite a few games in the same vein as Meet Your Maker. So please enjoy our list of the 5 Best Games Like Meet Your Maker.

5. Rust

We begin our list with an entry that offers multiple ways to play while having base-building at its core. Rust is a game in which players will engage in intense FPS gameplay, all the while building their own bases. This leads the game to become rather hectic at times, as there are hundreds of players on a server within Rust. However, this is partially where the fun comes in. Players will have to engage with in-server politics and try and take down enemy alliance bases. This can be more difficult than expected, however, as these places are often fortified like fortresses to thwart intruders.

This makes playing with friends or gathering a group of like-minded players incredibly advantageous. First of all, doing this would allow you more manpower on the server. Secondly, you can share resources with one another to combine your efforts. And lastly, this is just a fantastic way to have some fun within this massively multiplayer game. So if you are looking for a game like Meet Your Maker, then Rust is a fantastic choice for more hardcore players.


Next on our list, we have an entry that, for the most part, has gone under the radar. That isn't to say that this game isn't worthy of praise. It absolutely is. GTFO features stellar cooperative mechanics in which players will have to work together in order to fight off wave after wave of enemies. This is no small feat, either, as these enemies come fully equipped with several ways of taking you out. This means that this game will require coordination and teamwork for players to be successful.

This game also has a heavy emphasis on the aesthetic of the game as well, which is very much horror-inspired in the way it is presented. Players are able to play with up to four players in this game, meaning that you can bring your friends along for the ride. There is also a cosmetic element to the game, in which players will be able to unlock items that show off their skills, somewhat like trophies from missions they have completed. To close, GTFO might not have garnered the attention it deserved at launch, but if you are looking for games like Meet Your Maker in 2023, it's a fantastic choice.

3. Satisfactory

Satisfactory is a game in which players will mainly focus on building massive factories. While there is combat in the game, it is in no way the main focus of the game. Instead, this game leans heavily on its base-building mechanics to keep players entertained and comfortable. You are able to create mighty factories with massive infrastructures in order to achieve the most efficiency possible. This is partially what makes the game so unique and engaging. So if you are interested in games that test your ability to create, this is a great choice.

Players will be able to engage in cooperative gameplay as well, which adds another layer of enjoyment to the game. The great thing about the game is you can build your factory to your liking. What makes a stable and working factory can look quite different depending on which player is at the helm. So if you are looking for a game with fantastic base-building mechanics and an open approach to cooperative gameplay. Satisfactory is a great choice, and much like Meet Your Maker is one of the best times you can have in gaming currently.

2. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeOperation Solar Raid

Our next entry is one that, while being a bit older than other entries on this list, in no way has shown signs of slowing down. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a game that pits teams of six players up against one another in incredibly intense and tactical combat. However, rather than being focused on wide urban landscapes or massive fields of battle, the game often takes place in enclosed areas. This element brings the fighting closer to the player than ever before. The game also features hero shooter mechanics, as many of its operators have their own unique abilities.

It is in how you use these abilities that you can determine whether your team will win or lose. The game itself has a PvE element as well for players who are a tad bit afraid of PvP to enjoy. This mode is serviceable and does a great job of showing the player the ropes. If you haven't jumped into the game before, the learning curve can be quite intense but loads of fun. In short, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a fantastic game for players who enjoy games like Meet Your Maker in 2023.

1. Ready or Not

Ready or Not Now back on Steam AfterTrademark Infringement Takedown

Now for our last entry, we have a title that many people may not have heard of. Ready or Not is a tactical shooter that focuses on realism and the close-quarters engagements of SWAT teams. This leads the player to either play solo or group up with friends for tense tactical gameplay. Players will have to use every tool at their disposal as well as their minds in order to come out of this game's levels alive. This is wonderful as it presents the player with a true challenge that they must overcome through coordination and solid gameplay.

The enemy AI in the game is top-notch and will adapt to how you play. This is great as it makes repeat run-throughs of the game's levels feel unique. This is where the need for communication and cooperative gameplay comes in. You will have to use these tools in order to thwart the enemy AI. In conclusion, if you enjoy tactical shooters, or games such as Meet Your Maker that emphasizes player cohesion, then definitely check out Ready or Not.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Meet Your Maker? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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