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Ready or Not Now back on Steam AfterTrademark Infringement Takedown

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Ready or Not Now back on Steam AfterTrademark Infringement Takedown

Ready or Not, a tactical first-person shooter that went into Early Access in 2021, is now back on Steam. The developers of the game, VOID Interactive, confirmed that it has been restored on Steam after it was suddenly removed from sale earlier this week.

In the announcement on Twitter, Ready or Not developer VOID Interactive apologized for the take down calling it a downtime. 

Ready or not mysteriously disappeared from steam on june 16th. Void Interactive said it was due to “suggested trademark infringement” of its “recent Night Club map.” The map was part of  an update of the game's early access, which the developers released earlier in the week. The problem stemmed from a level in the game that featured a nightclub mass shooting. Void released the level on the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting. Prysm was the name of the nightclub in Ready or Not.

“A takedown request was issued via Steam concerning a suggested trademark infringement in our recent Night Club map that was shared as part of our most recent Steam update,” VOID Interactive wrote. 

“We take IP concerns very seriously, and in a show of good faith, we have decided to remove the subject materials and any reference to them from Ready or Not and from any of our social media or other publications.

Night Club Name

It seems that the developers have resolved the issue as the shooter is back on sale on Steam. VOID did not go into depth about the trademark infringement battle. Additionally, Void didn’t comment on the issue surrounding the release of the map on the Pulse nightclub shooting anniversary. However, some fans speculate that the nightclub in the update was close to the name of a UK nightclub chain.

Ready or Not has already had its share of controversy. VOID Interactive parted ways with publisher Team17 just one day after the developer hinted on a school shooting level.


What’s your take? What are your thoughts on the controversy surround tactical shooter, Ready or Not? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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