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Operation Solar Raid Update Adds a Flurry of New Content to Rainbow Six Siege

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Operation Solar Raid

The Operation Solar Raid update has just arrived for Rainbow Six Siege, and it's delivering a ton of new content to get excited about. Not only is there a new operator and map to look forward to, but the update is also introducing cross-play/cross-progression, a reimagined battle pass, and even a new system for ranked matchmaking. So evidently, there is a lot to get excited about in Rainbow Six Siege right now. But, let's start with the best news first, the new operator and map.

The new intel-driven character being introduced alongside the Solar Raid update is operator Solis from Columbia. Solis is a defender-side operator, with medium health and speed, who uses a P90 or ITA12L Shotgun as her primary. She's switching up the battlefield by being able to tag and reveal attackers' electronic gadgets with her  SPEC-IO Sensor.

Next to the new Operator, players are also gearing up for the new map, Nighthaven Labs. This close-quarters map will not be bannable for the duration of Operation Solar Raid, to ensure players can start learning the intricacies of the map and how it plays. If you want to see the new operator and map in action, then tune into this gameplay video by Ubisoft, below.

Rainbow Six Siege: Solar Raid Gameplay Gadget & Starter Tips

Cross-Play and MatchMaking

Aside from the exciting new content, Operation Solar Raid is also introducing some other significant changes to the game. Such as Cross-play and Cross-progression. Now you can log into your Ubisoft Connect on any platform and get access to your account's progress, currencies, and items. Furthermore, with cross-play now able for consoles, you can squad up with friends on other either Xbox or PlayStation consoles through Ubisoft Connect.

One of the biggest changes from Operation Solar Raid is coming to ranked matchmaking. Your rank is no longer decided by MMR, but instead, by how many Rank Points you win or lose after a match. There's also a new rank called Emerald, which has been placed between Platinum and Diamond. Furthermore, each rank has five divisions, which take 100 Rank Points to level through.

So, overall there is a lot of new and exciting content stemming from the Operation Solar Raid update. All of which will undoubtedly keep our attention focused on R6S for a while.

So, what's your take? Are you excited about the Operation Solar Raid update? Will you be palying the new operator and map? What are your thoughts on the new ranked matchmaking? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here!

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