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Best Combos in Tekken 8, Ranked

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Combos are usually the means to victory. They’re a combination of moves that don’t let your opponent breathe, dealing devastating damage at high speeds. Each character in Tekken 8 has an assorted pool of moves and combos to master. While some are beginner combinations that anyone can learn quickly, others can take a little bit of time to execute. It’s all in the timing and precision, which, while it sounds hectic to get around, can be made much easier with our ranking of the best combos in Tekken 8 guide.

How to Read Tekken Combo Notation

Before we get into our ranking of the best combos in Tekken 8, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with how the Tekken community writes command inputs and combos. Here’s a quick guide to the letter (movement) and numerical (attacks) notation systems used in Tekken.

u – Up

d – Down

b – Back

f – Forward

1 – Left Punch

2 – Right Punch

3 – Left Kick

4 – Right Kick

HCF – Half-Circle Forward (From back to down to forward in one smooth, half-circle motion)

WS – While Standing

+ – Press Both (e.g., 1 + 2 means hit 1 and 2 at the same time).

 – “Sweep” Both (e.g., 1 – 2 means sweep swiftly across 1 and 2 buttons)

You’ll run into plenty more symbols and abbreviations. However, the above-mentioned are the main ones you need to know for our ranking list. 

5. Tijuana Twister (King)

132. Tijuana Twister

Arguably the best grappler with the most devastating throws, the Jaguar King remains a top fighter in the Tekken franchise. To deal catastrophic damage to the opponent, you’ll want to practice the Tijuana Twister launcher combo for King by first focusing on inputting the directional Forward command quickly. 

King will grab the opponent with his right hand, then follow it up with the Half-Circle Forward to haul the opponent on your back and slam dunk them into the ground with the Right Punch. Keep in mind that King needs to be in Heat to make use of the power-up in Tekken 8. Perform the combo on time, and you’ll hear a crowd roar, rooting for you.

fHCF + 2 (Forward and Half-Circle Forward + Right Punch)

4. Ten-Hit Combo (Jin Kazama)

#jin #jinkazama #tekken8 10 Hit Combo

To fully unleash Jin’s demon wrath, you want to master a hardcore 10-hit combo. Sure. He’s finally received the likable script we’ve been longing for. However, he still remains the devil to be feared by all. If you want to batter your opponents, you may want to practice Jin’s 10-hit combo. It can be a bit of a challenge to master. However, with precise timing, you’ll be good to go. 

To kick it off, you’ll need to master pressing up-back on your D-pad and right punch at the same time. This gives you a lot of range to deliver devastating damage. Thereafter, deliver successive punches and kicks, leaving your opponent no room to breathe. Here’s the punishing 10-hit combo you want to master for Jin’s next playthrough. 

ub 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 2 (Up-Back and Right Punch at the same time, Successive Kicks and Punches in the order shown)

3. Heat Dash (Jun Kazama)

The Heat System Explained | Tekken 8 Guide

Alternatively, consider Jun Kazama, who makes her grand return in Tekken 8 (since Tekken 2). She boasts an impressive selection of combos, but a relatively challenging one you may want to practice and perfect is her Heat Dash combo. First off is the Demon Slayer's normal move, consisting of pressing Forward-Right Punch. 

Follow it up with the Iwato standard move by pressing Up-Forward and Left Kick at the same time. On and on until you complete the combo. Keep in mind that Iwato needs to be done while Jun has activated the Heat mechanic. The same goes for “f2f,” which should be performed while Genjitsu is active.

f2, u/f3, 1+2f, f4, b2, 1, 2, f, f2f, 2

2. Twin Fang Double Kick (Kazuya Mishima)

016. Twin Fang Double Kick Movement Frame Data

Kazuya may prove a bit of a challenge to master. However, once you get a grip on his combos and moves, you can fully exploit his Iron Fist to dominate the arenas however you please. Building on top of the Twin Fang Stature Smash, the Twin Fang Double Kick is a combination of moves you want imprinted in your muscle memory, mainly because it’s the perfect beginner combo that lets you keep a safe high and low attack position. 

The Twin Fang Double Kick has to be the most common combo in most fighting games. It starts off by delivering a left-right combo punch to the high and low body parts of the opponent. Then, follow it up with a right-left knock-out to the low and right in the middle of their guts. 

Twin Fang Double Kick is the perfect beginner combo that remains a go-to combo further down the line. You can even set a trap for your opponent by throwing high punches so they block you. Then, attack them with a quick succession of low hits. Finally, wrap up with the middle left kick that’ll knock them out for good.

1, 2, 4, 3 (Left Punch, Right Punch, Right Kick, Left Kick)

1. Counter Hit (Victor Chevalier)

Tekken 8 | Victor Counter Hit, Wall Break Combo (95 Damage)

Quick on his feet and relentlessly fearsome, Victor Chevalier is the latest character to join Tekken 8 that you want to master at least one combo for. He deals impressively high damage and has all the skills you need to destroy the opponent. The Counter Hit Combo, in particular, strikes eight hits and deals a ton of damage to opponents. 

Be sure to launch the first move as a Counter Hit and perform the first Right Punch while Iai Stance is active. It can take some time to master. However, with patience and lots of practice, it should become second nature to execute the combo flawlessly. Here’s the notation for Victor’s Counter Hit below. 

d/b4, WS2, d/f4, 2, 2, 4, 3, 2

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our ranking of the best combos in Tekken 8? Are there better combos we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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