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10 Best Fighters in Tekken 8, Ranked

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Best Fighters in Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is an immersive fighting game, representing continued innovation and excellence within the genre. With its imminent release on the horizon, it promises to captivate both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike. The game’s Closed Network Test provided a sneak peek into the gameplay of Tekken 8, allowing players to experience the innovations and evolution of the beloved franchise. Serving as a teaser of the intense gameplay, the Closed Network Test hints at an exciting future for Tekken enthusiasts.

The journey through the best fighters in Tekken 8 unveils a thrilling blend of unique styles and competitive prowess. As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the upcoming release, the game is poised to leave a lasting mark, setting new standards for the world of competitive fighting games. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and step into the next chapter of Tekken excellence? To do so, you must identify and master your favorite fighter. To help you do that, we have compiled a list of the best fighters in Tekken 8.

10. Hwoarang 

TEKKEN 8 — Hwoarang Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Hwoarang is a complex fighter in Tekken 8 due to his unique stances. However, what makes him particularly strong is his intense pressure on opponents. It's harder to sidestep or avoid his initial attacks, especially with the addition of heat engagers. When he activates heat, he can build up substantial chip damage, making his pressure even more overwhelming. Although his damage per hit may not be the highest, his continuous pressure on opponents makes him a genuinely intimidating fighter, deserving a spot in the S tier.

9. Jack-8

TEKKEN 8 — Jack-8 Gameplay Trailer

Jack-8, introduced in Tekken 8, has undergone a significant transformation from Jack-7. Jack-8's stance combines exceptional backdash and poking abilities. He showcases substantial damage potential, especially when in heat mode. This enhances his pressure game and inflicts substantial chip damage with well-timed heat smashes. Although relatively uncommon in the competitive scene, Jack-8 undeniably showcases formidable potential in the CNT.

8. Jun

TEKKEN 8 — Jun Kazama Gameplay Trailer

Jun, making a return after a long absence from a mainline Tekken game, is a powerhouse in Tekken 8, according to the CNT. With a punishing gameplay style, exceptional wall carry, and the ability to knowledge-check opponents with parries, Jun stands out as a force to be reckoned with. She incorporates unique moves that inflict damage on herself and her enemies on the block, and she still recovers chip damage while in heat mode. She is one of the most distinct new characters who introduces a distinctive stance enabling health restoration.

7. Ling Xiaoyu

TEKKEN 8 — Ling Xiaoyu Gameplay Trailer

Ling Xiaoyu has seen a significant boost in performance compared to Tekken 7. The reduced strength of low parries works to her advantage, enhancing the impact of her potent low attacks. Additionally, the introduction of multiple launching throws addresses her previous low-damage output. Ling Xiaoyu's strength in evasion remains a crucial asset. Some good news here: in Tekken 8, Ling receives unique stances to improve his mobility. Despite her lower damage output, Ling Xiaoyu's tricky mix-ups after knockdowns pose a constant threat, forcing opponents to make challenging decisions. Ling Xiaoyu is placed in the A tier, signifying her effectiveness in the game.

6. Kazuya Mishima

TEKKEN 8 – Kazuya Gameplay Trailer

Kazuya is celebrated for his thrilling punishment game and exceptional defensive skills in Tekken. Like other fighters, he employs potent pressure tactics in the hands of skilled players. Recently, he acquired a powerful new string capable of dealing around 40% damage. However, mastering Kazuya requires considerable skill due to his high damage output and demanding combos. Notably, the electric wind godfist now inflicts chip damage, making Kazuya even more lethal in the hands of a skilled player. As a result, Kazuya is placed in the A tier.

5. Paul Phoenix

In Tekken 8, Paul Phoenex maintains his distinctive play style, showcasing excellent damage output, especially with moves like Death Fist or counter-hit launchers. While Paul's poking game is average and low attacks don't often lead to significant combos, his success relies on precise reads. Additionally, he has a deep understanding of neutral tools and solid defensive skills. Notably, his chip damage escalates in heat, although the pressure during this state tends to follow a more straightforward pattern. Consequently, Paul is placed in the A-tier.

4. King

TEKKEN 8 – King Gameplay Trailer

King is another skilled fighter in Tekken 8 CNT, boasting exceptional strength with high damage output and armored moves. Despite his powerful heat pressure, King comes with inherent risks due to the nature of many of his moves. A notable limitation is his inability to backdash. However, in skilled hands, King transforms into a high-risk, high-reward monster, earning him a placement in the A tier alongside Paul and Nina

3. Lili

TEKKEN 8 – Lili Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Lili stands out in the Tekken 8 CNT, boasting an exceptional combo and dealing substantial damage upon landing hits. Her remarkable movement and sidestepping capabilities further enhance her prowess. A state opponent would want to avoid facing her, especially when she activates Heat. While her offensive strategies carry risks and vulnerability, in the hands of a skilled player, Lili proves to be a good fighter, earning her a placement in the A tier.

2. Jin

TEKKEN 8 — Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer

In Tekken 8, Jin possesses a versatile toolkit with strong offensive and defensive capabilities. Jin's moves are impactful, especially with counter-hit launches, making him a threat in various situations. His abilities are enhanced in Tekken 8, placing him in the A tier, proving his high competitiveness among the roster of fighters.

1. Nina Williams

TEKKEN 8 – Nina Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Nina stays loyal to her classic moves in Tekken 8, tracing her roots back to the original Tekken series where she first appeared. A standout fighter since the early days, dating back to Tekken 1 in the '90s, Nina has consistently showcased her unique style. She is a skilled fighter with a focus on wall carry and the effective use of twin pistols for damage. Nina's moves, especially her signature throws, are no joke. They inflict real damage on opponents. Despite the challenge posed by her reliance on lengthy combos for damage, Nina's skillful utilization of twin pistols and expert throw techniques solidify her as a competitive force in the arena.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our picks for the best fighters in Tekken 8? Let us know over on our socials here.  

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