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5 Most Hated Tekken Characters, Ranked



As we all know, Tekken has been pulling in renowned fighters from all over the globe for years, dusting them off in preparation for the legendary King of Iron Fist Tournament that's been carving up bouts since 1994. Ever since its debut, developer Bandai Namco has flushed upwards of a hundred or more characters into its shifting cast. But, of course, not all of them have made a positive mark on the series, and many have been dropped due to being somewhat mediocre and, well — forgettable.

Scraping together a whole bunch of stats and glossing over an ocean of gameplay footage, it's clear that some characters are far more expendable than others. Some tend to idle on the back burner, and some are straight up despised amongst pro Tekken players. But let's run them down, from the most tedious, to the most hated in all the series.

5. Bob

Ah yes, Bob. As much as we try to love the guy — there's just never enough of an incentive to persuade us to give him a spot on our team. And that isn't just me saying that. That is, in all honesty, what the vast majority of players have stated on various Tekken forums. He really is one of the most ignored characters in the timeline, with most players turning a blind eye whenever he enters the stage.

But why? Why do we have this odd hatred for Bob? On the surface, he's a pretty interesting character. But as far as playing him goes, however, — he's a total nightmare, and essentially a portly punch bag with very little to offer when it comes to defence. He's relatively slow, has a short reach, and basically lacks in personality entirely. His one redeeming quality, however, is his razor sharp fist which, when landed properly, can pack a serious punch. But then, one positive doesn't exactly outweigh the prism of negatives.


4. Panda

Cute, fluffy and prone to suffer from an endless beat down. It can only be Panda, another heavy target with one too many bullseyes plastered over its matted fur. She's also one of the slowest, most worthless fighters on the roster, as well as a general bore to be involved with, in general. And it doesn't matter how much Bandai shove her back into the limelight with each passing entry, because the fact is — players just aren't all that interested in her.

Besides suffering from a pretty large hitbox, Panda also struggles to compensate for other flaws, such as having tediously short-ranged attacks and underwhelming combos. But that isn't to say that an elite player won't mop the floor with her after plenty of training. But for the amount of effort it takes to reach such a satisfying level, it really doesn't seem worth it — especially with other, more well-rounded characters on the roster to choose from.


3. Eddy & Christie

Let's get this straight. Eddy and Christie — they're not bad characters. Not even in the slightest. But they are, however, hated. Hated because of their complex attack routines and unfair advantage in most battles. And when mastered, both can effortlessly dominate the match without receiving so much as a scratch in return.

It's become a meme over the years, having either Eddy or Christie at the front of any team. It's one of those scenarios that tends to infuriate opposing players, purely down to the fact that they're booted out of the door with a major disadvantage. Both Eddy and Christie pop, lock and shuffle their ways across the battlefield, dodging attacks using handstands and, well — street dance as a first line of defence. Sure, it looks impressive. But it is, for lack of a better word, annoying.


2. Mokujin

At first, Mokujin looked like a valuable and quirky asset to any strong team. Being constructed from a 2000 year old Oak Tree, the training dummy certainly piqued our interest the moment it sprung to life and fashioned a pair of cannonballs for fists. But after the novelty wore off of it being a tree with flailing arms — it sort of fizzled into the back of future rosters, becoming more of a running joke than a serious contender.

Tear away the bark and brawn, and Mokujin really isn't all that special. And as far as attacks and combos go, it's basically a copycat character with no originality embedded in its core. It is, in all honesty, a pretty mediocre persona with a lacklustre arsenal and nothing more. It's a tree, nothing more, nothing less. It's Mokujin.


1. Gon

You're probably asking yourself where on earth this thing came from. And to be fair, you aren't the only one. After all, it's not exactly a face we've seen a few dozen times before — let alone associate with the Tekken franchise in general. And yet, weirdly enough, it did happen. Tekken 3 did, of course, feature a miniature dinosaur in its roster.

Get past the gimmicky side of it, and you're basically left with a worthless creature with very few complimentary gifts to help aid you in a fight. Gon is, in all honesty, a tiny yellow reptile that can easily enough deflect high attacks, but struggle to land so much as a slap in return. So, do with it what you will, but just know that Gon, despite the cuteness, will cost you the win should you choose to slot it in your roster. Just speaking facts, Gon. It's nothing personal.

Thoughts? Do you agree with our five? Is there a character more deserving of a place on this list? Let us know over on our socials here.


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