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Soulmask is an entertaining survival game in which the player’s character attempts to escape an ancient ritual. As they escape, they encounter a lost mask that gives them extraordinary powers. While developing your character, you will get a choice of a beginner mask. However, the truly outstanding masks will only become available as you go through the game. The selection of masks depends on a player's preferred skills. Players benefit from specific masks that add to the character’s attributes. The article below showcases the masks in Soulmask, ranked.

10. Civilization


When you first start Soulmask, you get the Civilization Mask, one of the greatest all-arounders. You can quickly get it in the game, even if you don't pick it as your starter Mask. It features two round circular eye openings that portray power and respect. It is as if you chant a divine mantra from the slightly parted lips. Updates of the legendary are likely to enhance players’ stamina, defense, and healing. Players who intend to assume the role of fighters or warriors will find this mask an ideal accessory.

9. Conquest


Soulmask's starting masks are fantastic, and Conquest is another excellent option. When you take on the role of a rogue, you'll have access to unequaled stealth bonuses in the Conquest. While wearing this mask, your fight and stealth stats improve. The mask's description outlines it as having small, deep-set eyes that seem to look into the virtual world and take in all the imperfections. On seeing the terrifying fangs, you dive into an instance of fear. As per its improvements, this mask will hide players as they embark on the gameplay.

8. Rich mask

Rich Mask

If you want to level up your archery skills immediately, the Rich Mask is a good starting point. You can fight the enemies from a distance in long-range combat, but they will quickly approach you. Therefore, you'll need all the applicable bonuses you can acquire. Twinkling star designs are embedded on the surface of the whole mask, making it shine brightly. The two sets of eyes create symmetrical and mysterious arcs as if they were going to encapsulate everything good in the universe. When leveled up, it aids in improving archery's numerous facets, which may be crucial for archers in battle.

7. Torch of Eternity

Torch of Eternity

More challenging obstacles, such as higher-level adversaries, will appear as you go through Soulmask. The Torch of Eternity is great for boosting your health and overall survival. For those unfamiliar with how fights work, getting more tacky will give you more room to make mistakes. Its nodes and effects prioritize greater survivability. If you level up this mask to level 2, your character's hunger and thirst drains diminish, making you feel full for longer. Another benefit is that its Level 5 node helps stop bleeding to death.

6. Wilderness Mark

Wilderness Mark

The Wilderness Mark Mask is an enhancement to the Rich Mask. To add this mask to your collection, you must first travel to Holy Ruins. Once equipped, your shots will be even more lethal. Its nodes and effects specifically target the user's abilities in archery and hunting. The player's total critical damage increases when unlocking the Level 3 node. After that, join it with its Level 9 node to increase bow and arrow damage by 30%. The benefits can help you get from the middle game to the end game.

5. Tactical Guidance

Tactical Guidance

Creating a tribe is an integral part of Soulmask. The Tactical Guidance Mask is a top-tier mask for deploying tribes people. You may also recruit foes and NPCs to fight with you. You gain benefits for yourself and your Tribesmen with the mask, such as enhanced artificial intelligence for tribes people in battle. Furthermore, you can enhance the tribes people's artificial intelligence by obtaining the 5th Node of the Tactical Guidance Mask. It enables the NPCs to penalize foes for their combat blunders.

4. Shadow Walker

Shadow Walker

The Shadow Walker Mask is an enhanced variant of the Conquest Mask. It may take some time to reach this mask, but the nodes and buffs will make sure it's worth it. Specifically, this mask makes the user more stealthy and increases their damage output. When the node at Mask Level 2 is activated, the wearer's moving audibility is reduced by 20%. When dealing stealthily with adversaries who do great damage, it is best to wear the Shadow Walker mask. It can help you avoid unwanted health problems and early death.

3. Nature Enlightenment

Nature Enlightenment

Many creatures await you on your Soulmask adventure, and naturally, you'll wish to tame a few. Strengthen your bonds with the wild through Nature Enlightenment to gain access to crucial skills and significant benefits. This is one of the two masks in the game that players currently need to create. Once crafted, wearing this mask greatly increases your chances of survival, offering better control over Earth's creatures. Notably, the node at level 9 reduces beast damage by 10% when struck, making it an invaluable asset in your journey.

 2. Explorer


The Explorer is among the greatest masks in the endgame. It will make you stay longer in battle, giving you an advantage over your enemies. Although some players may find that attacking is the most effective form of protection in Soulmask, this mask offers perks that might persuade them otherwise. The nodes and the effects of the Explorer Mask neutralize adverse impacts and do not let enemies harm the player, making it difficult to take off. To reduce the damage dealt by bleeding by 25%, you must open up the second node of this skill. Advancing to Level 10 grants its wearer full immunity to radiation, toxins, and lethal heat.

1. IronBlood Guard

Ironblood Guard

The IronBlood Guard is by far the best mask in Soulmask. Quickness and stamina are the hallmarks of this mask. If you're a player who needs a boost to keep their stamina meter full throughout active battles and travel, this mask could be the best option. It's a versatile mask that enhances your appearance in several ways. Specifically, it improves the wearer's maximum weight capacity, stamina cost, resistance to critical hits, and damage mitigation, among other things. IronBlood Guard is mostly a defensive weapon, although it can have effects that can hinder an attacker's offensive capabilities.

So, what are your thoughts on our Soulsmask best masks list? Do you have any favorites? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or in the comments.

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