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10 Best Weapons in Soulmask




This year is packed with great and immersive titles, and Soulmask stands out as one of the most acclaimed games. If you enjoy intense PvP action, Soulmask has a treat for you. In the adventurous world of Soulmask, having the right weapon is crucial for success. Each weapon has its unique strengths and weaknesses, and choosing the right one can make all the difference in combat.

Don't hesitate to experiment with different weapons to find the one that suits you best. With the right weapon in your hand, you’ll be ready to conquer your opponents and become a true champion in Soulmask. Here are the ten best weapons in Soulmask.

10. Steel Dual Blade

Steel Dual Blade

The steel dual blade is a top-tier weapon due to its high burst damage, excellent mobility, and bleed effects. It comes in handy during quick engagements when you need to take out enemies in a flash of seconds. It boasts the best jump attack in the game. Therefore, it allows players to counter enemies with precision. Ultimately, this weapon is perfect for aggressive players who enjoy fast-paced combat and chain attacks.

9. Steel Great Bow

 Soulmask-Steel Great Bow

The Steel Great Bow in Soulmask is a powerful ranged weapon designed for players who value high damage and long-range combat. This bow stands out due to its ability to deal massive damage with each shot, making it ideal for taking down tough enemies from a safe distance.

Using the Steel Great Bow requires patience and precision. Its high damage makes it perfect for targeting key enemies, breaking through defenses, and supporting your team from afar. Despite its slower firing rate, the bow's range and power allow you to control the combat. For players who prefer a strategic, high-impact approach to combat, the Steel Great Bow is an excellent choice in Soulmask's PvP battles.

 8. Steel Spear

Weapons in Soulmask

The Steel Spear offers a unique pull ability, allowing you to stagger enemies. Furthermore, it has high attack speed and works well with shields, making it a strong choice for those who enjoy controlling battles. Additionally, the Wukong skill lets you jump over high walls, adding surprise elements to your strategy, which is great for setting up ambushes.

7. Steel Blade


The Blade is a great weapon in the game. However, it is much better when of steel. It offers high mobility and damage compared to the stone and bone blade. For a perfect experience, it can be paired with a shield, making it a balanced weapon for offense and defense. Its straightforward skills require mastering combos to maximize effectiveness. Moreover, you can do multi-hit combo attacks in Soulmask with the blade. If you want a weapon that provides versatility in attacking and defending, the Blade is your go-to weapon. It is reliable for players who prefer a balanced approach.

6. Steel Gauntlets

Soulmask Weapons

The Steel Gauntlets in Soulmask is an excellent choice for players who favor close combat. They provide good overall mobility, allowing you to move quickly and strike fast. These gauntlets are particularly effective in melee situations where speed is crucial.

Additionally, their high attack speed makes them ideal for overwhelming enemies with blows. They are powerful when enemies are distracted, making them ideal for close combat enthusiasts who can coordinate well with teammates.

5. Steel Greatsword

Best Weapons

The Greatsword delivers great damage in one swing. Conversely, it lacks mobility, making it less effective in fast-paced fights. However, it's excellent in PvE scenarios or group battles where movement is less critical. The Greatsword is suited for players who prioritize massive damage output and can manage without frequent dodging.

4. Steel Hammer

Soulmask Weapons

Generally, hammers are heavy and slow weapons. In Soulmask, the Hammer is the slowest weapon but packs a powerful punch.  When you land that hit so well and precisely, the damage is super devastating. The hammer is best in large-scale combat, where you can deal significant damage without worrying too much about mobility. Consequently, it is ideal for players who enjoy heavy hitting and can position themselves well in team fights.

3. Shield

Shield Weapon

The Shield is not a typical weapon that you can use alone. It must be paired with other weapons like the Spear and Blade. Although it offers limited standalone utility in PvP, it can be crucial when defense is paramount. Basically, the Shield is essential for players who prefer a defensive role, providing protection and support during battles.

2. Steel Arrows

Arrow Weapons

Steel arrows in Soulmask outperform stone arrows with their increased damage and better armor penetration. Longbow users favor them for their ability to engage enemies from a distance, especially those clad in heavy armor. Utilizing steel arrows allows for greater effectiveness per shot, enhancing your safety while maintaining a significant threat during battles.

To wield steel arrows effectively, precision and foresight are crucial. They enable you to maintain a safe distance from enemies while exerting substantial influence in combat. Opting for steel arrows with your Longbow optimizes its capabilities and significantly improves your chances of victory in Soulmask's competitive matches.

1. Long Bow

=Best Weapons

The Long Bow stands out as a versatile ranged weapon in Soulmask. It offers high damage output and extended range, making it perfect for picking off enemies from a distance. While it has a longer charge time compared to other bow types, the damage it deals is substantial.

Steel arrows further enhance the Long Bow's effectiveness by maximizing damage potential and armor penetration. This combination allows Long Bow users to maintain a safe distance while exerting significant influence in battles, especially against opponents in heavy armor.

Therefore, once you have the Long Bow and steel arrows in your arsenal, you can turn the tide of battle with a single well-placed shot. The Long Bow also includes crowd control skills like slows, adding strategic depth to your gameplay. This weapon is ideal for players who prefer to engage from afar, using precision and strategic positioning to dominate the battlefield in Soulmask's competitive matches.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the ten best weapons in Soulmask? Let us know over our socials here or down in the comments below.

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