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10 Best Beginner Characters in Tekken 8



Jin and Kazuya in Beginner Characters in Tekken 8

Tekken 8 is an electrifying battleground, hosting a diverse cast of skilled fighters with unique abilities and fighting styles. From martial arts experts to supernatural beings, the roster offers a thrilling gameplay experience. Renowned as one of the best fighting game series, Tekken has consistently delivered top-tier gameplay, captivating storylines, and iconic characters. 

The reception of the latest installment has been remarkable, with fans praising the game for its innovation and graphics. As players enter the arena, they'll encounter the complexities of each fighter's distinctive moves, strengths, and weaknesses. To assist in navigating this diverse array of characters, we've compiled a list of the best beginner characters in Tekken 8.

10. Asuka Kazama

TEKKEN 8 — Asuka Kazama Gameplay Trailer

Asuka Kazama, a recurring character in the Tekken series, is known for her defensive and counter attacking playstyle. Asuka's move set is designed around evasive maneuvers, parries, and punishing opponents' mistakes. As a well-rounded character, Asuka excels at controlling space and punishing opponents with a mix of strong mid-range pokes and counter-hit launches. Her simplicity and defensive prowess make Asuka suitable for beginners looking to understand the importance of patience and timing in Tekken gameplay.

9. Claudio Serafino

TEKKEN 8 — Claudio Serafino Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Claudio Serafino was introduced in Tekken 7 and is recognized for his sleek fighting style, combining swift kicks with powerful projectiles known as “Star Bursts.” Claudio is often recommended for beginners due to his straightforward move set and emphasis on spacing and punishing opponents. His “Hopkick” is a quick and reliable launcher, providing an effective tool for punishing opponents' mistakes. Additionally, Claudio's moves have a visually distinctive flair, contributing to his appeal to players who like stylish and impactful attacks. 

8. Bryan Fury

TEKKEN 8 — Bryan Fury Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Bryan is a tough character known for his skill and precision. In Tekken 8, he has gained new attacking moves that enhance his aggressive combat style. He excels in building momentum, making him one of the best in the game. Similarly, Bryan is a perfect fighter for players who enjoy flexible combos. He is ideal for beginners who want to learn to perfectly time attacks in challenging combat scenarios. Additionally, he offers great defending skills so players can capitalize on their opponent's reading skills to gradually gain momentum in the game.

7. Feng Wei

TEKKEN 8 - Feng and Closed Beta Test Reveal Trailer

Feng Wei embodies the essence of Kenpo martial arts with a blend of powerful strikes. The distinctive “Kenpo Stance” and visually impactful attacks make Feng a visually captivating character. At the same time, his offensive tools, such as “Tiger's Claw,” underscore his ability to apply pressure and absorb enemy strikes. Additionally, Feng's defensive capabilities, including parries, contribute to a well-rounded playstyle. 

6. Leroy Smith

TEKKEN 8 — Leroy Smith Gameplay Trailer

After his introduction in Tekken 7, Leroy Smith brings a fresh and powerful dimension to the roster with his unique Wing Chun-inspired martial arts. Hailing from the vibrant streets of New York, Leroy's fighting style seamlessly blends swift strikes and impressive counters. Similarly, his distinctive Wing Chun Stance allows players to transition between offense and defense. As a character that embodies martial arts authenticity and urban charisma, Leroy Smith continues to contribute to Tekken's fighter lineup's diverse and engaging gameplay. 

5. Kazuya Mishima

TEKKEN 8 – Kazuya Gameplay Trailer

Kazuya Mishima is a tough and powerful fighter in Tekken. He uses Mishima-ryu Karate, which involves strong kicks, punches, and special moves like the Electric Wind God Fist. Kazuya has a unique power called the Devil Gene that gives him extra abilities and can turn him into Devil Kazuya, making him even stronger. Playing as Kazuya requires skill due to his complex moves. However, he adds a lot to the Tekken story with his family history and internal struggles, making him an important and challenging character in the game.

4. King 

TEKKEN 8 – King Gameplay Trailer

King, a favorite in Tekken, is a tough wrestler known for powerful throws and a cool jaguar mask. His moves are like a show, with throws, suplexes, and strong hits. King is not just about fighting; he also helps orphanages, showing a caring side. In the game, you can enjoy watching and playing as King, unleashing strong throws and combos. His unique look, wrestling outfit, and jaguar mask make him a fan-favorite, and King remains a special and iconic character in Tekken. If you like powerful and entertaining fighters, King is a great choice.

3. Jin Kazama

TEKKEN 8 — Jin Kazama Gameplay Trailer

Jin Kazama, a key figure in Tekken, brings a unique and powerful fighting style to the game. Jin's moves are intense, featuring strong electric attacks and quick punches and kicks. His “Electric Wind Hook Fist” move is a highlight, showcasing his technical skills. Additionally, Jin is known for being balanced and good at both offense and defense. With tools for spacing, juggling, and punishing mistakes, Jin suits players with a versatile play style. His “Parry” and “Stance” options add defensive capabilities, making Jin a well-rounded character. If you appreciate a fighter with diverse skills and a mix of offense and defense, Jin Kazama is an excellent choice in Tekken.

2. Paul Phoenix

TEKKEN 8 — Paul Phoenix Gameplay Trailer

Paul Phoenix is one of the best characters in the Tekken series, renowned for his straightforward yet devastating fighting style. Recognizable by his distinctive red gi and iconic hair, Paul's move set revolves around powerful striking techniques and hard-hitting, high-damage combos. One of his signature moves, the “Phoenix Smasher,” is a fearsome tool for punishing opponents and closing out rounds. Paul's simplicity makes him an excellent choice for beginners, allowing them to focus on fundamental concepts such as spacing, timing, and punishing. 

1. Marshall Law

TEKKEN 8 — Marshall Law Gameplay Trailer

Marshall Law, one of the best classic characters in the Tekken series, is a martial artist who draws inspiration from Bruce Lee. Known for his lightning-fast kicks, punches, and acrobatic moves, Marshall Law brings a high-energy fighting style to the arena. As a skilled practitioner of martial arts, Law's move set includes powerful strikes and agile maneuvers, allowing players to deliver swift attacks. With a blend of speed and striking power, Marshall Law offers an engaging gameplay experience, making him an ideal character for beginners in the game. 

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our picks for the best beginner characters in Tekken 8? What are some of your favorites? Let us know over on our socials here.  

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