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With the resounding success of BattleBit Remastered, many reasons are contributing to the overall quality of the game. One of these aspects is the marvelous map design. The maps are designed in such a way that there is hardly ever a lull in the action, and many of the points of interest in the game can be fought over. This leads to a more dynamic gaming experience within the moment-to-moment gameplay. To highlight what makes these maps so special, enjoy our list of the Best BattleBit Remastered Maps.

5. Sandy Sunset

We begin today by starting off our list with a fantastically designed map. Sandy Sunset is a map that allows players to fight over several key interesting locations. This, coupled with the fabulous lighting on the map, make it a great place to have frantic firefights in. While the overall atmosphere of the map is rather laidback, the constant fighting over the map juxtaposes this feeling quite well. Players will have to make their way through tense alleyways and roads. Which often feature many lines of sight that must be avoided to maneuver successfully.

The map features a wonderful layout for the Frontlines game mode where this map really excels. This is due to the fact that when broken up into various segments, each segment of this particular map feels fantastic to fight over, whether you win or lose on them. This is a feeling that is usually only attributed to fantastic maps, as often payers will be frustrated with a map if they lose on it too often, however here that isn't the case. To close, if you are looking for a map that has a stellar Frontlines mode, then look no further than Sandy Sunset as it is one of the best Battlebit maps.

4. Namak

For our next entry, we have the newest addition to the roster of Battlebit maps. Namak is a map that stands in stark contrast to many other maps in the game. This is due to its more vibrant and colorful palette and much more. Players will have to worry about the verticality aspects of the map and keep an eye out for players tucked away in high locations. Aesthetically, however, this map is perhaps the most beautiful in the game and features a striking identity that makes it stand out among other maps.

Set in an East Asian city, this map has a distinct inspiration as well, while most of the maps are typically Middle Eastern or European-inspired maps, this one pulls from other influences. This is great to see and adds quite a bit of variety to the map rotations in the game. This makes it a great map for players who are just starting out in the game. This sense of variety can also be felt within the firefights that occur on this map. While it may have come a long way since its first introduction in the game's beta. This map has been redesigned and grown into one of the best Battlebit maps.

3. Azagor

Our next entry is one that has plenty of visual intrigue scattered throughout its 2km design. Azagor takes inspiration from many Middle Eastern towns, and this can be clearly seen in its design elements. Set on a desert island, there are many open sight lines to contend with, making it a haven for long-range engagements. Firstly, that isn't to say that this map doesn't have hectic close-quarters engagements, it absolutely does. But, the focus of the map and its core elements definitely favor longer-range engagements. This makes it a great place to practice sniping as the Recon class, and more.

As far as visual landmarks and points of interest go, this map has some of the more pronounced in the game. Azagor is a map that features a helicopter crash site that players can fight over, making for tense moments. As well as a village that makes for interesting firefights as well. While these are hardly the only things this map has going for it, those are just a few examples. For fans of the Advance and Secure game mode, or AAS, this map is stellar for that particular mode. All in all, Azagor is a fabulous map and one of the best in Battlebit.

2. Frugis

Now, next up on our list, we have Frugis. Frugis is a map that attempts to perfectly encapsulate the urban combat found within Battlebit Remastered. It does this by being almost completely structured around inner city lighting and having varied points of interest, such as a subway line and more. One of the map's stronger aspects is the freedom to maneuver that it gives players. Players are able to fight from building to building, from block to block, or throw up rappels in order to reach high places such as roofs.

This is great and adds a sense of verticality to the map that heavily plays into the flow of the map. For fans of tight streets and close corridors, this map is perfect. Pulling this time from Western European influence, the design of this map certainly stands out among the game's roster of maps. For its comfortable feel and easy-to-understand layout, this map is wonderful for players old and new. So if you, like us consider this map one of the best maps in Battlebit we understand.

1. Tensatown

Now, for our final entry, we have a map that should come as no surprise to many of the players of Battlebit. Tensatown is a map that allows for engagements at all ranges. And visually has one of the most lived-in settings in the game. Players will fight over this suburban landscape fiercely, where they will have to fight house-to-house in order to progress. That said, there are many ways to play the map. Whether it be locking a city block down with your squad, or pushing through the parks to get to an objective.

Having each of these playstyles be viable is a trademark feature of great map design. This is due to the fact that it allows for more emergent gameplay moments and unpredictable firefights. Something that becomes really important with a rotating map roster. This is due to the fact, players will not grow bored which is designed with this versatility in mind. So if you enjoy this map, you are not alone as it is one of the most immersive maps in the game. For these reasons, we consider Tensatown to be one of the best Battlebit maps.

So, what's your take on our picks for the Best BattleBit Remastered Maps? What are some of your favorite maps? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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